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Am I actually contributing to the economy this way (Easy ?: Amazon.com related)?

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Hi, friends! Long time no speak!! :) I have a quick question...

To make this short: I buy a lot of things from Amazon.com. Usually music CDs. I know I'm doing good when I buy from Amazon directly...but when I buy something brand new but from a different seller on that site am I still doing my part in helping the economy a little? Like am I actually helping small businesses this way? I can never actually tell. 

OK. Here's my shortest blog ever...

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As I listen to Janet Jackson's "Control" album and look through reviews at Amazon I thought this: I know you all are gamers but what do you generally prefer: Like if you only had one choice would you rather have only music in the world or video games as far as entertainment? I love both but I find myself coming back to music a lot more than video games (at least these days).


So my pick's MUSIC. What about you? And why?

So a few things...

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...I'm back! I have been on this site on and off but I think I'll be coming around more often. I just dropped in to say that life is going good, I finally have a job as a dietary aide at a retirement home. I started on December 23rd (right before Christmas) and I basically serve people their meals, give them coffee, cater to their basic needs in the dining room, do dishes, take out trash and the like. It's actually the best fitting job I've had in a long time. I still need to find time to finish all of my duties in the day but other than that minor stress I'm doing well. I only make minimum wage but the checks are still very helpful. Now if my love life was half as exciting as my day job, I'd be set! :P:P:P But I guess I can't complain. I'm very thankful for my job and right now that's holding me up and then some. It's nice to have something else to fill up the days. :)

It'll be extra nice to hear from any of my friends on here too if you guys have the time. :D

Not that you care, but I'm back to post a blog. : D

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OK. So I know some people think that GameStop is t3h evil and they'd rather sell their soul than to work there, but I applied last night. There is one on the way to the next town and there's really nothing evil about making honest money. I've been without my own cash since March since I quit my last job and it's time to start working again since I'm bored to DEATH and X-Mas is right around the corner. If I don't get this job I will apply to be a stockman at a Walgreen's that is quite close to my house. I don't think I'd mind that job since at most they'd only have me as back up as a cashier. My last job was a cashiering job and with the issues I was dealing with at the time I wasn't exactly thrilled to continue it after working for 9 months. However, if I was to work at either of these jobs cashiering wouldn't necessarily be at the forefront at Walgreens and at least at Gamestop it'd be fine to think about games all day. Besides the fact that I would need a ride out to Gamestop, I don't think I could lose at either of these occupations all in all.

Comments welcome.

We've hit a calm...

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A friend is over. We are both weary in life. But for the moment, things are fine. He is asleep and I will follow suit soon. But first I had to blog about it. The fan blows on high, creating a relaxing atmosphere as I ready to slip into a deep slumber.

We talked about sex, life and touched on astrology.

he doesn't know that i desire to kiss and hold him. Not so much as a lover, but in lust. He's not the one for me but could be a cool pitstop. But that's just me.

Good night! :)

Birthday Blues?

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Well that title is a little peculiar because what birthday blues I had yesterday are gone. Now I'm just enjoying my morning with music and computer time, turning over the spotlight to my 12 year old cousin whose birthday is today.

And it's not to say that I didn't have blues on my birthday because it was mostly boring and I did a bit....but it wasn't a total loss. I am getting 100 dollars between my mom and my older brother and my younger brother gave me something to smoke on *wink*.

It was hard yesterday because everyone was saying happy birthday over Facebook and like only my younger brother came by. I only got like 3 phone calls this year. And I had to go to my aunt's...Anyway, the worst part of this is all because of this boy I've come to know. He was my first, real heartbreak. It all happened so fast and well...it's gotten to the point where half the time I'm near him I get a twisted up stomach and now I'm thinking we can't even be friends. But now I won't be spending a lot of the summer at his house like I had visions of doing. Gaming with my friend and this guy that I just happen to still love.

That was the hardest part. I still don't know what I'm going to do about it. It makes me crazy thinking I'd have to ultimately live without him in my life because he said no and all I really want is him. Most.

The Mutant Mudds 3DS demo reminds me of why I like games so, so much.

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This game is a 2D gamer's bliss. Literally! It is very fun and the music is quite great. I only have the demo right now but I can only hope to purchase the game off of the E-Shop one day because I want to experience the whole thing! You play as a geeky-looking boy who shoots, jumps and hovers for a bit to attack enemies and get through the various levels of the game. You collect "coins" for whatever purpose while you're in said levels. You can go from the foreground to the background by pressing up and B as long as you on on a special panel. You can do the opposite by pressing down and B. It's a pretty simple game but what fun it is. It inspires me to actually want to finish another game.

Welcome back to blogging, Darksongbird! (Well, hopefully. :^D)

I probably won't be writing too many more blogs for a while...

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No one seems to be interested in reading them anymore. I put some work into the last two and got no comments. Zilch!

On a somewhat lighter note though, I'm going out of town (to Buffalo) with my mom later when I get back up. You see, back in 2010, she had her thyroid taken out because there was some strange growths present. Needless to say, after all that and feeling much better after the first surgery and "thinking" they removed everything, a year and some months later another doctor found something again. So she is just gonna get it looked at for now. After, we plan to go to Red Lobster. I haven't been in over 7 years!

Twitter, here I come!

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So I up and went and made a Twitter account this early morning (1/19/2012). After so many years of thinking it wasn't gonna be worth it and that it was probably nothing more than merely having the pressure to update your status constantly and nothing more, I have to say that I like it. I don't have a lot of people following me yet and am only following about 7 people but so far so good. If you have a Twitter and want me to be your friend, I just might. Post your Twitter here.

By the way, work is also going good. However, I'm still having a problem with a co-worker--and it's gotten worse! She felt the need to disrespect me the other day and I'm not going for that. I really need to make this move and tell her that I don't like the way she treats me so it doesn't turn into blowing up of emotions one day all at once!

But yeah. That's just scratching the surface for now. But I felt I needed to write something here.

Twitter: Yellow_Splendor


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