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Lost Planet

Today was a pretty good day. Especialy for me. Because i have finally beaten Lost Planet. i recomend this game for anyone who likes action and adventure games. I had some trouble but it was an easy game. I still cant wait for Lost Planet 2 its going to be a good game from what i heard.

Games I still need to get:

Halo3 ODST

COD Modern Warefare 2

Aliens vs Predator( for the 360)

Aliens Colonial Marines

Lost Planet 2


The Unions I joined

Like about a month ago i joined a few unions. Such as The Xbox 360 Union, The National Basketball Associationa Union, and finally one of my favorite band's union the union of Korn. The Xbox 360 union and NBA union are pretty cool. But i guess The Union of Korn is pretty much Dead. Which Sucks :(.

I Finally did it.

This is my first blog im ever doing :). But now lets get down to business to see what i did. I have finally beaten Peter Jackson's King Kong the official game of the movie. And i have gotten all of the achievements for it and a perfect gamescore of 1000. Now my Gamescore is currently at 5693G.