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Hard to stick around ...

Back in the day gamespot used to be the place I used to log on everyday ... When I was at school , on my iPhone , spent hours on it at home , posted , made myself known , created a bunch of unions ....and for the past couple of months that feeling just isn't there anymore...I don't know if it's the tacky new website design , or the fact that the people I used to co-operate with aren't around anymore or maybe even the fact that I might not be so good at designing ... Gamespot just lost that thing , anyway , now I'm in millitary college , trying my best to keep up...I have lots of free time , maybe I'll come back...but that's not a promise I'm ready to keep.

9/11 the day the world stopped turning

I was at the memorial yesterday , I was my dad say my uncles name in front of everybody , It's a day that has changed the many things , they shall not be forgotten , I wont write a long blog about it , but I will say that I find that the events of that day have become to mediatized , yes we need to remember what happened that day , but I find the media is doing too much.


odds are i still dont care about all of you XD

I remember a time when I used to make at least 100 posts a day ... switching from one union to another , I remember being the leader of 4 of them at the same time ...and still posting like crazy ... I remember most of the people I once considered friends on this site , people that I still see posting today , people that I used to mention in my blogs .. people I used to look up to...people who told me my grammar sucked too much XD (truth is it still might)

Here's a toast who didn't forget about me .... I sure as hell haven't forgotten about you guys :) that's why my next blog will be all about the peeps who brought me to being the GS user I am today :P


lOl :)

I just realizeed something ...its been 3 years ive been on gs on this account , and that i gotta change my profile theme XD

now that i wasted 20 seconds of your life making you read this well have a nice day :D

Most likely comming back

Actually lurking around for E3 around here has made this place stick back to me .. the atmosphere in the unions , damn I even re-opened photoshop to try to make a sig for the first time in months expect to see me around more :P

Little update !

A month ago it would have made 3 years id have been a member here :)

My birthday was last week , got drunk , ate burgers , long live canada :D

I got the UDU back but due to a rumour that gamespot will be changing the unions im backing out completely of the union game :)

How about you guys how you been ?

Never forget 9/11

Well guys its time for my yearly blog of remembrance , the definition of remembrance is the act of remembering , the ability to and a memorial for those souls who died on that day , i have lost one of my many uncles on that day but this blog isnt about him its about REMEMBERING the nearly 3000 people that have lost their lives that day , they have been taken from us for no plausible reason besides religion ..but thats never been a plausible reason.. you can make a religion out of dust and pretend that youre defending a cause that you define as noble ...but that doesnt make you more human yh sure i believe in god i pray every night but i wont go killing myself for him.Those people had lives , familes and children and this day is not abotu remembering the hate towards the people who did it ..but remembering the people we lost even if we didnt know them that day that is stuck in our minds keeps em close to us and makes us feel sorry for them.

Thats it for this year folks NEVER FORGET

Leaving for 3 weeks

Hey guys , for the next 3 weeks i will not be on since im gonna be flying all around Quebec with other pilots , so no internet and no Photoshop :) the tournaments been postponed till i get back

Have a good vacation guys :) Hope youre enjoying your summer so far :D