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Happy Holidays! It's Been Awhile.


Geez. Almost a month without a blog? That's not like me !

I know it's a little late, but Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever you will to all my friends out there. I hope you all got some wicked gifts! I personally nabbed Rock Band 2 which I was and still am extatic about! I have taken to the drums far quicker than I imagined :P

I haven't blogged or posted on Gamespot pretty much since my last blog, thus leading to a load of gaming instead! I've been using my 360 a lot more than my Wii lately, since my last blog I've gardened my way through most of Viva Pinata which I was strangely addicted to for awhile :lol:. Shot my way through Gears of War 2, online and off. Borrowed The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from a friend (which I have yet to return :P), fried my brain with Braid, got creative with Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and finaly rocked out with Rock Band 2! Phew!

Out of all of them, Gears of War 2 recieved most of my attention. The single-player was rather epic with hardly any dull moments, too bad the same can't be said about the multi-player. Sure it can be a great laugh with friends and the like, but constant laggy matches, game-ruining gltiches and quitters just lower the bar. These issues haven't swayed me from Gears completely though, but honestly, the game is starting to lose attention. Oh, and I have racked up 26,000 kills for Seriously 2.0 ;) :P

You've probably noticed that I've chnaged my Gamertag to x RetroRob x from CaptainBurnardo. Feel free to add me if you wish! :) I've also been quite the achievement whore surpasing the 10K GS mark in only 4/5 months or so!

I've probably left out a lot of stuff and hopefully I will be able to blog about everything in the future if I can keep posting on here again! I plan on doing some exciting stuff in the new year, as to what that is, or if I will bother my behind to do it, you will have to wait and see ;)


Gears 2 Limited Edition [PICS]

Here's the pics I promised.

Gears 2 Box

There she is, in all her beauty! Lets spin it around...

Gears 2 Back

"You're Going To Be Blown Away!", such a true quote. Now for the goods inside...


This booklets contains a bunch of in-game info and some history of the characters and Locust horde. 


Here's a look at one the pages inside the booklet.


This photograph of Dom and his Wife was lying around isn't the book. Pretty schweet.


And here is the snazzy box containing the main goods. Open it up and....


...And there she is. The game disk and the behind the scenes bonus disk. Along side my flashback, 48-Hour Trial and Golden Lancer codes! Uber noice! 

New Account? Lolwut?

Hey ya'll. I've been thinking, this account is awesome and all with my schweet high stats and what have ya; but the username and some of my posting history is pretty darn crappy.


I may possibly move to this account. Nice, huh?

What do you think?

Also. Gears 2 is addictive.

Bigger, Better and more Badass?


Looks like Cliff got it right on the spot!

Epic has taken everything from Gears, made some tweaks to tighten things up, added some very welcome game modes online, dressed up the graphics and delivered a far better story than the first.

I can't describe how amazing fun Gears 2 is to play! I haven't ventured online yet, but the campaign out-weighs Gears 1 by a mile so far. You jump right into the action with guns blazing and chainsaws revving.

Every 360 owner needs to play this game.

Hope Runs Deep


In 5 Days.

I've been playing the original online for the past week, having a blast and getting a group together to go crazy online with when Gears 2 comes out. Will be a blast, can not wait. Mental that it's so close.

Eternal Sonata - 1000/1000GS


Another 1000 points? Awesome.Well, not quite 1000 in one go.

Before Fable II fell into my hands, I had been concentrating on Eternal Sonata, now that I have finished up with Fable II (yet I will continue to play it for some side-quests), I had some time to get those last achievements.

I didn't struggle much, aside from Chapter 4 on "Encore" Mode which makes the game twice as hard.

Overall, Eternal Sonata is a unique and fun RPG to play, but battles can feel a tad repetitive. Until you learn to use Harmony Chains, then things get interesting. Too bad his isn't until the latter half of the game.

-100% Achievement Games-

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Fable II
Eternal Sonata

Fable 2 - 1000/1000GS


All 50 Achievements are mine.

Gosh, I'm rather addicted to Fable. I must admit that I did get a little help with the achievements :P If anyone would like some help, please do ask, and if you haven't already picked up Fable, you better have a jolly good excuse as to why not!

Now to add it to my achievement compleation list!

-100% Achievement Games-

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Fable 2