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HD Remakes/Ports of 2011

This is a List of all the 2011 Remakes/ports that i could find. I didn't look very hard so i might be missing some.I did not put the Developers of these games.


Beyond Good and Evil HD - Release Date -March 2(XBLA) June 28(PSN)

Content:Beyond Good and Evil(2003) Original Platforms -PS2,Xbox,GC,PC Publisher:Ubisoft

Gamespot Score:8.3 Average Critic Score:8.9(XBOX)

*This game doesn't have great camera angles... but it is a good game nonetheless!

Tomb Raider Trilogy - Release Date -March 22(PS3)

Content:Tomb Raider:Legend(2006), Tomb Raider:Anniversary('07), Tomb Raider:Underworld('08 ) Publisher:SquareEnix

Original Platforms:Legend(PS2,XBOX,GC,PC,X360), Anniversary(PS2,PC,Wii,X360), Underworld(PC,PS2,PS3,X360,Wii)

GS Score:Legend - 7.8, Anniversary - 8(PS2,PC) 7.5(X360), Underworld - 7(X360,PS3)

ACS for X360 :Legend - 8.1, Anniversary - 7.7, Underworld - 7.5

*Just in time for the new Tomb Raider game, even though it comes out around Q3/Q4 next year.

Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD - Release Date -April 19(PS3)

Content -PoP:Sands of Time(2003), PoP:Warrior Within('04), PoP:The Two Thrones('05)

Original Platforms -PS2,XBOX,PC Publisher:Ubisoft

GS Score -(PS2,XBOX) Sands of Time - 9, Warrior Within - 8.8 & 8.7, The Two Thrones - 8.6

ACS -(XBOX,PS2) Sands of Time - 9.3 & 9.2, Warrior Within - 8.5, The Two Thrones - 8.6

*Another PS3 exclusive, Prince of Persia is rerealsing its first three games but there has't been much news of a new installment.

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise - Release Date -August 16(PS3)(X360 Japan only)

Content:No More Heroes(2008 ) Original Platform:Wii Publisher:Ubisoft(Wii) Konami(PS3)

GS Score:9 ACS:8.2

*I think this is more of an HD port than a remake but technically they all are.

God of War Origins Collection - Release Date -September 13(PS3)

Content:God of War: Chains of Olympus(2008 ) & Ghost of Sparta(2010)

Original Platform -PSP Publisher:SCEA

GS Score:Chains of Olympus - 8.5 Ghost of Sparta - 8 ACS:Chains of Olympus - 9.1 GoS -8.7

*The second God of War Collection, this time including the GoW PSP titles.

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X HD - Release Date -September 27(X360,PS3)

Content:Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X(2000 - DC, 2001 - PS2, 2003 - GC)

Original Platforms -DC,PS2,GC Publisher:Capcom

GS Score:9.5(DC), 9(PS2), 6.9(GC) ACS:9.4(DC), 8.3(PS2), 6.4(GC)

*Veronica X was considered a great game when it came out but as it was rereleased later for GameCube, Critics found the gameplay to be a bit dated. Will this HD remake suffer the same criticism.

Resident Evil 4 HD - Release Date -September 20(X360,PS3)

Content:Resident Evil 4(2005 - GC, PS2)(2007 - PC, Wii)

Original Platforms:GC,PS2,PC,WiiPublisher:Capcom

GS Score:9.6(GC), 9.3(PS2), 9.1(Wii), 7.8(PC) ACS:9.6(GC),9.6(PS2),9.1(Wii),7.4(PC)

*Unlike Veronica X, Resident Evil 4 will probably be just as good as it was released in 2005 & 2007.

The Ico & Shadow of Colossus Collection - Release Date -September 27(PS3)

Content:ICO(2001) & Shadow of Colossus(2005)

Original Platforms -PS2 Publisher:SCEA

GS Score:ICO - 8.5, Shadow of Colossus - 8.7 ACS:ICO - 9, Shadow of Colossus - 9.2

*Also referred as the Team ICO collection, Shadow of Colossus is one of my favourite games ever and I never played ICO but would like to.

Tom Clany's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD - Release Date -September 27(PS3)

Content:Splinter Cell('02), Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow('04), Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory('05)

Original Platforms -(XBOX,PS2,PC) Publisher:Ubisoft

GS Score for XBOX -SC - 8.6, SC: PT - 9.1, SC:CT - 8.6 ACS for XBOX -SC - 9.3, SC: PT - 9.2, SC:CT - 9.4

The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut - Release Date -October 25(PS3)

Content:The House of the Dead:Overkill(2009)

Original Platform:Wii Publisher:Sega

GS Score:8 ACS:8.1

*Probably the most recent remake/port of a console game on the list.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - Release Date -November 8(X360,PS3)

Content:MGS2:Sons of Liberty(2001), MGS3:Snake Eater(2004), MGS: Peace Walker(2010), MG(1987), MG2(1990)

Original Platforms -PS2(MGS2 & MGS3), PSP(MGS: PW), CSX(MG & MG2) Publisher:Konami

GS Score:MGS2 - 9.6, MGS3 - 8.7, MGS: PW - 9 ACS:MGS2 - 9.5, MSG3 - 9.2, MGS: PW - 8.9

*This seems to have the most content and is a definite buy for me.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary - Release Date -November 15(X360)

Content:Halo: Combat Evolved(2001)

Original Platform:XBOX Publisher:Microsoft Game Studios

GS Score:9.7 ACS:9.7

*The only Xbox 360 exclusive on the list and considered one of the greatest shooters of all time, this has been long requested and fans are getting what they wanted. Now how about Halo 2 Anniversary :D

Tekken Hybrid - Release Date -November 22 2011(PS3)

Content:Tekken Tag Tournament(2000) & Tekken Blood Vengeance(film)

Original Platform -PS2 Publisher:Namco(Tag Tournament) Namco Bandai(Hybrid)

GS Score:9.6 Average Critic Score:8.6

*The only game on the list to include a film in it.

PS3 games on the list - 12 (7 exclusives, 8 if you count No More Heroes)

XBOX 360 games on the list - 5 (1 exclusive)


Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection - Release Date -April 19(PSP)

Content:Final Fantasy IV(1991), Final Fantasy Interlude(New), Final Fantasy IV:The After Years

Original Platforms:SNES(FFIV), WiiWare(The After Years) Publisher:Square Enix

GS Score:5.5(The After Years) ACS:7.4(The After Years)

*FFIV is considered a classic while its sequel had mixed reviews but mostly positive.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Release Date -June 19(3DS)

Content:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time(1998 )

Original Platforms:N64 Publisher:Nintendo

GS Score:10 ACS:9.7

*There are a bunch of 3DS rereleases but I decided to choose one and this is it.

PS. This list was supposed to be released in September bit I forgot :P. Also meant to put Star fox 64 3D and GoldenEye 007 Reloaded on the list.