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Current Games

What I have:

Ace Combat 6
Call of Duty 4
Halo 3
Gears of War
Earth Defense Force 2017
Need For Speed: Carbon
Burger King: Pocketbike Racer
Burger King: Sneak King
Burger King: Big Bumpin
Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
Star Trek: Legacy
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Dead Rising
Perfect Dark Zero
Mass Effect
Assassins Creed
Two Worlds
The Darkness
Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Tears of War...

HILARIOUS video posted by xbadwolfx on youtube making fun of everything wrong with Gears of War. A must-see for anyone who has played online.



Gears Annex Update...

Getting rid of some glitches...good (grenade glitch, getting out of Fuel Depot glitch still exist.)Adding new "team emphasized" game type...good. Weakening the shotgun unless your can feel the other guy breathing on you...good. Messing with the roadie run and cover system to where you stick to walls when you don't want to...bad. Making the Sniper and Torque Bow easier to kill with...bad.