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Forgot about my gamespot birthday.

Well my gamespot birthday was a week ago.....celebrating my 5th year on the site....doesn't really feel like I've been here this long but I definitely miss my earlier years here....so many good memories.....oh and my real birthday was 2 days before my gamespot birthday.....18 baby. ;)

My Spring Break

As you may or may not have noticed I have been absent for 4 or 5 days. Well thats because I was on vacation with my family at Hocking Hills. It was pretty awesome since the cabin we stayed in was very nice. While I was there I was playing the heck out of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I unlocked all the characters and a little over 200 trophies. What did you guys do for your spring break?

Clutch Concert

So yeah I went to see Clutch in concert yesterday and it was awesome.....they sound great live which not a lot of bands can say.....I was also pleasantly surprised by the opening bands....The first was Hex Machine and they were a decent but nothing special...but Murder By Death was great and the Cello player Sarah Balliet is smoking hot which is an added bonus.....While I was their I got the Clutch touring T-Shirt which looks awesome....overall a great concert.

I just discovered how awesome Fight Club is

Awesome film here's my review: "An excellent film with a deep plot and a powerful message. I don't think I have ever watched a more iconic film then Fight Club that tells us how our society operates and how living a materialistic lifestyle is destructive. A lot of dark messages and a great performance by Brad Pitt as Tyler. Everyone must watch this powerful film by David Fincher." Rating: 5/5 Really if you haven't watched Fight Club yet you owe it to yourself to do so....while I'm at it I'll also post a review of another great film that I have recently watched American Psycho: "One of the best films I have seen. The twisted and insane plot fits Christian Bale's character well. Knowing that something like this could actually happen, probably not to this extent but something similar, makes it pretty damn creepy. Christian Bale does an excellent job playing an intellectual who struggles with a strong desire to kill. Amazing film. Rating: 5/5 And their you have it.....two great films that are must sees.

Recently Watched Films -- Horror Movies Galore Version

I stole this idea from MoonFoxx....hope you don't mind. :P Cannibal Holocust (Uncut Version)- The most violent, graphic, brutal, cruel, disturbing, shocking film I have ever seen. Outside of the controversy lies a great story and scenery with a powerful message that ties it all together. This is truely horror at its best. If you have the stomach to watch this then this is an essential film that you must watch at some point in your life to see the evil side of humanity that many of us forget exists. Rating: 5/5 Dawn Of The Dead (Original)- One of the worst horror films I have seen. Terrible plot, terrible supporting cast, and a lifeless atmosphere (pun intended). It moves at a very slow pace and even when it starts to pick up its still mediocre at best with large breaks in the action, normally this wouldn't be a bad thing for plot development purposes but since a decent plot is non-existent this is a very bad thing. The only redeeming quality is that the last 20 minutes are pretty good but I don't think that makes the film worth watching. Considered a classic but its one I didn't enjoy. Rating: 2/5 Day Of The Dead- A lot better then its predecessor Dawn Of The Dead. Not as much action as you would expect for a zombie horror film but this can be forgiven because the plot is excellent as are the characters (Bub being the the greatest zombie ever created). When the action does come its very satisfying with great gore effects. If you want a zombie film that focuses totally on the action with a non-existant plot then stay far away from Day of the Dead, but if you like a great plot with sparse but satisfying action then this is a great film to see by the genius George Romero. Rating: 4/5 Land Of The Dead- Romero took the same approach as Day Of The Dead but he misses the mark in this installment of the dead series. Both the plot and characters, which were excellent in Day Of The Dead, are below average. The idea of turning the zombies into a kind of "super" zombies was an interesting idea but it simply wasn't developed well enough making it superfluous. I love that Romero stuck with the formula of Day Of The Dead which was my favorite movie in the Dead series, but sadly Land Of The Dead is way too flawed to recommend. Hopefully Romero can improve on the next installment of this long lived series. Rating: 2.5/5 Candyman- Very creepy film that was hair-raising throughout. Candyman is a great character which makes up for the sub-par plot. Your not going to want to look in a mirror after watching this. Great film with a lot of good scares. Rating: 4.5/5

Profile makeover

I haven't made changes to my profile in a very long time and I had some time on my hands so I decided to give my profile a quick makeover to complete my Joy Division theme....tell me what you think.

20K posts

Yep I finally passed 20K posts....surprised I did because I stopped posting for quite some time when I had around 11K....but you can congratulate me here if you want since I'm not making a party thread.

Where is everyone?

Now I've been here for along time now....almost 4 years....and I have noticed that the gamespot community has been going on a slow and steady decline for years now....but it seems that it has taken a nose dive now....at first it was the lack of quality posters....but now its just the lack of posters period....I know the event of Jeff getting fired is part of the reason and now that Alex Navarro is leaving I expect even more to leave....but I don't know how much longer this place can last before it becomes a ghost town....what are your thoughts on the decline of the gamespot community?....can it ever get better again?
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