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I took the most stupidest standardized test today.

Omg the New Jersey Pass test (the test everyone takes in NJ and has to pass to go to the next grade) this is the first time NJ had to take the Pass test (Before we took something else) and it is so retarded. You know it is supposed to say stop at the bottom of the page well it doesn't it kept on saying go on, go on, go on… It never said stop until the last page!!!! (Well commonsense there is nothing else to do!!!)

Since it never said stop everyone thought we had to do everything in 50 minutes. When I was on a question in the 40s, the teacher said stop and put your pencils down. (everyone started to put random answers for the multiple choice.) And after a 10-minute break, she then said we will now work on questions 15 through 24.

The whole class was like WTF!!! We had 50 minutes to do 14 questions.

Also, something else about the test we never learned half the things that were on it!!!

Lastly if you live in NJ tell me if this happen with your test

I got my Wii and it stinks!!!!!!!!!

I finally got it yesterday the 21st. I waited about two hours in line at Best Buy. I was #30 out of 51. I got a Wii mote and the last Nunchuck. (Everyone was right those do sell out fast.) 

And ya it stinks because I cant play it till my Birthday, its the 29 if your wondering. Im so excited to play it I feel like a 9 year old all over again waiting to get his new toys.

Edit: Now I cant play it in till my mid terms for school is over.

So how did you feel when you got your Wii???

I want my wiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to wit till Christmas to get my wii.

What games do you recommend besides Zelda???


Edit: I just found out I not getting a Wii anymore because it is to expensive.:cry:

Edit 2: I now got my Wii.

First days of high school

Man high school sucks I got lost in it like 7 time and I still cant make it to class on time. None of my friend are in my classes. And another hing is I saw this kid who looked exactly like me. and lastly i have been having really big stomach problems to make things worse

I love summer reading

All because of summer reading I had to go to the book store to buy a book then I told my brother if we can go to best buy which is right next to the store to buy a game an they had it.

out the 14 store Ive been to I finally found it

the list of stores I went to (in order)

1 toys r us

2 kb toys

3 best buy

4 blockbuster

5 cocunuts

6 foncoland (or wat ever its called)

7 eb games

8 circuit city

9 target

10 a different eb games

11 another kb toys

12 software something

13 fye

14 an other best buy and i finally found it (was the last one there too)

O ya the games was Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Wii will cause V.P.D

V.P.D (aka Video-game Playing Disorder) is a serious disease that everyone in the world can get. It is similar to Obesity this is were people can not stop eating so much but in this case were people can not stop playing video-games. so if u get the wii everyone will get this disease because u will be so addicted to the games u r playing. u will be wasting ur life playing games. Also it will lead to violence when ever u get depressed u will play video-games like with Obesity u will eat food. so when u r depressed u will want to play a game were u beat people up with weapons like a bat. while u r playing u might fight someone over wi-fi and u will brutally beat them up. then the next thing u no u r getting ur baseball bat a beating ur neighbor up.

but this is a good thing for fat people cause they will lose all there weight playing games

crazy 4th of july

well now i no wat i am doing im going to tell u some stuff. This 4th of july was the best ever even tho everything i did had nothing to do with america. Heres my story.

Scince I am italian i love soccer so i was watching the world cup italy vs germany. and italy won 2-0 in overtime. it was a grate game cause i thought they were going to go into penalty kicks and italy is very bad at it. so when they scored that 2ed goal i new it was over and they won. right after they won i went out side and everyone in town was in there car with italian flags cheering that italy r going to win the world cup. then later that night when we went to see fire works right before it started we usaly sing the natinal antome but instead everyone sang the italian one.


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