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Got the New PS3 Slim, w00t! ....but now what?

I got the new PS3 Slim, as it title implies it's "slim" and looks very nice. Not like a countertop grill anymore, maybe a waffle press? idk..in any case I'm sorely disapointed with it. For the most part it is my fault that I didn't check into that the PS3 Slim doesn't have PS2 backwords compatiblility, but it does have PS1. wtf?! Or so I was told. I havn't yet tried putting a PS2 game in myself to try, but oh well. I'm sure they're probaly right. I just don't know why.

I sold my PS2 to sonystyle in terms of credit, b/c they reccomeded it for the refurbishing program, but why refirbish that when you are just getting something that doesn't do the job for you? I'd get it if it was a regular PS3 and it had the backwords compatibility or if it were microsoft and they did it for the xbox in that respect, b/c you are getting the same function you had w/o the relic you don't want, and some savings towards what you do. Seems great, but wait I got screwed. F***

I guess I have to use my PC if I ever want to go back to playing PS2 games. Now I have to buy a PS2 usb adaptor. Screw you sony. *sighs* that being said, any reccomeded games?I just beat Uncharted 1, and have 2. I'm going to get Ratchet and Clank: ToD and hold off on CiT. I'll probaly get heavy rain when it comes out, and I'd like to try and play infamous, b/c I hear it's good, but I'd like to try and shy away from the A/A category. As for something like littlebigplanet, it's not really my "cup of tea". I want some good, obscure PS3 esclusive titles, any help?

What are you looking foward to in Q4?

It seems to be a realm of sequels for me. I've fully pre-ordered 2 games so far. I only paid $40 out of pocket for both Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition+ Halo: ODST. The rest was discounted and credit. Go me, CAG4Life. Saved myself a bundle....now to buy the rest. ugh...


1. Modern Warfare 2

Prestige Edition

2. Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2

3. Halo:ODST


4. Assasin's Creed 2


5. Left4Dead 2


6. Mass Effect 2


>.< Q4 always makes me poor.

A Ruined Legacy

As I and many others have been waiting for the relase of a new KOTOR title. It's been dreaded that it would become a mmo, and now by various sources it's been "confirmed". Yet why would a such great series be put down just by a switch of genre? Well the simple fact is that the storyline of MMOs are generally progressed by the players and their actions, not by the world created by the developers themselves. Therefore a more realistic world created by the players in a MMO will take away from the storyline from the original series. Leaving a much different experience than the last 2 titles.

Now for better or worse the series will seemingly become an MMO. This has been said here by editors on Gamespot, Game Informer, and other news sources. Now for all the talk that will continously be sturn around by the slight news of a speculitive source. There has yet to be any footage, screens, or other information reletive to this game. Leaving the area of development to progress. Perhaps they'll listen to what needs to be done, but most likely not considering that they now are going to be in "finalizing stages" of development, considering that the talk has provoked intrest and hype pressuring a release date.

What i'm curious is how much development there is going to be put into the new MMO if that is truly what it'll be in the somewhat near future. It could be as bleak as EVE where essentially the players run the entire game and the story and other such highlighted developments of offline console games would be set in a slump.

Still nonetheless there is the appeal of the MMO, where new players and long time fans of star wars VG titles will collaberate together massively online. still the success of such star wars titles have been demolished by preivous titles like: Star Wars Galaxies where the development stages in the release of the game where wretchedly thrown out of balence and in turn ruined the game for many players.

The question is will the success of the KOTOR series depend on luck of the success in the transition of genres? In my opinion, i wouldn't want to risk ruch a successful series, but rather enhance the development of the console brand by making due on such disapointments like the Sith Lords. (Good game, but lacking)

Much needed updates( Downgraded PS3 and MS 360 revisions)

there's still no word on the upgraded 360's (65nm processor chips being intergraded with a new mother board) arriving in December, but it seems that Sony is making a huge comeback if no one else has noticed.

Here's some Links:




There are many rumors about the Playstation 3 40 gig model, but here's what's almost solid. The best buy leek has revealed that the 40 gig model is to arrive Oct. 28th 2007, the GS article has is pointed as early as the 10th, but that's a little doubtful. For $400, a PS5(40 gig) and a copy of Spiderman 3, sure seems the bang for your buck. Well there's a little more to it than a smaller hard drive.

To get the small rumors out of the way the downgraded PS3 will not support wi-fi, will have no card reader and will only come equipped with 2 USB ports. These are minor things that most gamers can live without.

Sony's attempt at the Multi-Media Console seems to have failed. Some believed that during the supposed course of this progress that modern consoles would eliminate themselbes from the market by beconing so much like a PC. To many the add-ons and plug-ins of the supposed wave of the future are unnessary, and in my personal opinion, they are on that massive scale. Yet the pieces do not all fall into place , why would a course so little affect so much of the Market shceme (after all at some point in time Sony saw that they were heading in the wrong direction: overpriced consoles, no rumble feature, no games{that's still is an issue), and an over excessive console), and how would a price drop so massive to sony happen in such a small change.

There are many different stories about how this could turn out, first of all. When I noticed this long ago in some news article I long forget, a story of a downgraded PS3 fell into place, this article touched the aspect of massive cruelty. No backwords compatibility.

For something that is already intergrated into the chipset of the PS3, and remove it for downgrading purposes, sends a strong message: For those who are froogle and sly, you shall receive your comeuppance. However rumors are rumors and are not factual until there's an official source that confirms them(argue with me later on that deifinition if you'd like, but please pay attemtion). However sony and MS seem reluctant to show this confirmation, so that they hope they still have an upper hand in the release. It's always been this way and people have been left to ponder the possibilities.

Edit: It has been confirmed however that there will be no backwords compatibility.


The next aspectof the downgrade came from a comment I read and an idea that had been floating around in my head. The comment read various aspects, but the most peculiar is the part where the downgraded PS3, like the 360 core, will not come with a HDMI port.

For those of you that aren't exactly technically savy

-the HDMI port provides a digital picture in the higheset resolution possible, 1080p. The only known consumer products that provide this can be separated into small sects, but the most common is Bluray and HD-DVD, the xbox 360 already uses this in an external device and the PS3 (in bluray) for its DVD player,

The peculiar aspect of this rumor is that without an HDMI port how is the supposed to provide a digital picture for blueray. Which leads me to the question, in this downgraded model is it possible, is it even fisable to conceive that the bluray player could be removed as a cost cutting measure. I will once again stat that rumors are rumors and nothing more, until fact/or truth is provided, but as food for thought, think of it thousands of consoles without the most expensive DVD player in the world. Sony could definityly make a serious move with this, and I feel uneasy about some of these downgrades, along with the fact of sony's limited game market.

The downgraded Sony PS3 worth it or not, you decide.

Got my Coffin today

As many a frustrated person deals with a incomprehensible indian person over the phone for hours on end. The eventful day comes, to ship off their Xbox 360's in a cardboard coffin. Then waituntill they send back some one elses 360. While yourscollects dust in the graveyard.First it's a month then days and weeks and even months fall off the calender as you continue to send it back for repair.

3 rings

I'm really starting to tire of this, and the realkicker is that, the new 65nm chip that is supposed to come in this winter is unlabled. Which means that there is no possible way to check that your 360 is to have the updated motherboard. Unless you do a bit of your own tracking as to check wheather you'd use the warrrenty as much, but then that voids the warrenty in and of itself,

Sick of waiting for Games

As Unreal Tournament 3 is slowly pushed back again, I begin to realize all the games that have lined up for the Holiday and those that I have to wait for next year. For the holiday line up so much is coming but is yet still months away. Mass Effect (Sept 27th), , Halo 3(Sept.25th), Assasin's Creed (Nov.), Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock (Nov.28th), SSBB (Dec.3rd) Fire Emblem (Nov. 5th),Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (Nov.), The Orange Box(Oct.9th), etc. At least Bioshock(Aug.21st) and MP3(Aug.27th) is coming out soon so it will at least tide me over, but what really gets me is how many games are being pushed back into 2008; Force Unleashed(Q2), MGS4:GoP (Q1), Mario cart (Q1),Soul Caliber 4, Tales of Symphonia (Release is Spring as planned, just can't stand to wait), etc. There are sometimes where a game absolutely has to be prolonged for last minute fixes, but these line-ups are too much. It seems that all the publishers get together and plot each quarter for their games (most of the popular ones anyways, there are those who defy the order and come out when ever they are ready). I'll get the 360 Elite just in time for the Holiday line-up or wait if a bundle or price drop is officially announced (highly unlikely), but I waited this long, I might as well know that I didn't buy it just before a price drop or something like that.

Xbox 360 Trilogy Console Overview

All of the 3 consoles contain these schematics. The 360 is powered by custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU with three symmetrical cores each running at 3.2 GHz. It also carries a custom ATI graphics processor with 10 MB of embedded DRAM. This is powerful enough to draw 500 million triangles per second. So the high definition will take effect in 480p,720p, and 1080i. The unit has a 12x dual-layer DVD-ROM drive, which plays both the game media and progressive-scan DVD movies right out of the box (the optional Media Remote is sold separately). For game-save and media storage, users can use the 20GB hard drive. Along with storing files, the hard drive will make the Xbox 360 backward-compatible with part of the existing Xbox game library.

During the launch of the 360 you had two preferences towards your 360 there was the core and then there was the Platinum edition. For those who bought the core, standards were at the maximum limitation. The core package includes a 360 without the hard drive, 1 wired controller, 1 composite cable, and the DVD tray isn't chrome plated. At a current cost, the core is $337.40 For much less that who was the casual player mostly bought this console. For what reason would the hard drive suit causality. Now mostly all early editions of the 360 (Core and Platinum both, mostly core though) contained the glitch, but the core was most likely to fall. As it was then, it still is today, now with the ever present "red ring of death" (or just 3 ring), taking the 360 to the depths of Oblivion, the core is closest to the verge. The purchase of the Core will not provide superior performance without modification. A little work can suit the core fine with a little work put into it, but if driven past a certain point, the Core can and will reach the verge of Oblivion. There just a tap can throw the Core down, most gamers are better off buying the platinum, but there will always be someone who will take their chances and try it.

The Platinum edition features a 20 gig hard drive, with a set partition for virtual memory. It also comes with a wireless controller and a headset. All at a cost of $399. The platinum offers more software updates and OS features with the allocated space on its hard drive. This better suited the hardcore gamer of the launch, but left lacking overtime as glitches and bugs began to appear after time. (As the 2nd phase of major glitches began to appear, the platinum not excluded) Thus a new installment was needed, the Elite made the fourth in the family tree for the Xbox, but made the trilogy in the 360.

The three main features of the 360 elite pertain to the hard drive, casing, and the new NDME supported interface (along with some minor patches to the firmware). The Elite is currently priced at $479.To this extent the 360 doesn't show any real change in the market, and provides no real new hype. The fine black exterior is no real news, cases can be bought and easily installed and to a much more variety by third parties. (Such as [H] Console and decal girl). The larger hard drive does suit the players who use what little they have on their 20 gig hard drives (i.e. the hard drives of the platinum 360s who already have space allocated for other such reasons that many aren't aware of [most likely for use of virtual memory]) Although media and other such data can be streamed form the pc without having to specialize a hard drive to meet the 360s standards. And finally the 3rd feature the HDMI interface with an output of 1080p is essentially useless, for the reason of no game ever heard of is compatible with a 1080 progressive scan. So is the elite worth your hundred dollars, for a fan boy it just might be. Although with the updates that just about anyone can make, per their desires, is it worth it for Microsoft to tell you that your 360 platinum or core is obsolete. In my opinion only will a price drop of the 360 be adequate, but with Sony's fake out of the PS3 price drop their will be no such thing for maybe another year or so.

Give a salute to Knights of the Old Republic

As many a fan spend their time pondering what KOTOR 3 might be like, they do not spend the time to simply look at the news and the developers. In the beginning of KOTOR Bioware and Lucas Arts spearheaded Knights of the old Republic. A revolution of RPG games to starwars as Battlefront was to FPS. Then as growing intrest continued Lucas Arts and Obisidon took on KOTOR 2 The Sith Lords, but today the growing intrest is showing no sign of supplication. As Bioware and Obisidan seemed to have taken different path. Bioware seems to have made KOTOR into a FPS and if fans had any hope of them continuing, it was completly shot down when Gamespot news reported that Bioware had taken the lead in the development of Sonic:Boom. Lucas Arts, as if their idea for KOTOR was taken or just not good enough decided to launch the new title of Force Unleashed. All of which have parts of the like for KOTOR, but it is not the same. So if anyone had any hope, even with obisidon(Who has long since been recently acknowadged), Obisidon could never make the same KORTOR without Lucas Arts (Funding and the fact that anything with a "Lightsaber" cannot be produced without title from Lucas Arts). So all you original Knights of the Old Republic give a saulte to KOTOR, for unless for some chance of Godly intervention, KOTOR as you know it is now dead.

EDIT: W00ps this tell tale prophesy is completely wrong. Godly intervention has occured I guess, but as K3 is as it is now, there's not much hope imo. *shakes head* oh well, I'd still probaly play it, even as a mmo.