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New FF13 trailer = AWESOME

WOW, if you haven't already, go see the new FF13 trailer:

This has DEFINITELY gone to being one of my most anticipated games! I'm disappointed that it's not coming until 2010 though, but after seeing that trailer it will definitely be worth the wait! I'm still not sure whether to get it for PS3 or 360 but if it's ends up being the same for both systems then I will probably get it for 360. I can't wait!!!

Also, I recently beat Dead Space and Fable 2. Dead Space is one of the best survival horror games I've ever playe and was definitely one of 2008's biggest surprises (in fact I've actually beaten it twice lol). Fable 2 was really awesome BUT I really REALLY HATED the ending! GRR, those of you who have beaten it will know what I mean, I won't spoil but it feels like the ending could've been so much more!

Oh well, anyways I'm currently playing through Tales of Vesperia still, I'm about 20 hours into it, it's AWESOME. Upcoming games I'm going to be getting for sure are Dawn of War 2 for PC, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for DS, and Resident Evil 5. I've also really got the urge to buy Zelda: Phantom Hourglass LOL, because I never played it.

Well I guess that's it and go see that trailer if you haven't already!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey everyone, just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! AND a happy New Years! :

This Christmas was pretty cool, I got surround sound which sounds AWESOME and I rented Dead Space to play (start out my surround sound with some SURVIVAL HORROR), and it sound AWESOME on it, it's so creepy hearing noises coming from behind. I also got some EB Games gift cards and candy and funny gaming shirts which is cool. I also bought some games because there were crazy sales like Mass Effect ($19, even though I beaten it before borrowing from a friend I now own it to beat again), MGS4 ($29, awesome), and CoD:WaW PC (long story short, me and my brother got 2 copies for the price of 1).

Anyways Merry Christmas and hope you all enjoyed it!

LOL my first blog in 3 months!

LOL well I've been around gamespot but for some reason I just haven't posted a blog lately... I don't know why! So here I am posting a blog. :D

So yeah, lately I've been playing alot of different games. Got the new WoW expansion and I'm lvl 75 right now (Dwarf Warrior) and I have a lvl 61 deathknight as well. I also picked up Left 4 Dead (PC) and have been playing alot of that online, I've never played a zombie game with THIS many zombies LOL! I've also been playing Fable 2, I've rescued 2 out of the 3 people so far so I'm pretty far into it, I'm loving it probably more than the first Fable. It seems like there's just a TON of side-quests to do and the achievements are hilarious. I've also recently started Tales of Vesperia and I will tell you that this is DEFINITELY an awesome game, I'm about 5 hours into it right now and even though Tales is one of my favourite series this game is living up to my expectations, can't wait to play more! Oh yeah, and I'm playing Gears 2 online quite a bit. :)

Wow such an awesome year for gaming, so many awesome games coming out. I think I'll be playing these 5 for a long time but other games I have my eye on that I want to get soon are Call of Duty 5, Lost Odyssey, Animal Crossing Wii, and Valkyria Chronicles. I also have Fallout 3 and Tales of Symphonia 2 but I haven't opened them yet.

Well anyways, I guess that's what I'm doing gaming-wise right now. I will try to be around blogs and blogging a bit more often now so yeah! Hope everyone's enjoying the crazy-good games that have been coming out.

I ordered some hardcore RPGs from ebay!

So yeah! There are alot of older games that I'd been meaning to play but haven't got around to playing, so I decided to order a bunch of them from Ebay. So here's what I ordered:

Baldur's Gate + expansion
Baldur's Gate 2 + expansion
Fallout 2
Fallout Tactics
Planescape: Torment
Diablo (ordered this one a while ago actually, after D3 was announced)

They're gunna be SO good! I'm still deciding which one to play first. They should arrive by the time my exams finish (my last one is in 12 days) so then I will have time off to play these... muahahaha! I'm surprised at how cheap they were though... all 4 Baldur's Gate games were like $40 total, all 3 Fallouts were like $20 total, and Diablo was like $9. Planescape is kind of expensive though because it's rare (the auction is still open actually, I win it in 3 hours :D). Can't wait till they arrive, it's gunna be good!

E3 thoughts

Well E3 has come and gone and here are my thougts:


Microsoft had the best conference I think. They showed off the best games. Fallout 3 looks AWESOME (Oblivion with guns!) so I can't wait to play that one. RE5, we finally got a release date (March 13), and co-op is amazing. Fable 2, I LOVE what they did with the online, where you see people as these orbs and just walk up to them to invite them into your world. Gears of War 2 footage blew my mind and is shaping up to be the best shooter of 2008 and even better than the first one! Then they announced a new xbox interface and avatars, which were both pretty cool. FF13 announcement made me laugh, I couldn't even believe it! Overall, good conference.


This was the most disappointing one by far. They announced Animal Crossing Wii which will be awesome though, I definitely can't wait for that one! But the rest was disappointing compared to what I was expecting. I wanted a new Zelda trailer to at least know that they were making progress on a new one and see what it will be like, or a Pikmin 3 trailer, or something like that, but... we didn't get any of that, we just got a "yeah, a new Zelda and new Pikmin are coming... sometime in the future..." which sucks without a trailer because "in the future" could mean 2-3 years and means we have no information about the game to get excited about. Wii Sports 2 got announced, but the thing that made Wii Sports 1 so good was that it was free, I don't know if I would pay $60 for another Wii Sports. WiiMusic had DJ RAVI WHO WAS AWESOME but honestly I didn't like it at all, it seemed like there was no goal to it, it's like Guitar Hero without the arrows... just play at your own pace... seemed really REALLY LAME especially considering it was their "big" announcement. Very disappointing outside of Animal Crossing.


Sony's press conference was alright. They had some cool videos for some of their games. A bit disappointing that they didn't have more surprises though. But still, the God of War 3 teaser was pretty cool and got me pretty excited for the game! The Resistance 2 boss fight looked freaking epic. LittleBigPlanet looks crazy and unique and I definitely wanna pick that one up. Hmm... I think I'm forgetting something, but still, it was an ok conference overall.

Overall though it was a pretty disappointing E3 because there weren't all the huge announcements like there usually was. But there was some cool new announcements and stuff so overall it was pretty cool but maybe I was expecting too much. Anyways, I enjoyed it. :)

Tales of Vesperia Demo: AWESOME! (and E3 hopes)

OK wow, so this is probably my most anticipated game right now (along with Tales of Symphonia 2), and I finally got around to playing the demo, and all I can say is WOW!

First off, if you want to play the demo, it isn't available on the North American xbox live marketplace yet for some reason, so what you do is make a hotmail account and say you live in Japan, then turn that into an xbox live silver membership (for free), then you can access the japan xbox live marketplace. You can download it from there, and as long as your console is set to English, the voice acting and text and everything will be in English.

OK, everything about the demo is absolutely amazing and lives up to the Tales name for sure! The battle system is awesome and very similar to Tales of the Abyss, and the graphics are some of the best cel-shaded graphics I have EVER seen (ESPECIALLY IN 720p :O), it is amazing, and the dialogue is really funny as well! I cannot wait another month to play this, I want it now! :O Tales of Symphonia is my favourite game of all time and every game that I've played in the Tales series ended up in my top 5 games ever, and this is looking like it's going to be just as awesome as the previous ones! I cannot wait! Check out the demo if you like Tales games!

Also, E3 is, like... TOMORROW!!! And I haven't said what I hope will be there, so here is basically what I hope to see from each of the big 3 press conferences:

Animal Crossing Wii footage.
New Wii-exclusive Zelda announced, along with a teaser.
Pikmin 3 for Wii.
The next Mario RPG, whether it's Mario RPG 2, Mario & Luigi 3, Paper Mario 3, or Super Paper Mario 2.
Tales of Symphonia 2 release date.
More Fire Emblem DS footage.
More Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 2.

Halo 4!
Bioshock 2.
Mass Effect 2.
Jade Empire 2.
Halo Wars release date.
More Resident Evil 5 gameplay.
More Gears of War 2 (obviously, LOL!)
Infinity Ward's new IP.
Bungie's next project (if it's not Halo 4).
More Fable 2 stuff.
More Fallout 3!
More Infinite Undiscovery.
More The Last Remnant.
Assassin's Creed 2.


God of War 3.
White Knight Story.
Final Fantasy 13.
Final Fantasy vs 13.
More Little Big Planet!
Valkyria Chronicles.
Kingdom Hearts 3.
PS3 exclusive Tales game.

DlABLO 3!!!!!!!!!



Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Wrath of the Lich King... Blizzard is being freaking amazing right now!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Blizzard going to announce a new game WHAT!?


1st off, I will probably be buying Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 this weekend during the... LONG WEEKEND! Yup, it's a 4 day weekend because of Canada day and stuff which is awesome. It's gunna be such an awesome game, I think it came out yesterday, anyone played it yet and what do you think?

Also, WOW visit right now! They have some splash thing that you are redirected to, and it has a picture of shattered ice. What could this mean exactly? According to gamespot, this could mean the announcement of a new game by Blizzard! If you don't know, Blizzard is my favourite video game company, and whenever they release a new game, it's absolutely amazing. Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, the upcoming Starcraft 2... amazing! And now there's a possibility that they are announcing a new game! HOWEVER, since the theme of "ice" is present in the upcoming WoW expansion pack (the new continent Northrend), this could be an announcement of either: a) a release date for WotLK, or b) a date for open-beta testing. However, while that would be awesome, I think it could be something more... possibly Diablo 3!!! Which would be incredibly amazing!

I guess we'll have to wait and see. One thing we know for certain is that Blizzard's got a big announcement coming up... and I for one CANNOT WAIT! :D

FFTA2 = 7.0.... whaaaat?!?

HOW DID IT ONLY GET A 7.0 FROM GAMESPOT? This is freaking FFTA2 we're talking about!!! That was so stupid. Wow... IGN seems to know where it's at though, they gave it a 10/9/9/9/9 and and overall score of 9. :D Anyways, I don't know what's up with GS's review (or a few others I've seen too... Nintendo Power gave it a 7 too... why?) but yeah this game's gunna be freaking awesome so I don't know why they'd give it such a lame score. >_> Anyways, I know I want this game more than anything right now, so I can't wait to pick it up. 400 missions R U SERIOUS!? The original FFTA had 300 and I think I beat less than half of them and spent 60 hours. XD Hahaha. But yeah can't wait for this game it's gunna be good!!!

No more sidetracking!!! I will finish it!

That's it! No more sidetracking, no more putting it off! I've had Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for way too long but keep getting sidetracked with other games! And then I try to start playing it again but I get sidetracked with another game. But no more! Now I'm going to commit myself to playing the rest of it before I continue with my other games (except WoW)! So GTA4, Forza 2, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, etc... are all on hold until I am finished with this! :D

So yeah, I started playing it again, I'm 17 hours into it now and it's starting to get REALLY awesome, I've taken command of Ike and his crew again now and the story is getting really epic. :O This game is in competition with 1 other mystery game (ooo the suspense) as my 2007 GotY, and so I know I was going to do my 2007 GotY awards like a week or two ago but it is delayed until I finish this masterpiece!

Also I've had my eye on Age of Conan lately, it looks really awesome and I'm probably going to get it in mid-August, it looks like a really sweet MMO. I'm surprised at all the awesome games coming out this summer... Age of Conan, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 (I wanna pre-order it!), Metal Gear Solid 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Dragonball Z: Burst Limit, Soul Calibur 4... AHH my head's going to burst with awesomeness, I thought summer was supposed to be the video game drought for us to get caught up with any earlier games we missed!? Still, it's pretty sweet how many awesome games are coming out... I gotta find time to play all of these haha!

BUT NO, for now everything is on hold until Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is completed! :D I wanna play more of it! *goes to play* (BTW if you have a Wii and like strategy-RPGs you definitely gotta play it (after playing the one for Gamecube, since this one is a sequel) because it is AWESOME!).