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Chrom? or even better, Lucina? Plox?

Or Ness, just so the earthbound fans can shut up.

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As much as I loved Triple Deluxe, don't pay more than $5 for this if it makes it stateside, folks. From the looks of it, it only looks to add a few things from the version packaged in with Triple Deluxe, and that was only a good distraction to the rest of the game.

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Playable tingle or GTFO.

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@gago-gago: Yes, the most successful playstation at lauch ever must be the last one. Get out of here.

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Let's be real guys. Adding pools would take months and thousands of additional animations. It's just too much of a workload.

And they need to save something for DLC.

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Yep. Game is either in the system or on the shelf in it's case. I'm a little less careful with handheld games, but those also aren't disks.

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@Blabadon said:

Ground Zeroes is the shit. Love this game.

As a way to hype up the real deal in Phantom Pain, it did it's job. Ground Zeroes is tight as fuck and it's goddamn tiny. Can't wait for MGSV proper.

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You know who owns a Wii U? Abraham Lincoln.

Does he look stupid with it? I think not.

You can't look stupid with a vampire skull in your hand.

That was a documentary, right?

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I'm not exactly in high school, desperately managing my hair in the hopes that i won't be a social outcast anymore. Who cares what one looks like?

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Right. Topic.

Smash for sure. Not sure if i'll maintain my Bayonetta preorder yet. probably will, but it's finding the time to play the damn game. P4AU will also be out, so....