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ps3 vs 360

do people really like the games that they are buying for the ps3 or the 360. cause when ever i get a game or two i try to beat one of them and then try to beat the other then when those games are beatin. i just take them back to the game store and get more games and try to beat them. but it's really fun to play games that are for the ps3 also cause when you are playing the ps3 you can go on the ps3 home and walk around, talk to people and just hang out with the people that you are sometimes friends with.;)

games that i play and beat and then sell or trade.

every game that i have ever gotten for any system i have played and beaten. i know that sounds stupid to some people and i don't blame them. cause i will buy a game that i like and play it for hours on end until i get tired of it or beat it then i will go and buy another game and play that one until i have either beaten it or just decide to trade it in and look for a better one. so call me lame but that is just how i am.