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So, This is Weird Right?

I am in sheer disbelief at all of the blog posts I have posted here. It is true what they say: Don't go looking at things you've written 5 years ago, it will drive you crazy.

Anyway, I wan't to apolgize...That's it, I don't need to say any more than that! I will say though I am surprised at the amount of activity my page recieved over the years. I see no reason to continue this blog. As things have come full ciricle I suspect i will continue to use my GiantBomb blog, but hey, I don't actually use that either, so no change there!

Writing To You With Empty Hands

Well...4 to 5 years on and my PC, or "the trooper" as i like to call it (or rather, not like to call it) has died, how it died i do not know, but there was a slight power outage in my own home, and i suspect thats what did it, because after that, it didnt start at all, some internal damage or something like that, who knows?

But now i've lost some important stuff in the process, and repairing it is an option, so i could potentially get that stuff back, but in the meantime, i've ordered a new PC, a gaming PC, something i've wanted for a while, but now im just worried something will go wrong in the process. Im going to miss my old PC and its Flexibility with old games.

(Im currently using a Laptop if you were wondering)

Anyway where have i been!? i'll tell you!...or maybe i wont...damn i dont even have a good explanation...other than Gamespot pretty much sucks right now...Ha!

On top of that i've had some friendship issues, i wont go into them here, but over the last 2 months things have been pretty damn Sh*tty for me, hence the title of the blog, i aint gots much left *cue the Aww* :P

Oh and on a bloody further note! im quite annoyed how Battlefield: Bad Company's servers are so full of lag, the games great yet a lot of us just cant play it, the lag's unplayable! :/

Edit: Using PS3 version

Hope its fixed soon...

I'm Not Dead Either!

I have just been in my cave cultivating a beard again with my fellow Gnomes, Dwarfs and Pixies alike, all the while sipping the great oak's tea out of a tiny little wooden cup! singing the fairies tale over the open fire next to the magic bridge, where the gnomes walk beepbeepbeep with their little feet, as they go teeheehee!


No seriously i AM alive, not that anyone was wondering.

Hello Everyone

Where have i been? well i aint been anywhere, you know, just...hanging around the site, i havent posted up a holiday themed blog either which kinda sucks but anyway heres a blog anyway.

First off, games i asked and thankfully got for Christmas, now before you go "hey, thats quite alot there Mr.Death" yes it is....But my brother got a real big Apple computer thing that costed around £1,400, so i....fleshed things out a bit *ahem* (the fact that i dont own some of these yet is a shame anyway)

Heres the List:


1) Uncharted: Drakes Fortune-PS3- probably my favourite game for the PS3 so far, great great game

2) Heavenly Sword-PS3- Yeah quite a few months off i know, but still good so far even if i really dislike some of the animations, getting back up for example, I Love Andy Serkis' performance in this, you can tell its really him with that technology

3) Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction-PS3- My first ratchet game, so far only like 1 hour into it, so yeah...

4) Mass Effect:-360- Wow, what a game, altho im dissapointed in the whole exploration their aint much to explore other than surveying gas giant planets. Story so far is outstanding, Bioware know what they doin!

5) Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3-PS2- First DBZ game i have bought for my self at least, only quickly tested a few things out with that so i still need to get stuck into it

6) GTA: Vice City Stories-PS2- Again only played like 1 hour of it, but its ok so far, kinda like liberty city stories obviously

7) Nervous Brickdown-DS- Now this is a fun but bugger hard game, good so far!

8. Pokemon Diamond-DS- Haha im gunna have to find the time to put all of that time into it...which is hard

Old - Games i owned or played:

1) DOAX2-360-Broke in March- yeah...your guess is as good as mine

2) Halo 3-360- Already completed it on legendary with my brother and his friend via 2 rooms and an ethernet cable, but had to own it anyway

Dont Know Where it Goes:

1) TESIV: Oblivion GOTY edition-PS3- Now technically i have already played the orginal twice now, and knights of the nine...but i havent with the Shivering Isles so i guess it goes in this...weird place

Yeah thats about it for games, got some other stuff too yada yada yada, will i do the same thing as last year and try and review them all? probably not sadly.

Oh yeah, i also took pics of those drawings of Rich Gallup and Ryan Davis i talked about a while ago, but since this blog is pretty long it can wait till next time.

Thats it for now, Hope you all had a happy holiday and well...still having one too.


Indeed, Stick It Out, We're In This Together

After waiting anxiously for this weeks podcast, i was happily surprised on how the guys handled it on the show, i knew its how they pretty much felt already via the blogs last week, but yeah, that podcast has sure made me feel better on the matter, I'm still peeved as its unknown why it happened (and the sitting and letting it happen part), but having enough respect for the site and Jeff as reason is completely understandable

Whatever the hell it was, i feel better now, and besides, theres still tons of great staff here that i already know and love, and i knew that from the start

You Will be missed Jeff, but Never Ever Forgotten, for the things you have done for this site, and All those classic memories that will stick in our hearts forever

Bye Bye Gamespot. Or Will My Hope Still Hold On?

well its a bloody good question, you all know what this is about anyway so i will cut that crap out, but man, i dont think i even want to work for a company like CNET anymore, i have been recently noticing how things have been going downhill and i really, really dislike CNET's managing skills

Dont get me started on Eidos...i hope the realize they practically killed a website

as for staff leaving such as Tim, good on him and good on anyone else who does the same, i hope they do it too personally


this is all of course...haha...if whats been told is true, but it sounds like it to me, Jeff was my reason to be on this site, i'll admit that i kinda disliked him for a while, but whatever, he was still the best IMO

ps (lol good coheed quote from me there :P)

Is There No World For Tomorrow?

Damnz You Europe! lol

haha ok ok ok, I'm part of Europe too, sadly

since i am part of Europe, i and others who understand English here in the United Kingdom, get games later as you know, due to the other countries around us, and usually i can tolerate it.

except when its Cooking Mama 2!!!!! i lovez TeH cooking Mama, and the fact that its just straight up out over in the US and wont be seen here until early next year bugs me

i can import, and probably will if i can, but still, i think something should change here about localization

(and yeah lol, this is a semi jk blog, i really want that game, but changing that over this is silly :P)

Wait...i wrote a review? Oh yeah i did! *SVR 08*


i certainly have and this is my first review in ages, but it had to be done since i feel so passionate about this game, i may have not of been the first person this time, but i still managed to get it out there before Navarro's review, so I'm happy about that

please recommend, you dont have to read at all, just 27 outta 34 would be nice again hahhaha

Whats That!?.....I CAN'T H*BEEP*EAR YOU!!!

You go Ozzy

lol anyway today i got the one game i have been more excited about than any other, SVR 08

and man its just as awesome as i had expected, at first i bought it for the ps3 but noticed some seriously bad framerate issues, so i quickly swapped it for the 360 version....reluctantly, since my 360 is just a b*tch to me, lol

but yeah i got it anyway and im loving every second of all of my extreme rule matches, and my extreme rules tournaments XD

whether this one will see the same groundbreaking review from me as the last one did, is yet to be seen

But so far all this blog is going to get is this since im too busy playing it (for as long as i can....stupid 360)