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Yeah they might be testing it but the fact remains that he still thinks he has that kind of power. Saying "I'm a power sponge" suggests that he some how already knew he could absorb powers and use them himself where as before when he confesses (if you went that route) he said he "caught it from him(Hank)" showing that at the time he didn't think he could absorb powers.

Before going to the city he clearly states that they don't need Augustine to save the tribe, they just needed her powers. Now given that they have no reason to believe at that point that he can take her powers the simple fact that he saids that before even having a reason to believe he can do that the story line is messed up right then and there. Now I could believe he comes to believe he can absorb powers if he made that statement after finding Fetch and gaining some of her powers. But not before.

The story needed more thought put into from what I can tell. Even I can write a better story line and my stuff is pretty out there most of the time.

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As Delsin is getting ready to go after the DUP leader to make her undo what she did to his people Delsin stops and points out his ability to absorb other peoples powers.

How the hell would he know that at that point in the game? He's only done it once at that point and there for there should be no way for him to know that is what he is able to do. Sucker Punch really didn't think that bit through.

Other then that it was a great game and I'm just about to start the evil play through.

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Ok thanks! So I have no need to follow this game anymore. This game is now dead to me. ;)


Some games need a new hero/villain instead of following the same one over and over again.


Giving us a new face in Delsin and a new enemy in DUP allows the game to continue. If we got Cole for a fourth time (let's not forget Festival of Blood) the game could go stale. By bringing in new characters the game gets a new life that allows for us the players to experience things from a new view point. The base of the game is the same but by giving us Delsin and something new to fight it allows the game to grow. We need this change of pace if we are to conitue coming back for more. I for one am glad to see a new face staring in the Infamous games and am interested in where Delsin's story will take us and what choices he'll have to make along the way.

Also who will be his angel and devil on his shoulders? In Infamous 2 we had Kuo and Nix. Will Reggie, Delsin's brother be the angel? And if so, who's the devil?

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Kuo might've started out as the voice of good but let's not forget at the end of the second game she was trying to talk Cole into siding with the Beast were as Nix wanted to destory the Beast thus leading to the good ending even though all her choices were evil and Kuo's were good.

My thoughts on this are this. THIS GAME IS SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! I love everything I've seen about it so far and can not wait for it to come out!

Now for the only thing I hate. May 2014? I hate that! Having to wait till next year for this kick ass game when it's the whole reason I've pre ordered my PS4. I hope they change that date to something sooner or I'm going to have little reason to touch the new system for a long while.

Cole was cool but Delsin's fantastic!

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Thank you so much JavaTheDog. You were right it was the trainer I was using. Once I took off the one hit kill I had him running away with in a minute. So thank you so very much. I will make sure to try playing without the trainer should I get into this problem ever again.

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I am playing the PC version and am in the Order mission I think, I know this is my very first dreamrunner battle. Anyway I attack this guy till my hand starts hurting and yet he still doesn't go down! I land like maybe 70% of my hits on this guy and yet he won't die. I use all my weapons, plus demon and angel pull but he still keeps on grinning at me. And if this is important yes I am using the trainer but that's only because I am not use to playing such a game on my PC and I want to beat the game first then I shall try it with out the trainer. Yeah I know that is weird but whatever. Please someone tell me why I can't beat the Dreamrunner!

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I have Sims 3, pets, and Supernatural and have mods for it. But one day I noticed that the in game massages often would turn up blank with the three buttons. you know, the ones about do you want to learn now, later, or never. I thought nothing on that until I tried to click my sim and noticed nothing popped up. I tried clicking another sim and got the same thing. My game isn't slow and I have tried removing all my mods but it's gotten me no where. Do I have to uninstall and then reinstall or is there another way to fix this problem?

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Alright guys I downloaded Deus ex HR through a torret and as far as I know it has the latest patch in place but when I play it the game moves slowly. By that I mean the vid bits move normal but the parts where I'm in control are slow. I closed everything in the back ground yet this still happens to me. Ideas? Suggestions?

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Connor doesn't deserve the Assassin robes he's too much of an ingrate and a know it all. He annoyed me more than anything, and lacks what it takes to be an assassin...after what we saw Altair and Ezio go through


Um are you forgetting that Altair lost his rank and had to start climbing the assassin ranks because he thought himself BETTER then all the other assassins? And let's not forget that before seeing his father and brothers die Ezio was cocky as all hell. Altair only became the assassin you love because he was punished for his action and Ezio changed because he lost some of his family. Yes I will agree with you that Connor could've used a little more life breathed into him but he wasn't all bad. Besides guys he was a native american. Connor most likely never interacted with people outside his village so he won't have the social skills most do. Add to that the pain of losing his mother in a fire and his trust issuses. Though if you look back to before he trains you will noticed he does show his emotions better then he does after getting the robes.

Each assassin we've played showed at one point or another that they don't deserve the robes. But in the end they are only human like the rest of us and there for you have to expect them to have their flaws.

I am going to hear some heck for this aren't I?:roll:

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I just saw a vid for it and I nearly died laughing! Can you imagine what the Templars would think if they saw Conner charging at them with a turkey following close behind? I swear it's too cute to be theatening.

Here's the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTpYyeiummU

Watch it and just try to tell me that's not funny/cute.

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