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World Dog Show Sweden

Last week I went to Sweden. Three of our dogs were entered in the World Dog Show, which was hold in Stockholm. The trip was great. We went by car and drove in less then 14 hours all the way up there. We slept in Nyköping, about 100 km's below Stockholm. We arrived a day early, and had to find another hotel. cause ours was booked fully. In contrary to our expactations, we found a nice hotel in the northeastern part of Nyköping; a Best Western Hotel that had only one room for free that night. It seemed like a bride suite... with Jacuzzi and all. It was fantastic.

The dogs did great. We entered a frysian pointer dog, a lagotto romagnolo and a golden retriever. The Frysian Pointer Dog even became second best in competition. Sweden was just great also. During our trip through the Southern part of the country, we saw a lot of things. A lot of deers, a lot of H&M's but just 2 Ikea's in the area. It suprised me, cause in my country (with a surface far smaller than Sweden), there are more then 10 branches. We had nights of fun and company of our friends. In the few hours on my own I played Tetris DS, the game I bought some days before leaving.

There's just one thing a little disappointing: visiting the Mac. Of all days we were there, four of it the icecreams were sold out :p
Our hotel was 100 meters away from the Mac, so each night we went there planning to buy a desert; the Chocolate Dream.
After 4 PM no Chocolate Dream to encouter anymore... so most of the time it stayed a dream. Now were back home, working or studying again. Time passes quickly, far too quickly.


Last week I was totally hypnotised by the European Championships. Wandering around the shopping mall, my eye fell on a large board. It was yelling at me: "SALES!", "SALES!".... of course I needed to enter the shop. It was just straight on, after 50 meters to the right and boom! I was in heaven. Games of all sorts, for very good prices. Unfortunately, there were just four cube games left. Two fifa soccer 2003s and two fifa soccer 2002s. Having had a lot of fun playing Fifa 06 on the DS, I couldn't stand leaving Fifa 03 behind, especially since the price was lowered to 4 euro! Happily ever after I wandered back home, capable of playing my own new tournament now.

Since about half a year I'm not allowed to play soccer anymore. After a disrupture of my cruciatum anterior I got a brace, made in the United States. But this season my other knee got injured as well. To bad for a real sports(wo)men like me. Now I'm dependent on soccer videogames, which feels basically the same. I always want to win, also lying on my couch having my hands around handheld, controller or remote. So I couldn't wait playing Fifa 03, but a lot of homework made me wait for another five or six days.

It was yesterday evening I finally put the disk in the console. And what a difference it makes, having fifa on the DS or on the Cube! After half an hour exploring what to do with each button on the controller, I started the real competition. It was the high speed in which to control the ball and find your teammates what attracted me most. You just need to go on and on and on, until the ball hits the net. On pro mode, the level of difficulty is quite high, far better than on the DS. The gameplay really owns on this one, in contradiction to the graphics. There has been made some efforts on putting the right faces on the right bodies, with some sort of characteristics of each player.

Albeit the low quality of graphics, the sound being even worst and sometimes annoying use of the controls, Fifa 2003 stole my heart. Another nice footie added to my collection. Now I'm wondering about buying the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, which seems to be more accurate and challenging than the Fifa series. Ah well, whatever my choice will be, it'll only gets better!

A proof of compassion ?!?

Today is started adding my games to my collectionlist. After running around for a few days, I thought it was time to complete my profile a little more. That was quite a job, but I do like exploring the features of GS. A lot of games I do have in possession, are not on the gamelist, I noticed. All of a sudden, I became aware of all the games that I still want to play, but which are still must haves for me.

I'm not the kind of gamer who's exchanging games a lot, you know. I just buy a game, play it and it dissapears in my closet when I'm done playing. The particular game enters my cabinet and it stays there forever, untill the day I pick it out and play again. The collection gets larger and larger. Unless the game really sucks of course. It's out of my house before you notice and I get my hands on another, starting the whole process over again.

Exchanging games I like or, in the worst case, do love..... it hurts just thinking of it. I really don't know if that's just a personal thing, this behavioral thing of mine. Maybe it's a kind of thing that shows the real gamer in me. I don't think it's the hardcore thing, but more a proof of compassion. What do you say?

It's quite a historical day. I didn't only enter the half of my games collection to my GS profile, I wrote my first blog also. I should getting better at this, it's my first in English. But I'll practice some more and stay in touch.