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Sure has been a while....

Well it's been a while since I last posted a blog....3 years in fact.

Just wanted to see if any of my old blogging buddies were still around to see this.


Okami done and other news!

Yes! Finally I have finished Okami and what an awesome game. The story was great although sometimes I feltdragged on but thats the only complaint. The overall feel of the game was just immersive and I hope there will be an Okami 2! :D

In other news I bought BioShock for the PC and will start it when I'm on school holidays next week:D I'm also going to pre-order the Orange Box but am really annoyed I'll have to buy Half Life 2 and Episode 1 again seeing as the Black Box is canceled.

I also want your opinion: X360 or PS3? The 360 has a more reasonable price for me and has the majority of games I want however the PS3 has some games on it I want more such as Resistance and of course........MGS4 which I can't wait for!:D But its price is indeed over the top for me. Decisions, decisions:P

Well hope you guys and galsare doing well:) See ya round


Cant wait for November:D

Well firstly I finally finished Half Life 2 after putting it off for a while and man what a great game, I'm going to start Episode One now so I'm ready for Episode Two:D

Yeah I can't wait forNovember, I mean so many huge games coming out: Crysis, Assassin's Creed, COD4, Unreal Tournament 3, the list goes on:) I hope to get most of those them for PC especially Crysis which I can't wait to try out on my PC *drools*:P

Also I watched a movie last night called Reign Over Me which is pretty good and is about a guy who meets his old college roommate (adam sandler) who lost his whole family on September 11 and is now all messed up and even becomes obsessed with playingShadow of the Collossus:lol:

Anyway thats all from me:) Take care


DAMN where have I been? Read this

Readthis just so you know.......

Seems like forever since I've been on this site and the main reason wouldn't be because of school or sport or anything but GS itself. I enjoy reading your blogs but thats about it and I am sorry for not posting in them:(.......the forums are just the same old stuff over and over again.

Well anyway I haven't been up to much just school and going out on weekends. I've been playing a lot of BF2 lately aswell.

Thinking of getting a Wii after playing at my friends house.....it was AWESOME:D

Also last night I was lucky I didn't end up beaten to a pulp. My friends and I were walking along a street when these two cars full oftough guys ofabout 18 or 19 year olds pulled up and starting accusing us of throwing stuff at their cars and then got out with the intention of kicking the s**t out of us. I sprinted away with two of my friends but one of my friends stayed and was lucky they belived that he didnt know us though they still roughed him up. I'm thankful i got away because they were mainly after me:?

Anyway its the last time I'll say it.........but I will be on more from now on:D Hope everyone is doing well


Sheng Long!!

Yep new level:D:D:D Level 27 Sheng Long!!

Also sorry for not being able to be on as much and post in your blogs and what not but school has been a b**ch lately:P

I'll try my best to be on more:)

Dazman, take care everyone!:D

New game!!

Yep today I got...........S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl!!:D

Also today my coach told me that I''ve been moved up and I'llplay footy (Aussie Rules) for the A Squad tomorrow!!:D Its last game for the school season so I'll be finishing on a good note!:)

Thats all......hope you are all doing well!:D


My gaming wish list for the near future :)

Well with my new PC, my wish list for games has expanded but I still have my eye on a PS3 aswell so they are in there aswell. I don't know exactly when I am aiming to get these games by but I guess some time in the near future:)


Resistance Fall of Man
Grand Theft Auto IV
Resident Evil 5
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Battlefield Bad Company
Devil May Cry 4
Killzone 2
The Darkness


Call of Duty 4
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Assassin's Creed
Unreal Tournament 3

I could make a huge list of games but I have to be realistic with cost. Feel free to make any suggestions for changes or additions. That's all, take care everyone:D


Im BACK!!!!!!!

Hey guys and gals of GS, yep I'm back from my trip overseas and it was awesome. I won't go into a lot of detail about the trip because I know I don't like reading a wall of text:P

Anyway I left roughly 3 weeks ago and arrived in Barcelona, and stayed there for 3 days. I stayed with my mum, aunt and cousin in a hotel and my 2 brothers stayed in a hostel called the Kabul Hostel for those who might know it. :)

Whilst there we did some wandering throughout the city and also did a bus tour of this magnificant city. I saw some really cool stuff like Gaudi's La Predrera which is an apartment building which is really really cool, also the Segrada which is an unfinished cathedral which is mind blowing and then also Parc Guell which was areally cool place and really well designed for just relaxing.8)

One of my more favourite parts of the tour however was going to Camp Nou (Nou Camp, which ever you like) Stadium, home ground of FC Barcelona!!:D:D I was absolutely blown away by this stadium and i even stood on the grass which your not supposed to but I did anyway:lol: Anyway I could rant on about the stadium forever but I'll make it short and I have to say I was hugely impressed by everything in Barca(even the street performers which were either cool or really weird:P)and can't wait to go back on my own for a different experience:D

I then headed over to Ireland for the remainder of my trip to visit family and friends which are spread all over the place, apart from in Northern Ireland:)

I spent most of my time in a place called Schull in West Cork for those of you who know your Irish Counties:P It was actually interesting because we were staying down there for a week with my cousins and we saw all the Garda (police) out looking for the guys that screwed up in their attempt to smuggle in 100 million euros worth of cocaine:lol:. Anywho that was great down there because we went to the pub every night (not much else to do:P) and the scenery around the coast were brilliant.

The rest of my time spent in Ireland was just visiting friends and family who I hadnt seen in a while and we had some great times together and after I finish school I'll consider moving over there for a year, which would be great:D

So yeah thats about it from me. I'll leave you with a song from one of my favourite bands at the moment - Kings of Leon: Fans

I'll be off to write in your blogs and check out whats been happening round this place now so see ya round:D.


In 13 hours it happens...........

Yep in 13 hours I'll be out of Australia and on my way to Barcelona and Ireland!!:D

However that means I won't be on GS to read and post in your blogs, post in forums and unions, etc. etc.:(

So yeah I'll be back in 3 weeks, so all of you stay cool and don't leave GS:D) But most of all dont cry because I'm leaving:P

Well I hope to have an awesome time, and thats it from me GameSpotters!!:D


NEW PC......games!!:D

Well yep, today I got some games, but just off Steam.

I got the Source Value Pack or whatever its called:P

It came with
Half-Life 2,
Half-Life 2: Episode One,
Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast,
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch,
Half-Life: Source,
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source,
CounterStrike: Source and
Day of Defeat Source:D

So I think that, BF2 and GRAW should keep me busy for a while, a long with some PS2 games I still havent finished:)

Thats all