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Devilish gaming

Motorstorm's second race weekend is out "The Devils Weekend" It costs £3.99 which is a bit much but its worth it. For your money you get 9 new races (just as in coyote weekend) and some new cars. Including the school bus yes its finally arrived! But the main new thing is of course the new track: Devil's Crossing. Its based loosly on Dust Devil but despite that its entirely different. There are elevated track sections, 270 degree turns on steep banks and shortcuts through crashed aeroplanes but the big new thing is the crossings. As in most motorstorm tracks there are multiple routes and on this track they cross over on narrow elevated crossroads and this is motorstorm chaos at its finest! It is unquestionably one of the best tracks on motorstorm. The next update will be eagle's weekend and there's guarenteed to be at least one after that. Stuntman has finally arrived. If you liked the first you'll love the second. It's got better stunt constructor, more cars, more stunts, online mode and loads more. But there are 2 huge problems. First the stunts and nearly as amazing as on the last game. You still drive into helicopters and jump over canyons but they're just not quite as huge. The second and most important is its just so easy it took me very little time at all to complete but it is a great game.

Motorstorm update and stuff

the new motorstorm update is out and its pretty sweet. the new track is one of the very best tracks on the game and there's plenty of fun in the new race tickets. 9 races to keep you busy. The new vehicles aren't that spectacular i heard talk of a school bus but i can't find it. The eliminator mode for the online play is great. Its not exactly original but its good to have a change from just plain racing. I've also got a new whole game virtua tennis 3. Its good and better than all the other tennis games but its so easy and has alot more to give. And finally im really pissed off that stuntman ignition has been delayed for those of us who happen to be european Playstation three owners.

Playstation digital?

quite a while ago i posted about the PS3 having a digital TV function, but now it could really be true! A sony executive in new zealand said that the PS3 could receive digital TV (such as freeview etc) by march next year! if that ain't sweet i don't know what is

Arcade classics

finally arcade classics are available on the playstation network in the uk, its great although if the graphics have been revamped they must have been truly horrifying on the original game. i downloaded crash bandicoot and i gotta say its pretty good, obviously its not a scratch on some of the more recent ones, but its still a great game that kicked off one of the best game series's in playstation history. maybe they should put more recent games up there to from the PS2 maybe they will but for now i hope the great classics keep coming

Motorstorm update

The motorstorm update was originally scheduled for the middle of May, then it was delayed until June 7th then they had a server malfunction and it was supposed to come out on the 11th but i still can't find it in the PSS or online on motorstorm itself. Does anyone no why its been delayed again cos ive been looking forward to it for weeks

Generous Sony

After signing up for the playstation network I (as Sony promised) got a free copy of Casino Royale on Blu ray. Its a great movie aswell. But Sony are being really generous you can't deny it. They gave away free TVs at the lauch of the PS3 (wish I had been there), They're giving away free copies of casino royale when you sign up for the playstation network, they made the Gran Turismo HD concept free and they halfed the price of loads of the online games. I am impressed of their generousity.

well maybe not

my new cast (for my broken arm) makes it easier to play games so i might not be doing any sport soon at least my PS3 can sooth the pain. who else has the new 1.7 vesion of th software, i don't really see much difference except its more compatible with stuff. Loads of my old PS2 games still work, but please sony, please make stuntman and SSX on tour work on the 1.8 version, they are 2 of my favourite games and if they worked just about all of my old games would work. i cant continue where i left off because i sold my memory card but playing them at all would be great.

may not being gaming for a while

sadly my gaming and most other things will be stopped for quite a while as its difficult with a broken arm. i did it in a bike crash but if anyone knows any good ps3 games where you only need 1 button on the right side of the controller, or less please leave a comment as im dieing of boredom

10 ways to make the PS3 better

The PS3 is great no doubt about it. But in the next software update maybe they'll include a few of these things: 1. background music- they've done background downloading but playing music in the background is vital This would be a massive improvement for me 2. A better chat facility- I don't have online so I can't say about the chat feature but i think that you should be able to get one which people can get on a normal computer so i can chat to mates through my PS3 3. Sixaxis menus- Don't you reckon you should be able to lean the controller to go through menus. They've got the sixaxis there and its fantastic but this would just add the extra hypercool factor. 4. Put your own music on games- alot of games have got terible music on them so you should be able to upload music from your hard drive onto the game. 5. game and chat- You should be able to pause a game, come out of that "window" and check something on the net etc then open up the game window and continue where you left off 6. Microsoft Office- Now I know microsoft and sony hate each other and we are never going to get office or windows on the PS3 but how about an equivelant that you could download from the playstation network store. 7. CD burner- I know they'd have to change the console rather than the software but it should have a CD burn (put music on cd) engine. 8. Personalized backgrounds- The playstation background in the menus are a bit boring, how about the ability to change the background. 9. Wii controller- sony should make a controller that is like the wii one, or better still change the motion sensor to allow you to do that with the normal controller 10. game and webcam- when your online you should have a box in the corner of the screen which shows one of your opponents on webcam whilst they're playing and obviously they should be able to do this to you, you could scroll through your opponents whilst racing so thats what i think if you've got any ideas leave a comment.