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Comics and First Looks!

As much as I have complained about how everything as multiplayer, the trailer for the MP beta of Halo:Reach was realsed this week and I think it looks pretty awesome, werid! I also picked up Bayonetta, and to my suprise, it has an engaging story and great gameplay.

I've come across one of the best comic ever! A few of you might have heard of it, Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass follows the story of Dave Lizewski, an avid comic reader, who becomes bored with everyday life and buys a suit of eBay and becomes Kick-Ass. Over-the-top violent and a sick sense of humor, Kick-Ass is easily one of the best comic series out there. Even if you are not a comic reader, you still need to check it out!

Mass Effect 2 has finally stopped spinning! *EDIT*

I have recently beat Mass Effect 2! Some of the best 22 hours thatI have wasted:D! If you have'nt picked this one up yet, you need to! (not trying to be rude, but if you have'nt, what's wrong with you?) On the PS3 side of things, I picked up Heavy Rain and I'm loving it!! It's something new and fresh in the sequel crazed business, my review of it will be upas soon as I beat it.

Next couple of weeks is going to rock!! Next week is going to be Final Fantasy XIII! and the week AFTER that is God of War 3! Also, Portal 2 was announced today!! Me so happy:)

Looks like I'm back from the dead!

July of last year was my last blog post:? I do intend on being on a lot more. I need to bring up on some updates:

I'm currently playing (and loving):Mass Effect 2, Dante's Inferno, M.A.G., Bioshock 2, MW2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and No More Heroes 2, All of them are great games!

*EDIT*: My review for Dante's Inferno is up!

Madworld and other upadates

As the title of the blog says, i got Madworld saturday. The game is awesome, It deserves to be named "The most violentgame ever made". My only problem with it so far is the camera. My full review should be coming soon! In other news, I got a PS3 last week, along with Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet. The only real reason I got it was for the Blu-ray but I love LittleBigPlanet. And I love the fact that online is free. Killzone 2 is alright, it takes alot of ideas from CoD but online is awesome. You guys know any good PS3 games that i should check out?

For the first time in my life, I hate Guitar Hero...

The titile says it all. Well, i got Guitar Hero:World Tour. I ripped open the box (i got the full band set), couldnt wait to play it. So I played through the guitar carrer and i notcied something. It doesnt feel or look like The Guitar Hero that i have come to know and love. After that i tried the drums. The drums suck. You have to hit them pretty freakin hard for it to read it. Then i tried the mic out and its alright, little bit easy, even on expert. After all that i wanted to create my own song! Come to find out that the music creater syestem is way to confusing to even try out. I was hoping for a brand new start for Guitar Hero. And i dont like it.

BTW, this is not being compared to Rock Band.

Haha....wait! what?

My friend Raymond came over yesterday and asked me to put a really good game in. So i picked Portal. So we spent about 2 hours beating the game in one playthrough. Im sitting there laughing at all the jokes and my friend just asks me what so funny. He kept doing this until we got to the credits. So im sitting there laughing my butt off at the song while Raymond is doing a fake laugh. After the song was done, he was smiling then asked me "Whats with the cake?":x

Top 10 games of 2008!

10- Braid

9-Street Fighter II turbo HD remix

8- Mortal Kombat Vs. DC

7-Dead Space

6-Grand Theft Auto 4

5-Silent Hill Homecoming

4-Fallout 3

3-Prince of Persia

2-Fable 2

1-Gears of War 2

These are some great games, if u havent played anyone of them, i reconmend that you do