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If it's like demon souls or whatever it's called I'll pass I'm not into those type of games.

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This is proof that this site is the worst gaming site out their now. Not one single post by anyone for this awesome game? How does this site continue to exist? Seems like this site is mostly employed by gays.

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HOHOHO bitches I STILL and always will be the winner of the old flame war on this joke of a forum for the shitty duke nukem games...seriously forget nostalgia they ultimately suck ass and not even worth going back to anymore they simply dont on up anything int eh same category anymore...How can you dick heads that played forever say it was...playable? Because it truly wasn't for me not to the end anyways got so bored and frustrated with crappy of everything in the game that I didn't even want to keep the copy as a potential weapon against an enemy if one existed like flinging it at their throat or just turning it on....

Anyways I am trolling the old morons who defended the game and glad that they had the good sense to just stay dead.

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How am I the only one that has made a post about this interesting and I'll say it far superior game to that lame ass fake star citizen game...this game makes that one look like utter ass, for one thing this will be getting a real story line and with the whole epesodic scenes like a cgi scene for most story driven games...so not only is this an impressive looking and fun battleship in space game will have a story to go with it to make it more worth your investment...Take my money.

F you jackasses who call yourselves gamers and not even try to discuss the game...you make me sick.

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I feel sorry for those idiots that continue to play a broken game. I just cant understand why anyone would rather play this over lets say...dynasty warriors 3. Thats what I'm doing right now and I am having a lot more fun playing this old ps2 game with my brother than playing destiny.

One of my close friends is currently enjoying destiny but he's level 15 and I just shake my head and say once you get to level 20 the fun stops no more real reason to continue playing. I'm sure he will see what I mean once he is forced to grind on strikes over and over for nothing.

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Yeah it's a shame for a decade I waited for a sequel to the very fun mercenaries at the end of the game they clearly show another story in the works but guess it got canned. Perhaps the franchise stopped being popular or something but pgi did a masterful job of raking a ton of cash on it without putting any true quality work into it, they are a small team just wanting to get rich off of it.

Without a story it will never be a real game too me, it's counter strike with mechs and a very bad version of cs.

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You wouldn't be reliving glorious times in halo playing a broken pc game of halo. I remember the best time of halo pc they were amazing but it was clear they did not continue to patch thee game very well, just became a mostly broken lagggy mess. Most matches are just races and rocket launcher only games,

Halo reach still have good numbers considering how long it's been out more than twic what halo4 has.

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RightHandReaper....You are a shit head. Bungie does not make halo, they no longer have the ip rights for the series, 343 does Halo now idiot. lol

I hear ya hofuldig game is garbage, only way you will have fun is if you play with a group that you can at least just chat with while playing, it's the only way I play if I do, I refuse to play this game solo it's too boring and pointless, but at least you can have fun chatting with people and joking around.

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Yeah it's bullshit the entire game is a sham, I hate that I got addicted to it. I did get the Thorn but it's pathetic, I can pass a kindey stone faster than it reloads and has a puny 6 clip, I've gotten plenty of legendary and exotic stuff one hair away from 29 and well it's pointless. Ever evolving world my ass you spawn at the same place everytime the only think you do is farm for spinmetal or helium or relic, I have no need for more gear or weapons this game has a shockingly short amount of vaience in weapons as well.

I cant believe this is what Bungie gave us. They lost my respect and will never buy another game from them again, I cant wait for the master chief collection to come out that will finally get me off this pathetic game. Hell I've tried the raid twice and at the boss part everyone just starts quitting out or I lose my connection.

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Yeah I have yet to actually get past that chainsaw dude I got bored of dying or him finding me when I wasn't even in the same point of view as him was behind a wall.

Mostly the reason is I'm addicted to getting more loot form Destiny and haven't really cared to play this. Hopefully soon I will just push myself to playing it but thats the problem it did not present itself in a way that made me go WOW this is freaking cool like the real silent hill games did, I still remember how scared I was playing silent hill 2 for the first time when I was 13 I had to turn it off before I even got to the first enemy lol man those were the days!

This game does not do that for me, and the fact that bullets will be so rare is disappointing for me personally, I know this is survivor horror but ti's not fun when it's so hard to kill something that you are forced to play the sneaking game, thats just not what I want in a horror game, I want my character to be tough and resourceful without these gimmicky hid e in a closet while the enemy passes by since you cant even hurt it.