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News Update

It's been months since I last blogged, but I felt like I owed everyone an update.

School starts tomorrow for me, so it's going to be a lot less fun from now on.

I am 7th Prestige, Level 54, and I have no intention of Prestiging again.

My Black Ops guide is in pre-production.

I am still with SE, and not leaving any time soon.

dbc out.

New Things.

Well, I left my old clan, Dog Pound behind today. Don't get me wrong, they're a great bunch, but I don't really fit in there. Instead, I joined Shadowfan7's fledgling clan. I'm... Not quite sure what's it's called yet, but I signed up.

I also took the plunge and Prestiged. It's tough, but it's good at the same time. I'm kind of excited about MWR Online again.

Really short one today, but I'm pressed for time.

dbcification out.

Happy New Year, I'm Halfway there!

Got all my attachments for everything recently. Feels good to do that. Now, for the daunting Expert Challenges. I have two Blue Tigers, and five Digitals.... I have a lot of work, but it'll be worth it when I can stick gold guns up somebodies ass. Short entry today, just a record of my thoughts, and I figure I should blog a little since I last did.

dbcification out.

Ugh. Challenges over my head.

So... I've decided not to Prestige just yet. I'm going for Golden Guns. But, i'm splitting this into two parts. The first is just a general run-through of the gun in question (for example, I'm on the G3 for ARs), where I get all the attachments. Easier said than done as I keep getting new weapons as I level up. But, I'm going through the ARs right now. The G3 sucks. I'm CQC through and through, so I find it incredibly hard to use. I'm currently resting at about ~35/150 kills needed to switch from this to SMGs (haven't unlocked M14 yet, and did M4 already). I can't wait. I'll be moving to the Skorpion, which IS CQC, so that's something to look forward to. I really dislike semi-auto guns. They don't go nearly fast enough for me.

OK, so in my adventures with complete challenges, I started using the M40. Beastness. On Overgrown, I killed two guys, one behind the other, with one shot. One got it through the head, the other, the heart. I was like, "Whoa, did I just do that?" Then, I no-scope for ten kills, and sneak around in the field while picking off enemies. It rocked.

That's all for now. Until next time,

dbcification out.

A Brief Multiplayer Montage

OK, so, first, I'll describe my brief foray into the world of sniping. All Ghilied up is an excellent mission to test out your scope settings, and I set mine to the Professional preset, with just a few differences here and there. I also switched my main reticle to a plain white dot, even with bigger guns. I've gotten better kills this way, even without lag.

So, I tried out the two rifles I had at my disposal, the M40A3, and the M21. The M4, I absolutely hated. It reminded me of why I only used the PTRS in WaW (cause that was arguably the most semi-auto Bolt-Action Rifle I've ever used). Sure you have more power than the M21, but if you aren't a stellar shot, you're screwed. The M21, I had better luck with. I am about a fourth of the way to the M21's ACOG, but I've been shotty-running as of late, so I haven't budged for a while on the M21. I'm a fair sniper with a semi-auto rifle. One round I got a 15 kill streak with the M21 on Bog (the taking out the entire enemy team with my airstrike and then calling a heli on them didn't hurt either). Then some fool shot a n00bt00b into the side of the bus, and that ended there. I also tried the Dragunov, and I think I could get used to it after I get my ACOG for the M21.

Next, I tried Shotties. Oh. My. God. W1200 + Grip + Juggy + Steady Aim = RAPE

The only hard part about shotties is learning your boundaries. Once you get those down, you can be a potent force of destruction, and stuff. My favorite thing to do is pseudo-Ghost while shotgunning. I'll go up behind an enemy sniper, and then give them some buckshot to the back of the head, and then evac. Only thing is, then they get pissed. Meaning you have to stay in the shadows, or else.

dbcification out

Still MWRing it up

Ok, so, I hit Multiplayer the day after MWR came out, and immediately found a good selection of challenges. I started making my special classes, some which are still evolving (i.e. basic Slayer). As of now, I'm a couple matches away from Master Gunnery Sergeant, so I'm starting to get some really good weapons. Can't wait till I get the P90 though, I used to PWN noobs with that gun on the 360.

Found a useful glitch about name color (you know what I'm talking about.), but I didn't want to do it. It's cheap, and I'd rather the enemy know who I am when I headshot them. Which, by the way, Ghosting your way up to kill a sniper, then stealing his rifle and getting a 15 kill streak with it is f-ing AWESOME. What's even better is when you kill the same sniper four times in that streak. Did you know that if you fire a .50 Cal into an incoming RPG round, it explodes? No joke, just shoot it, no scope, of course, and you don't end up dead. When I get some better sniper rifles, I'll start sniping, so watch out. Well, until I get some more material, I'm done.

dbcification out

CoD: MWR Woot

So, I went out and got Modern Warfare Reflex at my local game store. And of course, they were doing a MW 2 promotion, so there were hundreds of people there. So, come 12:45 Tuesday morning I get the game. Now, I've got stuff to do in my life, so I don't get to play it until about 1:30 PM. Campaign was short, but tough (got recommended Hardened). All of the original stuff was still there, and I did notice a slight reduction in the number of cheap grenades from NCPs. I beat it in roughly five hours of play, and then I moved over to Multiplayer. Multiplayer is still just as glorious as on X360 and PS3, but I haven't gotten the chance to shoot up the ranks like normal. As of now, I'm just a Corporal, but I'm working on it. I've set up the beginnings of my specialized classes, but with slight tweaks to make them more 'single-player' friendly, cause there's no player-to-player comm stuff. Ah well. All in all, the game plays on the Wii just as good as on the 360 or PS3. Graphics aren't quiet as good, since Wii doesn't run HD or BluRay graphics. But, since this game is a hardcore shooter, the graphics don't matter as much to me. I'll be posting my friend code and stuff soon, cause I hope to join up with some other players cause WaWii wasn't as fun in Multiplayer when you don't have any online friends. dbcification out