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Mini King of Fighters XII review

The King of Fighters series has been a great game to those whose are into the old school fighters. In this release, a well developed fighting engine has been introduced using the Guard Attack, Clash System and Critical Combo. Although this installment doesn't have a large roster like it's precedents, XII has a unique selection of martial arts styles clashing as well as characters; a great deal of art detail has been applied to all of the characters to make players understand the personality and weight of the character they fight with. Under the hands of a new and ambitious SNK President and publisher, future releases will be anticipated by veterans and hopefully the new generation.

Over and out

King of Fighters XII and Corrupted Data

Today marks the begining of the KoF franchise, as we see that SNK is saving our beloved 2D style fighting games. Hopefully people in the US will know more about KoF and add it to their top plays along with Street Fighter.

Other than just news on KoF is a podcast that talks about video games, web comics, movies, anime, manga and so much more (esp. random and corrupt moments). Please click on the link and proceed to this growing podcast for your entertainment needs.


King of Fighters XI Tournament at Anime Festival 2007

Saturday, December 8th this year; there was a King of Fighters XI at the Anime Festival in NYC. Fighters, including myself have participated and had an amazing first battle. It was a close match, my opponent and I were both low in health and we were down to our last characters; I had Iori as my opponent had Kula. As Kula was preforming a Desperation Move, I quickly followed up on a Desperation Move myself as Iori. Everyone screamed at that point to see that Iori was the victor with Maiden Masher. I fought for third, but I ended up fourth. Reason being the fact that Leona wasn't in XI. Since I'm only decent with Kyo and Iori, I could barely get by the rest of the fights. I would have won the tournament if I had Leona.

King of Fighters: Live-Action Movie

According to Asian Movie News, Gordon Chan will be directing 'The King of Fighters' Movie starting 2008. Although his 2003 movie 'The Medallion' with Jackie Chan wasn't exactly Grade A material, the movie was decent. Hopefully, Gordon's directing ability has improved since then; we don't want suffer from another disaster. Remember the Live-Action 'Street Fighter' Movie directed by Steven E. de Souza in 1994? How about 'Dead or Alive' directed by Corey Yuen just recently in 2006? Both of them were dreadfully atrocious, absolutely disgraceful and definitely a load of bull. Only John R. Leonetti's 1997 'Mortal Kombat' has (so far) been the best movie for the Fighting-Game genre. If such a thing like that happened in history, then there is a chance for this next Fighting-Game based movie to be a great success.

What I'm looking for in 'The King of Fighters' Movie:

1. The story plot.

Good: Involves the entire story of King of Fighters between 1995 and 1997. Involving the Orochi Saga only, no NESTS saga.


Bad: Begins with the final battle of the King of Fighters 1997 tournament, somehow tell the story of NESTS, the Kyo Clones and focus on the rivalry between Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. (Trying to explain everything in one movie is impossible and an incredibly stupid thing to attempt.)

2. Actors and actresses that actually look like the characters.

3. Precision acting; after Gordon finds his cast, he has to make sure that those actors and actresses act like the characters in the game (minus the cruddy winquotes).

Any comments? Feel free to add on to the list.

The King of Fighters Series

Seems like people aren't getting the hint that King of Fighters is a lot more interesting than it seems. Apparently those who have reviewed the King of Fighters games so far didn't even give it a chance. I guess it's because they don't know how to win any fighting games without button smashing like in Mortal Combat, Tekken or Soul Caliber. It can also be that they are just ignorant and too busy with the more well known games in the United States. The United States is always like that. Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America knows which games are the best. King of Fighters is definitely on their list. I'll be giving in the real reviews for Fighting Games and acknowledging the games that needs to be recognized.