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this is the second game ive played for the ps3 and after going through most of resistance i was thinking the ps3 so far is a bit dissapointing....

well that was until i started playing motorstorm!!

what can i say this game is one of the best looking games ive ever played.i mean the view from out side of the car is good but when you switch to the in-car view things go to a totaly new level...

i cant beleive how real it looks from inside the car the way things move around you is just breath taking and very realistic and the pace of the game is also very fast from inside that view so thats always good for a racing game......

so far ive done a few different race groups and everyone of them has been edge of the seat stuff so i can't wait to play through the rest of this amazing game....

im playing the game on a pretty large screen so im sure that is adding to the effect also of actualy being inside the cab..a 43" pioneer plasma hdtv................all i can say is,,, if you've got a ps3 get this game!!

well that's all for now ...peace out:)

Level 32 Snake Eater.

well im finaly at the level i like the name of best since im a huge MGS fan..

 ive been here since august 1st 2005 and i think ive climbed the levels pretty fast considering i haven't been on very much lately like i used to be...

high levels are not very common on gamespot nowadays due to people leaving and loosing interest or even because they get banned for some reason or another..

anyway just thought i'd tell all of you who read my blog and since i have'nt done one in a while....



damn you sony! ....an update.

Would'nt you know it my ps3 is faulty.

Im one of the unlucky people who have bought a playstation3 only to find there is a problem with the thermastat and that the console is'nt regulating its heat correctly.

The trouble is the system gets hot too quickly and the fans are running at their higest even if the console is just ideleing on the xbm ( home media bar ) when it should'nt be doing that,the fan inside the ps3 is a smart fan that recognises when the system is working hard so the fans start so the system can cool and then the fans slow when the system meets it comfortable heat levels.

But not mine,my ps3 gets those fans rolling just after 5 mins on the xmb then after 15 or so mins its running at its higest until i turn the thing off.

Ive read around  the internet that its a issue thats very common especialy here in the pal regions with ps3's  made in china and some units in japan.the faults seem to be located down to a batch of consoles starting with a certail serial number and would'nt you know my machine has that serial number so im not happy!!

I called sony and told them of the problems i was having and i asked a few questions.....


so is this a common issue with the pal ps3's?




so do you know whats causeing the problems??



ME..ive heard its a batch of consoles from china and a small amout from japan is this true??




So sony are obviously aware of the problem but they are not saying anything about about it..well other than...well you know.

Well after all this i will be indeed taking the console back to where i bought but i wont be exchanging it for a new console no im getting my cash back!

P.s. the launch ps2 i bought way back when it hit the pal regions had to be returned also with a faulty drive!!


AN UPDATE: well ive just taken the ps3 back and got a full refund,,i explained to the sales person about the problem and that  sony told me to take it back to the place of purchase..they asked if i wanted another machine but i said i would wait for another batch of ps3's  to enter the uk..hopefuly around july time or something.

so until then its back to my 360 and pc for now:)

getting a ps3 tommorow

ok ok so i said  i was'nt getting a ps3 since i got a dx10 pc ( thats is great by the way:) ) but i started to think that i can afford a ps3 aswell so ive decided to get one tommorow.

im getting it from my local asda store ( its owned by walmart ) with a hdmi cable plus resistence fall of man,thats all for now atleast.

i always thought i'd get one sooner or later and now seems like a good a time as any plus with some great games coming out its a good buy plus the blu ray player out of the box too so that is good.

you just cant ignore games like MGS4  and GRAN TURISMO plus many other good new games coming out only for that machine.

now all ive got to do is find some space for it next to my 360 and pc.:)

im not getting a ps3

that's right you read correct!!

instead im getting a full dx10 pc and i will have it on sunday this week also included with a 20" monitor.first of all i was looking at buying a dell pc from its own website since you cant buy them in the shops just online straight from the supplier.

but after doing my research they were asking far too much really for what they are offering.it came with a nvidia 7900 gs and a  core duo 2 and other things.

but this new computer  im getting elsewhere has a nvidia 8800 full dx10 gpu (and a better model core duo cpu). it's the same cost as what they wanted for that older gpu ,,..all of the other stuff is about the same but im getting it all cheaper and the store is'nt too far away from me so im happy about that.also it looks way better than the dell towers so it will fit better with the other things of the same colour in my room which is black.

now all ive got to do is cancel the ps3 pre-order and save myself £520 which is what i was going to pay for the ps3 with a game and a few other extras.

i may still get a ps3 some way off down the road but im guessing once ive played the likes of crysis i wont bother.:)

360 hd-dvd drive woes

well as you may have guessed ive just finaly got my hands on a hd-dvd drive add on for the 360.

i purchased one from a seller on ebay and waited for over 70 days to get nothing infact im still waiting for a refund from that person so i may never get it!!

but anyway i finaly got one through the door from gamestation here in the uk via its online store.so as you can imagine i was pretty hyped for  it and to get it hooked up to my tv and start viewing some discs ive had now for months,so i put it all togther linking this cable to there and so on.then i turned on the power booted up the dics that came with it and NOTHING!!!!!!!

they sent me a faulty drive!!!!! :( so then i had to make my way into the city to the store they have there and exchange it for a different one,one that hopefuly works.besides all this i thought  the whole thing about buying online is to have the added convienience of not having to trapse all over town since it gets safely delivered to your door?? i guess not!

so after all this i finaly get home  get the new machine linked up again with cables from here to there, instruction manuals lying all over the place and boxes too.so afterwards i put in a few hd-dvd's and start watching a few flicks then its van helsings go and guess what. NOTHING!!!!!!!

but all ends well since i looked it up on the net and found that its a common problem with that particular disc and i needed a further update aside from the one i already got with the hd-dvd in the form of a boot up disc i mentioned earlier.when the update was applied it worked fine but i could'nt help but think if i did'nt have the web or broadband it would have been cash down the pan,so if your reading this and have the same problems you know what to do!

all this in one day is too much for me:P

les paul custom.

if you read my blog(and not many do:P) you will know that i  purchased a very good guitar a few months ago which was a les paul standard,well i had a few problems with the guitar.now im not saying that gibson make bad instruments or anything infact there workmanship is second to none(especilaly the custom shop).but the guitar had a problem with it and i needed  to return it.

so anyway i made the journey through to a city next to where i live and changed it for another les paul only this guitar i have now is a higher model.its a 1957 les paul custom black beauty

the guitar cost me an extra £400 over the last price but its worth every penny since this guitar is even better than the last and an  even better investment for the future.


god of war.

wow what a game this is an instant classic from the moment you start the game and i have'nt even finished the quest yet.

ive just got to the part where you get inpaled by the god or war himself just after you finaly get pandoras box and arrive in hades.

the thing i love about this game is the greek mythology and the huge areas and ofcourse the puzzles and combat which is always great,well apart from the armoured  minitor boss where you have to copy on screen commands to defeat him which i found with the analog stick to be difficult but rewarding when you finaly pull it off.

over all im surprised that  the ps2 was capable of doing such a great game and i cant wait to actualy finish the game and play the next game god of war 2!

bad day for europe!

today sony deliverd another blow to its european fan base  in the shape of a delay, if like me you were looking forward to a november 17th release forget it and set your sights some time march 07!

this is just another bad thing this console has surrounding it, im starting to wonder what other bad news is waiting in the wings before we get to play this thing?

tagger king!!!!:)

wa-hey after all that tagging has finaly paid off.

it took longer than expected but it just goes to show after hard work good things come:)