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time to kick some butt!

Well, i gotta say that i am getting too far behind with games sitting in my drawer.....at the moment i have not finished a single game since when i have got the 360 almost 2 years ago...and the worst is that many sequels are out: assassin's creed, star wars force unleashed, fable and so on.

Hopefully I will be able to get some stuff done and clear some games, so i can finally get rid of them and pick new ones; so the top ones at the moment are fist of the north star and naruto ultimate ninja 2; with some excursion in albion here and there with fable 2 and some kick here and there with pro evolution soccer, and a race somewhere in the world with F1 2010 and forzq 3 .

weekends are dedicated to my other 2 babies: star trek online and lord of the rings online...trying to give them equal love; one day each, but it ends up being 2-3 hours during the night since everytime that i decide to sit down and play a bit i get some other side tasks....oh well :)

I promised myself to not buy more games for the next 2 months....let's see if i can keep up with my promise :P

crisis core mania......

Seems that i am not the only one to think that the new psp game based on Final Fantasy 7 is a real delusion...

Watching the review that XPlay made seems that very few people realized that this game is mediocre, and with a couple of good ideas (like leaving the dialogs in japanese and put the subtitle, instead of that idiotic dubbing), and if they would have a decent battle system, the game could be amazing like his predecessor.

Now the last hope is to see a remake of FF7, or wait that playstation store will put FF7 as downloadable version for the PSP, followed by the other PSX Final fantasy!