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How do I make more beds in my sleeping quarters and other areas? All I have is cots so far.

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Hello I am new to this game (Loving every bit of it) I would like to know how you cook food in this game and how to cook the raw meat if you can into food. Thanks and have a great day.

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Nope. Save your money. This game is an epic disaster still. Too many gamebreaking bugs in it still. I would wait for a couple of more weeks.

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It sure is and your time is UP!!! You have used up your time waiting.. **** huh?

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I had a lot of fun with this game and still am. But the ending is very dissapointing. I would still recommend getting this for everyone if you are an Aliens fan. I am not a graphics whore or anything. To me it is the fun that counts. Only that dissappoints is the ending.

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I was trying to pre-order this for the Wiiu at Gamestop and they said it is not in their system at all. I also tried the gamestop website and the Wiiu version is not listed on their either. Does anyone else have this problem for trying to pre-order the Wiiu version of Colonial Marines? Had to pre-order the 360 version instead.

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Yes micro transactions are garbage. I was thinking the same thing as you were about getting this game. Microtransactions in a game are retarded. I will pass on this game as well as the new Simcity game that is coming out. I don't support DRM or Microtransactions.

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Hello. This game causes my whole system to crash. There is a lot of graphical glitches on the game when I play. The all of a sudden it crashes my whole system