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Memory nature

So the other day I was perusing the OT and noticed that there was a timer for the delete button thing. Basically for every minute it would say x minutes remaining. It started at five minutes, then went to 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 then 0. Before looking into what happened at zero I think I saw it maybe once or twice before. Or at least noticed it once or twice before. The question I had was what happened at zero. Told myself it was one of two things. Either it was a countdown till activation of the button or it was a countdown to deactivation. So I tested it out. Waited the five minutes and then saw the delete button disappear. So now it seems like we can't delete.

The question that followed that was why take away that delete function. A few ideas popped into my head. I'm not to sure if any of them are right or maybe it's a combination of these ideas. First idea is to prevent people from deleting traces of violating the rules. Now this has some flaws. Namely that we can still edit the post. So that seems like a flawed system. Which makes me favor the other idea that they don't want the page numbers and post count alignment to get screwed up. In the old site, glitches would start to arise if you had some deletions of posts. Another idea is stoping the bumping of topics where a user was the last one to post. Basically what happens there is that the person deletes their last post to bump the topic back up. Or they double posted and sacrifice a post to post again because an edit of an old post would be just wasteful. This idea may be a problem on some level but it seems like it would be a small issue.

But all of this led me to an idea that I wanted to talk to OT about. This idea of deleting memories. Recently played a game called Remember Me that had some memory elements. Now that game was frustrating in its unfulfilled potential to be something truly amazing, but all in all I still thought it was pretty adequate but more than that there was enough there to really love. But that is neither here nor there. Read a short story dealing with memory. It dealed with this sci fi set up where a person was able to store memories and stuff so they can relive them and keep them protected. Then this young guy breaks into the house I guess maybe to commit a robbery and comes across these tapes of an old woman's life. Something or another happens.

But ultimately this led me to think about the idea of deleting memories. At first for petty reasons and then I turned to more serious concerns. My idea was basically a subscription service that you paid a monthly fee of say 9.99 to delete certain memories from your mind. Now this idea is basically magic. You are able to delete specific memories without really losing or risking some grave level of sustainability. My initial idea was basically using this to delete memories of video games, movies, books, and tv. To basically allow yourself to be able to experience something as if it was the first time. Puzzle games was my first immediate thought since the replay factor is often small. Then it went to other games, books, and movies. My first question is would you be willing to pay for such a service at 9.99 a month? The memories will come back if you cancel the subscription.

Still along the somewhat petty lines of using the service to experience media like new again, I questioned if a service would do us a disservice. Maybe we will be too quick to not experience a book for the 2nd time as a 2nd time. To experience a closer rereading and garnering a greater appreciation for stuff that we may have missed the first time. Or just having a focusing of ideas. This applies to movies as well. But the service allows us to do that I guess. Plus it's really appealing to re experience the magic of that first time.

Which lead me to more serious issues of memory and the nature of who we are.

Basically if you were to experience a traumatic experience, would you be willing to forget it? Maybe this experience defined something for you that would be lost if you were to lose that experience. Maybe you gained new strength from that experience no matter how awful it was. My initial thought was maybe some experiences are best left forgotten but I was left with this felling that forgetting it was a way to put off dealing with the issue. That it would be unwise to try to eliminate the chance to work through it. This idea that deleting it didn't solve the underlying issue that needs to be worked through. So would you delete?

Saying goodbye

Hello everyone,

So this past Saturday I had to have my dog put down. It was such a fucking shitty weekend. Came out of nowhere and really caught me off guard. She had gotten a bacterial infection and didn't really show symptoms until Saturday. Saturday morning she started to show really bad symptoms out of the blue. The previous night she seemed her usual self and had been active all week. So Saturday was pretty bad. By that time the options were limited and the best thing was to let her go. Just wish I could have done more and has caught it sooner. Know I made the right decision but can't help to feel guilty that I wasn't able to do more.

Let's look back on happier memories.

Do you guys have any funny pet stories? Or maybe cute stuff our pets do or have done.

A decade is

So 10 years have passed since I made this account. Prior to that I had visted this site as a nonmember for years. So have seen gs change pretty much from its start.

10 years is a decade. 1/10th a century.

So where were you guys 10 years ago?

Finishing up HS? Basking in the happiness of getting you phd?

I think I was a Jr.

Tech sure changed rather fast. It's a wonder. Kids now a days are robots.

So what do you think about the change in how tech has been integrated with our lives?

Do you see it as a good thing?

Or are we too connected to the media addled connections?

Name Change

So was on OT earlier and noticed that Hallen seems to have or had his named changed. Happened very recently I guess. Although maybe he just changed accounts. Hold up, am going to go look to see if that's the case after all.


Ok so it does seem like he got a name change. I wonder why and how he was able to do it.

but anyway, what would you change your name to if you had the ability to do so?

Would you?

I like my name. If I was going to change it then would just drop the numbers and capitalize the D.

If there ever came a time when GS implements the ability then there should be a list of previous used names that others can see.

Otherwise people can just abuse the system by trying to fuck wound with people by constantly alerting names. Maybe a limit on how often you can do it.

I wonder how many will drop the _basic if they have it. Guessing not many since it has been with them for like a decade now. Which reminds me this account is nearly a decade old now. Times sure have changed. OT is getting slower and less interesting. Lot of talk about the changes but not enough about the people.

Anyway talk to you guys again soon.

Feel free to discuss the above.

Time table

Was watching this show the other day and there was this teacher who gave his students the wrong test and that got me to thinking back to something from my own life several years ago. In this class there wasn't a final exam so the last exam was the last day of reg classes before the study break and the finals week. Well the class was somehat heavy in reading and remembering various details of different tribes and whatnot. Like a fucking lot of small details tbh. But anyway some students complained that there wasn't going to be a final to some level of the department. Prior to all this the course was based on a few tests and some quizzes on the books we read. But not cumulative. Tests would cover all the material since the last one including the quiz stuff(books).

Anywho some people brought the lack of a final up to whoever . Well we got an email from the prof mentioning that guidelines said a final must be given during the finals week. This was like a couple of days before the last test. And that like everything else would be reweighted. So like half original weight of the reg tests went to this new final. And that the final would be covering all the books and other material. Which was quite annoying given that I had done very well and that the final was going to be really really awful to study for given I emptied my mind of the other old shit. Plus like why spring this at the last second. But the prof forgot to mention that it wasn't mandatory, and that it was an option. Not taking it would result in the original scoring system, but he didn't tell us this till like a few days later since he didn't realize that he didn't mention the actual purpose

Level 58

Didn't know level 57 was so fast. Was at 56 at some point last night. New shows I have been watching. Hannibal started a couple of weeks ago. So far I am enjoying it. Hopefully that remains to be the case. The Americans has been pretty good. Maybe spreading things slightly thin at times. Although the last few episodes have been really good with a lot of stuff going down. The relationship between Phillip and Elizabeth is a bit too back and forth for my tastes.

Bioshock Infinite was excellent.

Mr. X(level 56)

Wonder what video game that is from. Level 55 was super quick. I wonder how long 56 is. Anyone have info on how long each level is? Reminds me, the new epiosdes of Arrested Development are not too far away(Mr F). Am excited. Hopefully they are good. Like that they are releasing all at once. Anyway bye.

Rise From Your Grave

So for those who didn't know, I have been unbanned. Also had my polar bear account unbanned too. So have started using this account as my main again. Bye for now.