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Top Favorite Game Songs

Games are not only known for their concept, game play & graphics, but also for their music. I've heard some out of tons of great game music, but I have my own collection of favorites. I picked some songs & music out of my favorite soundtracks. Well I chose them out of my preferences & I feel like telling you what I love to listen. Without further ado, in no particular order: Final Fantasy OST (almost all by Uematsu Nobuo)  Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII) Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy VII) Don't be Afraid (Final Fantasy VIII) To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) Suteki Da Ne (Final Fantasy X) Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX) One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII) Final Fantasy Main Theme (Final Fantasy) Those Who Fight Further (Final Fantasy VII) Chocobo theme Tifa's Theme (Final Fantasy VII) Fragment of Memories (Final Fantasy VIII) Eyes on Me (Final Fantasy VIII) Redemption (Dirge of Cerberus) Final Fantasy VII Main Theme Ending Theme (Final Fantasy VIII) Ending Theme (Final Fantasy X) Real Emotion (Final Fantasy X-2) 1000 Words (Final Fantasy X-2) Battle Theme (Final Fantasy XIII) Kimi ga Iru Kara (Final Fantasy XIII) Yakusoku no Basho E (Final Fantasy XIII) Kingdoms Hearts (obviously only one song)  Hikari - Utada Hikaru Chrono Cross (also one)  Time's Scar Assassin's Creed OST (haven't checked out AC 3 OST & I really don't remember AC: R's OST)  Spirit of Damascus (Assassin's Creed) Earth (Assassin's Creed II) Venice Rooftops (Assassin's Creed II) Ezio's Family (Assassin's Creed II) City of Rome (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) The Brotherhood Escapes (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) Ragnarok (old one)  Theme of Morroc Theme of Prontera Aion Online  Magma & Beast Forgotten Sorrow Guild Wars 2 (only one)  Fear Not This Night Granado Espada OST  Granado Espada Barracks Old Speckled Reel Waltz for Family Beyond Hope M..I.S.A. Aria de Coimbra Rosa Rosado Temptation Siren's Scent Amaranth die Fuge Narcissus Violin of the Death Oporto Partita Agujero Immundo Esa Promesa Voyage to You Involute Notorious 1380 La Vistazo Rio Tranquila Rapal Flamengo Fighters Mother Batista Helios Tears of a Witch Blanco del Ojos Photo references: http://piratesot7sounds.blogspot.com/2010/03/nobuo-uematsu-final-fantasy-i.html http://www.ost-center.fr/ost/jeu-video/kingdom-hearts-ost-complete-box-2474.html http://www.last.fm/music/Yasunori+Mitsuda+(Chrono+Cross+OST) http://vgtunes.blogspot.com/2012/01/assassins-creed-soundtrack.html http://www.originalsoundversion.com/holiday-buyers-guide-2008/ http://eklyricos.blogspot.com/2011/04/yozoh-forgotten-sorrow-aion-ost.html http://www.destructoid.com/note-worthy-006-last-story-secret-of-mana-guild-wars-2-234908.phtml http://simplecd.me/entry/8d0TdJ2e/ So far, I've only listed what I remember as my favorites. I hope this should be longer as time passes. I've yet to hear more awesome game OSTs.

Swords vs. Guns - GunZ: The Duel Review

GunZ: The Duel Publisher: MAIET Entertainment Website: http://gunz.aeriagames.com/ Status: Free to Play Genre: MMO, third-person shooter, action Game play Rating: [4/5] Graphics Rating: [3.5/5]  GunZ Online is a free to play third-person multiplayer developed by MAIET Entertainment but changed management in early 2012 to Aeria Games. Compared to other typical third-person shooter games, this lets players do gravity-defying moves that are similar to some popular video games like Devil May Cry. Game play Rating: [4/5] The game play has a striking resemblance to Devil May Cry & Max Payne, except that players have to kill other players to gain points & level up.  Players can do gravity-defying stunts like wall-running, flips, tumbling & blocking bullets with the use of swords. The whole game play itself immerses players as if they're in an action movie.     The Quest mode requires a group consists of 4 players, go through maps for a certain number of stages, kill a significant amount of creatures. The quest will end if all players are killed or once all the stages are complete.  Graphics Rating: [3.5/5] The graphics in GunZ emphasizes the wreckage of some maps; there are always debris & cracks. It's as if the players are immersed in the world of gang wars only that the opposing themes defy the laws of physics. The characters' moves are executed flawlessly & flashy, as well as emphasizing the 'badass' image.   Conclusion It was a good experience for me to play this game, although it's not my type of game. I also find inspirations for my drawings due to the uniqueness of each character moves. I recommend this game if you wish to have a Hunger-Games mixed with Matrix-style inspired battle.  Picture References: [URL]http://guide2games.org/2008-reviews/614/gunz-the-duel/[]URL] http://www.newgameway.com/shownews.php?cid=1&id=62 http://photo.mmosite.com/gunz/picfile/2007-05-21/1179804023602535.shtml http://grandfiles.com/games/action/gunz-the-duel/ http://www.gameogre.com/reviewdirectory/reviews/GunZ.php http://forums.konoha-village.com/showthread.php/627-Gunz-The-Duel http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=398782 http://www.gamingclimax.com/mmorpg/gunz-the-second-duel/

Luminary October Updates

This Halloween, meet the two newest additional items that will give you great treats & light as you continue your journey in Luminary! Meet the Valor Wisp! The Guardian Spirit that will help lead you through the night and ward off evil that lurks in the darkness!  Want to try your luck? Players are now given another chance to redeem rares they had missed by giving the Deus Box a try!  Feel free to visit this link for more details: http://bit.ly/UO5le2

Luminary October Events Week 2

Luminary has prepared some events for this month of horror & creepy stuff! Better stay tuned for the random daily events! Daily Events QuizQuiz - Answer the questions correctly & be rewarded! Find the Cherries - Have a gift of good luck? Or just good in finding stuff? Give this event a try! Bring Me - Got the items wanted by the GMs? Are you the fast enough? Best hurry to join this event! Weekend Events Boss Summoning - prepare yourselves for a frightful pre-Halloween fight! Battle of the Sexes - Time to push yourselves to the limits! Who will win in this endless battle of superiority? For aspiring GoonZus! Here's your chance to become one! GoonZu Season 25 Schedule: October 11, 2012 PDT (Thurs) - October 16, 2012 PDT (Tue): Campaign and registration October 17, 2012 - October 23, 2012 (Tue): Voting period October 24, 2012 PDT (Wed): Announcement of GoonZu Feel free to visit this link for more details: http://bit.ly/R0f1P5

Matsuri Week at Luminary Online!

Bring out the firecrackers and cotton candy this week because Luminary is going to celebrate the summer season in Japanese Festival style!  This week's Japanese summer festival will not be complete without this Summer Matsuri outfit & accessories! Feel the Japanese summer festivity come alive! This weekend's highlight would be.... GOON ZU WEEKEND! Rest & prepare yourselves for this exciting and fun weekend everyone! For more details, feel free to visit these links: http://bit.ly/QgirtQ http://bit.ly/SQp0WX Happy Gaming everyone!

Luminary - Rise of the Goonzu April Updates

Luminary - Rise of the Goonzu has just added their game updates for the month of April! For more information, please visit this link: http://luminary.ndoorsgames.com/center/news/Newsletter_view.asp?menu=&board_seq=104&page=1&list_seq=17048