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My second video upload!

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This time i edited the bill gates pie video and added a really nice soundtrack and also i added the reasons why he got pied and made it look Kool carribean kool so check it out

When ps3 launches!!! Xbox 360 will fall and die sloooowwwwwwlyyyyyy!!

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I have seen and played the xbox 360 and I can tell you I dont really like it, ive seen those type of graphics on a PC.

But the ps3 is different from what ive seen so far the graphics ive seen on such games like mgs4 that WAS REALTIME were excellent and have never seen those type of graphics on anything else.

Now all i have to do is wait until CES and see what sony come out with. (hope they tell us release date, price, game prices, gameplay videos!) COME ON SONY GIVE US A WORLDWIDE SPRING LAUNCH!!!