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Games that will flop update.

Mirrors Edge - Flopped
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Flopped
Wii Music - Flopped

How sad(not really, I didn't care about them...maybe TFU but of well).

I should update my list with more.

Edit: In fact, I will.

Killzone 2
The Conduit

Game that will flop.

I have a pretty good sense of which games will suck and which will be awesome.

I've predicted Motorstorm, Lair, Haze, Sonic, Assassins Creed(yeah, it got 9,0 but...come on) and almost every other game people have hyped I thought would flop. So I thought I'd make a list of upcoming games here and lets see how I go.

My lastest 2 have been Haze and Too Human. My next ones are...

Killzone 2
The Conduit
Mirrors Edge
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed(To be honest I'm hoping it'll be awesome but I still say 7.0ish)
Wii Music

EDIT: First review for Star Wars is 7.5. I guess I was right.

The Elder Scrolls Fans Union

If anyone if an Elder Scrolls fan join up! I don't normally blog about unions but this is really the first good one I've been in.

This union is surprisingly active and has already got 139 members in 2 weeks so join up if you want and have fun. :)

Also I haven't really been blogging much because...there really isn't anything to say just yet. When there is I'll be back though!

I'm back!

Hi all i'm back from my holiday. :)

It was great fun we did heaps of stuff. :)

Sadly when I came back I found my computer filled with viruses because of my idiot sister.:evil:
I'm not sure if i've fully fixed it yet but I think it's ok.

So whats been going on here? I hear greg left which is a damn shame seeing as he was one of the best reviews.

Away on holiday

Just to say I won't be on for the next 6 days because i'm going to Canberra and staying with a few friends. We've planned all this stuff so it should be great but I probably won't be posting on GS.

I hope I don't miss to much when i'm away but 6 days in the computer world is about 5 lifetimes. :P

Anyway i'll see you in 6 days so until then cya! :)

Happy new year!

Thank god it's over. I just hope 2007 isn't as bad because 2006 has been by far the worst year i've ever had.

So I guess all that's left to say is...HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

Is god toying with me?!

Seriously this is getting crazy.

First I really really want a 360 for christmas but can't afford it, then I see a guy selling his 360 on another forum for a really good deal so I grab it. Then I find out he gave it to another member because he was to lazy to post it.

A week later I see the other guy never picked it up so I get a pm saying I can buy it again. "Awesome" I think. So I pm him back with my details...1 day passes no reply...2 days pass and no reply...then I look on the forum again. The other guy got the 360! He ended up getting it after I twice confirmed and finished the sale. Didn't even get a "sorry the other guy got it in the end" I was just ignored.
At this point I was almost out of time to get another xmas present but all I really wanted was a 360. Everywhere I looked 360 ads were plasted everywhere, even more than wii ads. It was annoying and depressing.

Just now I get another pm from an editor of an Australia xbox website saying he saw my thread and saw ow I was ripped off and felt sorry so he linked me to a deal. It was a 360 for $450(RRP is $600) and it was only used for 4 hours because they got it for some comp or something and now its over and is just sitting there packed away. I must get this!

So the quick version.
I got the 360
Lost it
Got it again
Lost it again
Now have a chance to get it again.

Is god toying with me because am agnostic or something? Playing some human yo-yo? Come on god i've been good this year...err...well sort of...well err...good enough I guess. Better than most!

Wait why I am talking to god in a gamespot blog?
I think this 360 crap is making me go crazy... :?

A Christmas miracle!

You know that 360 I was going to get but the idiot who was selling it gave it to someone else? I thought to myself "Great now i'll have nothing for christmas, it'll have to be a christmas miracle to get a 360 now"
Turns out that someone else can't get it anymore and it's mine! :D

Still I'm kinda pissed I almost missed out on it and now I probably won't get it before christmas...but still I am getting it and thats awesome. I really want to play gears of war, dead rising, saints row(all which i'm getting), mass effect and err well i'm not sure theres so many games but after this i'm stone 150% broke(No really i'm going into a debt I can't pay so I need a job ASAP).
I also won't be getting a PC upgrade for a loooooooooong time. I wanna get a nice HDTV next year too.

Lets just hope I do get it and no other annoying suprises come up.
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