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Second son is by no means a bad, in fact its far from. its a very good. I have been a fan of the infamous franchise since its inception. i have finished both INFAMOUS 1 & 2 3-4 times each because i love them so much the only problem is the franchise is soooooooo seriously underrated. so when I heard about second son i was so excited and hoping this mighty be the game that will bring infamous into the main stream (despite the change of protagonist ). hell i was so excited that I pre- order the game. and when I finally played it well these are my thoughts

One of the first thing any blind person will notice is the impressive and stunning visual. the world is very beautiful which is not only a good direction for the series but glimpse of what next gen has to offer.

second son
infamous 2

Another thing second son those better than its predecessor is the combat. where in the past the camera shifts to an over the shoulder view to use projectile ( which didn't effect the pacing of past games in any way) players can still en-gauge in combat with out with the over the shoulder view. which greatly increases the the fluidity of the combat as it gives the player a greater awareness of their surrounds.

video attack
neon dash

and unlike past games you have 4 powers in total in the game SMOKE, NEON, VIDEO, CONCRETE. or though the powers don't vary much each power has its strength s and weakness thus making some powers better than other in certain situation. this helps to prevent D.U.P encounter from feeling stale. combine this with the impeccable graphics and you get a gorgeous display of carnage.

GREAT VOICE CAST : the voice acting is top notch rivaling the best in the business . this plus the good motion capture and the every gorgeous graphics and we get the stuff of Hollywood.

with all that said I can't help but notice that this is a step back from past game especially the ambitious infamous 2.

One main problem is the weak story. where past game had a good plot, pacing and excellent twist ( kessler is Cole, john is the beast) the story is extreme straight forward and somewhat stretched out. This problem is further enhanced by the main character.

CHARACTERS :Now going to the main character, or though delsin can be funny at times especially at the beginning during the later half I found him to be cocky, power hungry and a bit annoying (like a Nathan drake that went horribly wrong). In other words Delsin may be a funnier character than Cole but in no way those that make him a better character or hero/villain than Cole.

with great power comes great responsibility ~ voltaire

words that should be taken to heart. in the first infamous you could feel the weight of your powers channeled from the character fear to the acceptance of his powers through the course of the game which gave me a sense of responsibility. with delsin, apart from the minor hero activity I never felt like a hero (most likely due the absences of karma side mission) rather i felt like good guy seeking powers just fun . even the character development to hero is poorly handled. Cole never wanted to be a hero (which was realistic) it was kessler (his future self ) that manipulated into becoming one, in this game its delsin get power....makes a good-karma choice............i going to be superman......the end, I mean really? you wanted to make a rebellious character fine, but I was hoping he will grow into into hero overtime

i mean look at Edward. I didn't like the character at the beginning , I though he was too selfish and greedy but later he grow on me and I began to respect him. Delsin is still the same dick almost through the entire game. Now this wouldn't be a problem in another game but this game prides itself as a hero game hence such things should not be taken for granted.


The characters are good and the voice cast makes them very believable but are not well flushed out and poorly utilized (unlike nix, kuo, zeke). where in infamous 1 & 2 each character were relevant through out the entire game (even LA ROACH), here they are merely used as a plot device for powers or just to create dialogue. the interaction between Delsin and Reggie is great but the two are almost always at odds that sometimes it feels forced ,yes Delsin and Reggie are as different as night and day but seriously?.

Brooke Augustine has the makings of a good villain but unlike Kessler and the beast who did bad things for the greater good Augustine is evil because...........? an attempt is made to make her look grey at the end of the game but just seems tacked on.

As a result I never cared much for any of the characters (except Betty)

QUESTIONABLE DESIGN CHOICES: Infamous 1 & 2 you had many ways to avoid damage, e.g polarity wall, cover, evading, and an abundant energy source. second son results in shoot and run or though the evading is very effective. The 4 powers are cool but certain energy source are more common than others hence in tense combat situation the game changes from use the power you want to use the power you can find. Other design choices are copied from past games with little thought process.(neon healing)

MISSION: the main mission in past games where well though out ,here most mission result large scale brawls and the overall campaign is shorter. also this game lack content, there are no side mission,morality mission and UGC like past games just side activity which are boring. And even though the paper trail mission is cool concept it gets tedious overtime.

REGGIE : delsin i'm so proud of you.. (yes Reggie is still proud whether hero or villain )

MORALITY: or though past games have always had black/white choices but at least past games choices had some weight, but here its a water down version, the annoying thing is that the choices have little effect on the way the event play out (with some exception like fetch mission & the end of the game). The good ending is lame and a far cry from past game and the evil ending is just stupid.Karma ability has also been dumb-down as well. normally your powers changes when you play as a hero or villain ( a staple of the series), here (besides slight changes in video) most changes are mostly cosmetic (especially smoke). is like little effort was put in the overall karma system, greatly reducing the replay value.


The only type of enemies here are concrete enemies, though there vary slightly its a considerable step back from the varieties in infamous 1&2. even the concrete trooper are very similar to the ice enemy in infamous 2 which makes things even worse. From the lack of ambition, limited content, change in art direction and little to no change to dynamics of the world itself it would seem SUCKER PUNCH has lost fate in this franchise possibly resulting from the less than expected sales of its predecessor and were attempting to capture a new audience. hopefully there will do a better job in the future.

no more faction vs faction epic battles