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new wish list

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hey guys wats up i havent been on in awhile but im gonna make my effort to come on every once and a while since this the time of year when great games come out so hear is my wish list

1.modern warfare 2

2. dragon age origins

3. odst*(all ready have)

4.tekken 6


6.assasins creed 2

7.mass effect 2

8.god of war 3

9.kingdom hearts 358/2

10.splinter cell conviction

so ya thats it but in no particular order

so comment on what u like and what you dont


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Hey guys i saw a comercial about x men origins and it had gambit who by far is my favorite xmen wooooooo!!!! i just hope they do a good job the actor looks really weird

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hey everybody this is about ne of the most awesome websites ever everyone of my friends need to comment on this and you should all go there

my wish list

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Here is my wish list for games

1.Blue dragon

2.lost odyssey

3.the last remnant

4.eternal sonata

5.halo 3

6.halo wars

7.unidentified halo project

8.tony hawks proving ground

9.madden 08

10. masseffect


The gaming season

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as all of may as well know that the next four month is the gaming season they are coming out with tons of new and exciting games but what i don't get is why during school:(

what ever

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this is a blog about what ever as in you can alk about what ever you want to talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:twisted:


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hi everybody this blog is about camps i went to a basket ball camp an am going to a family camp this sunday