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Cya Gamespot

Guess I'm done with this website, I've been really inactive as of late, but instead of me not having time to update, I just have a disdain for this website now. From reviewers being paid for ratings, to the harsh censorship, and complete bias towards game developers shrewn all over. There's far more reasons, but like my review, I'm sure Gamespot will remove this too due to it being "negative". Also, I'm not going to bash a website as hard, when I'm still going on it. Gaming is a dying trend and I no longer have a website I like to go on. I'm aware of IGN and a few others, but I don't particularly like any of them.

I didn't really have any close friends on here, but if anyone still cares to hear about a review of mine on a game or just to catch up for a game or debate or even friendly chat, here's some contact information.


Deviant Art:




I also have a xbox live which you can see on the right ->

Unless gamespot ruins the layout further. I'm mostly a PC gamer these days but I have windows live too so.. Yeah, just hop on and send me a friend invite, I'll get to it when I can.

I have more, but those would be generally the best ones to get in contact with me or they're more exclusive and I'd rather get to know you before adding you on them, you're pretty much guranteed to see me on Steam ASAP.

Some Games Of Late 2

Yaay- version 2!

Brink- A dissapointment to everyone. Though I wouldn't call it a bad game, it wasn't exactly a good game either. It had minimal content, and the whole agility thing the game was based on felt really under developed... It became more of a hit and run shooter. I've spent roughly 16 hours on this and don't plan on picking it up again till the free content that has been promised arrives.

Honest Hearts (DLC)- Terrible, can't even begin to describe the god awful extentsion that Obsidion dares to claim as DLC. Not worth more than three dollers. Some of the modded content on the Fallout boards has more content and better detail than this and they're free. Good if you plan on spending 4 hours of playing New Vegas mixed with Fallout 3 then getting almost no new gear.

Terraria- Finally! Something brilliant. Now as everyone says, it's most likely a Minecraft knock off, Minecraft however, has not appealed to me at all. I have yet to play Minecraft so I cannot say with certainty of how similar they are Terraria does what Minecraft does, and adds a more 'Castlevannia' feel to it. I got this game as a gift and I've spent a solid 26 hours+ playing. I recommend this to anyone who likes open world adventure type games.

The Sims 3 Generations- Well, I always thought I could rely on the Sims 3 EXPANSION PACKS to give me great content. This was a huge letdown and I don't plan on buying the next one. The stuttering problem most people have gotten with The Sims 3 has still not be fixed. In terms of actual content? You won't find much here. EA chose to add content for the two most despised ages in The Sims, Teens and Kids. The only thing I like out of the entire expansion is that some of the clothes were half decent.

Fable III- A bit of a mess, I haven't been able to run it that smoothly (quite odd since I'm running Crysis 2 on high with great FPS) on any settings. It's basically just a console port, it even comes with the 30 fps limit. Not really any new content worth mentioning, they did make interacting with people a bit better, otherwise nothing is notably changed.

Pokemon White- Ehh, it's a little old but whatever. It was an okay game, basically the same thing as Diamond. If you liked Pokemon Diamond/Pearl then I recommend getting White. It doesn't really offer anything new besides the actual pokemon, but the story was okay. The game was also a lot more animated than the static predeccesors, often making the game look beautiful.

Okamidon- Good, but not enough. I liked it for the first hour or so, then I got rather bored. I haven't felt any urge to pick it back up and try it again, quite dissapointing for a sequel to a great game such as Okami. It's worth the money if you're a huge fan, otherwise I recommend going out and buying Okami for the PS2 (For those of you that still have one).

A New Hope

No, sadly this blog is not about Star Wars.

Rather, it's about Capcom's Resident Evil series. For those of you who have lost hope or having been keeping up with them, there is currently a squad based Resident Evil game in development. Though the developers have apparently created a horrible SOCOM game (I haven't played it, so I wouldn't know) I still hold faith that this game will be good. It brings a rebirth into the zombies everyone loved and leaves behind this new "Plagas".

For those of you whose attention I have grabbed, you can read more here ->

Some games as of late

To sum up some recent games that I've enjoyed-

Dragon Age 2- What a joke, a 7.2 by the users, GS has a ton of moronic reviews so a low score was expected, but this is just a dissapointment to me to see such poor taste by PC users. It was a great game well worth the money, even if it was a step down from DAO (I don't think it was) it was still a great game.

BulletStorm- Interesting, not as good as I had hoped, yet better than what most people say. The swearing gets out of hand only with a few particular characters and I honestly only had one bad experience with the language in it, I'd say Gears Of War had a very close amount of language in it compared to Bulletstorm (wanted to type BS to shorten it but fortunetly decided otherwise)

Nation Red- An unheard of game developed by a small unheard of company, yet it's still quite fun though a WIP. I have yet to play it on Co-op which is what the game was built for, however a friend told me that it is unplayable with lag currently, but the next patch is supposedly going to fix it. I cannot say if it's true or not, but either way the new patch should help. Anyways, the game is a top down shooter much like the many zombie flash games these days. However this game features smooth gameplay, decent graphics, a pricetag, and dozens of weapons and a neat level up system.

Guild Wars- I wouldn't so much as say I enjoyed guild wars, as much as I would say I played it. That's all. I didn't have much fun with it, though I didn't have any fun with WoW either, and was trenching through hoping it would improve over time. It didn't. That's not to say it's a bad game, I would say it's a fair substitute for WoW if you're not willing to pay the outrageous price tag on it, but otherwise it's just a dull grinding game with fewer choices than WoW and a joke of a story.

Otherwise, I think this game is a bit of an over-rated turd on MMORPGS.

HOO! Awesome over rated speeches about video games that suck!

Fallout New Vegas- Bet you didn't expect to see this one on here with all the flak it's getting. I do agree it was a mess of a game at the start, unplayable on 80% of PCs, however this has since been fixed, though it's unexcusable why it wasn't fixed before release. Anyhow, I'm merely mentioning this game because I recommend for everyone to give it a second chance, some of the recent mods have breathed a fresh life into the game and given it the fun it had potentional for. Thank you for all your hard work, you guys are the backbone of a handfull of games and I ask that you please keep up the good work. OH and despite what people say, I think the story is a step up from Fallout 3. One game, you follow your daddy out of a vault, the other, you get shot in the head by a man, survive, and seek revenge.

Digging up some old games.

Just posting an update of what I've been up to lately.

Besides hard work, I've been picking up some older titles that I used to love playing. I'm far too lazy to go through my now playing list and remove each individual game and replace it with another, so instead I'll just inform people here of what I really AM currently playing.

Resident Evil 4, I found some lovely mods that makes the game look like something that was actually made in 06/07.

I am actually still playing Borderlands, but not much of it, I've already beaten every quest (I didn't even get the steam achievement for doing it... Lame) and I usually only log on now whenI get bored and decide to use a weapon modder.

I'm trying to bring myself to bring Beyond Good and Evil, but the PC port is such a mess. It's hardly playable on the lowest settings.

As for something new, I am going to get BulletStorm sometime today/tommorow. I hope it's as good as some people say it is. I don't even bother looking at Gamespot reviews these days, sadly I rarely find any I agree with.

Although the game is still in the works with updates, one of my friends got me to play Vindictus. After me hammering them time and time again about how it's probably just another WoW style game, I finally brought myself to download and install it. The graphics are AMAZING for a free MMO. Of course it has a cash shop, but there isn't much to buy that gives others a huge avantage over you. It actually uses a new style of gameplay, no more click to fight + kill style combat, when you left click, you swing your sword. When you press space, you dodge out of the way. It's actually real combat, which is not only nice to see, but an amazing choice to add in an MMO. I recommend everyone who reads this (Unless you hate RPGs for whatever reason) to give it a shot.

In other news, the Dragon Age 2 demo was beautiful. Again, more realistic combat, when you run away from an enemy, and they swing their sword at you, it doesn't do a dice roll to say if you missed or not, if you aren't physically close enough for them to hit you, they won't. Also, the gore in the demo was spectacular, it was lovely being able to slice enemies in half and then backstab someone trying sneaking up behind me.

For those of you not paying attention to my raptr or Achievements, I don't play it anymore but PA adventures was a great load of fun, you'll get more enjoyment out of it if you read the comics but it's still good fun for everyone. I think it was probably the best money I've spent since buying Team Fortress.

Game Awards - Is this a joke?

Blah blah blah, I haven't updated in a while and I'm just posting a short rant.

This year's game awards were quite obviously picked by autistics (no offense if you are indeed autistic) as Red Dead Redemption won FAR more rewards then it should have.

It was a great to good game at best, it had its faults and manages to win some rewards it shouldn't haven't even been nominated for. Best sequel for example. Heavy Rain won no rewards, and wasn't even nominated for best voice acting or dialogue. The dialogue in Heavy Rain, was quite possibly the best I've ever heard.

I agree with maybe two awards that were given out, otherwise, I have to say, Facepalm to you Gamespot! I know what I won't be watching next year.

Originality in games?

Just my thoughts on sequels.

Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of games try and play it safe by keeping the same game formula and just making the game harder? A perfect example of this is Dead Rising 2. They even rewashed up some of the same songs from the original game, though they didn't go with second.

Some games have mashed up the gameplay a bit, like Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 4. But then in 5, all they did was try making the game harder and keeping the exact same gameplay as 4, except with a partner.

Just seems like game developers are starting to fear changing the game, though sometimes a change is needed.

Back to School, back to making good games?

It seems that all the major developers with games planned for recent releases, chose to wait until that time of the year where teens are at their grumpiest, and everyone is at their busiest.

I ask you, why?

I'll point out several right now.

Medal Of Honor

Halo Reach

Dead Rising 2

Fable III

Could someone enlighten me as to why they thought releasing games when everyone was too busy to play was a good idea?

Indigo Prophecy

After beating Heavy Rain on the PS3, and loving every momment while still wanting more, I was saddened that there were not more games like it.

Lucky me, while scrolling through gamespot's Action Adventure list for the PC, I discovered a game that caught my eye, again, luck was on my side, as it was one of the very few I actually bothered to take a glance at.

The game appeared solid and looked like it was pretty decent. I soon after acquired the game, and after playing it, (I didn't even know this at the time) I saw it was incredibly similiar to Heavy Rain. I ran off to gamespot, and silly me, I found out that it was the same group who made Indigo Prophecy, that made Heavy Rain.

I've only just started playing, and I'm actually dissapointed by how similiar the stories are in the two games. It seems like Heavy Rain just washed up the graphics, moved a few rooms around, and kept the same basic factors of some of the areas.

This is not to say that it is a bad game. I'm very impressed with it, and after an hour or so of gameplay, I'm happy to say that the game was worth checking out. With great voice acting, vast areas with completely optional interactions, a brilliantly thought out story, this is deffenetly a game that Heavy Rain fans will not want to miss.

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