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One Year Anniversary Update

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Well I had a wonderful year. I had some time of from Gamespot which I think benefited me in a lot of ways. For Christmas I pitched in all the gift cards, money, and extra change ive been saving up and got an Xbox 360 and Assasins Creed. Three days into the game and I need to finish off the last three bosses. Wonderful game, but a bit too easy for my taste. Well with that, I hope that you enjoy your New Years and have a wonderful 2008!

By the way... new review on Assasin's Creed.

Corruption in the System

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Well it seems for Christmas a very lucky boy got a Playstation 3 and a bundle of games to come along with it. Thats right folks, he is one of the thousands of little boys that woke up on Christmas Day, ran downstairs, opened one of their presents, and enjoyed their new gaming system. Unlike every other child thatgot a console and started playing right away, this child got a phonebook. Yes, a phonebook worth five hundred dollars, must be a pretty darn good phonebook. So what exactly did happen at the local EB Games store at Thousand Oaks, California before Christmas?

The following takes place between1 PM. and 2 PM. An employee of EB Games walks into the store getting ready for his shift. It is early in the afternoon and sales are wild with everyone trying to get a present before everything is sold out. The other two employees are busy talking to one of the customers about headsets, andall of the other customers are not paying any attention to anything but the games.Suddenly, the parents of a young boy walk in and ask for a PS3 console system. An idea hatched in this employee's devious mind. He went to the back and found one of the Playstation 3 bundle packages. Quickly on the cabinet he saw a phonebook. He quickly pulled out the Playstation 3 and put the phonebook in the box, thinking that the weights were nearly the same. He takes his bookbag that he brings to work with him everyday and shoves the Playstation 3, returning to the parents smiling as if nothing happened. His plan had worked.

A week later....

The following takes place between 8 AM and 9 AM. Three children run down the stairs excited that the day finally came. They scramble toawrds a large tree full of lights and oranaments. It was Christmas Day and it was their time to collect their rewards. First the two younger sisters start tearing through boxes large and small. As they receive some small presents such as clothes, they find a big box labeled to both of them. They open it up and jump up with joy. They were glaring down on a large box with a karaoke system drawn on the sides. It was what they have been asking for since August. They quickly run to their flatscreen television to hook up the cube like gadget and start up their new toy. Their thirteen year old brother finds a couple of gifts for him, also clothes and itchy sweaters. He finds one more box left, with his name on it. As he rips of the wrapping paper he freezes and slowly starts opening the box. He was opening a box of a Playstation 3 that his parents bought the previous week. His parents smile and overlook at the excitement of all of the children. As the boy gets the tape off, he opens up the box, pulls out a Playstation 3 control, two games(Skate/ Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End), some wires, and the most important part of the system, the phonebook.The child first looks confused and then starts laughing. He found this more funny than heartbreaking. His parents, on the other hand did not. I don't think that they payed $500 for a phonebook. The parents call the EB Games store and they get a machine answering them saying that the store is closed for the holidays. Their complaints will have to wait. (Note: This is the most popular and most likely theory.)

Wow what is the world coming too? Does anyone have any dignity left in them? Calm down, its a game system you don't need to ruin a families holiday for your own benefits. If you work at EB Games don't you get some kind of discount or something? I really don't see where they are getting all of these employees from? The State Prison? This is not only the dishonest employees' fault, but also the employers' fault. Your the one who found him somewhere, either that or he found you, but either way your the one who hired the man. Can't you not tell who you can and cannot trust? For the man who did this I just have to say that this is the most disgraceful act that I have ever seen. Does he have an inch of self-respect? This is a result of the Capitalist ways of the United States companies. All they want is money and don't care about the customer at all."You got a phonebook instead of a PS3, thats a shame,enjoy your holidays!"They would hire anyone just so they can make their profits faster.

After reading this I am most likely never going to go to EB Games to buy anything, especially not a console. This was the last straw on the camel's back. They had this coming to them with all of the horrible customer support. I think that not only can you not trust EB Games in California,but also in every single state that has at least one shop. They ruined their good name and have lost respect from any real gamer. Forshame EB Games, forshame.