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Fallout 2 present...

I was so impressed yesterday... An old friend, who is a gamer from the late 90s, came to visit and with him came some of his old collection. He said they were just sitting in a box so he donated them all to my very worthy cause of assembling a very worthy PC game collection.

I was happy to find a nice condition original of FALLOUT 2. With FALLOUT 3 on the horizon and never having played the series, I'm looking forward to getting through some history. I know that it will be a bit tedious considering it's far away from, let's say Hellgate, but retro gaming here we come.

Hellgate and Diablo

I'm looking forward to a bit of Hellgate tonight. I finally bought a copy and installed it this morning. I was attracted to what all my buddies were saying... that it's in the Diablo line... well now I can't really believe that...'cause nothing is in that line.

Okay checking out Diablo 3.... cool. But I really agree and have signed the petition regarding the art direction. More Dark and Deathly's got to be colder, darker, more grey and black. Get rid of the warcraft influence.

So off to London and lets hope there's no crashing of my machine again...

mass Effect

Getting into it a bit more after about 10 hours. Well done to the development team....;)

My wife has even started checking out while I'm playing and she's making comments and getting involved.

The story is great and I'm really enjoying it....