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Resident Evil 4 almost gave me a heart attack ...

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... But not because of the scary things, but because I thought that my PS2 was 'dead' after the final Boss! The CG startet sttutering, then the load took ages to load then the game froze. I believed that my lens was broken or something.
So I unplugged the power cable and went to sleep ... But I couldn´t! So I got back to the living room plugged the power cable and put Battlefield 2: MC, and it played smoothly. Well I finally put back the RE4 disc defeated again the last Boss and everything went good.
Now I can get a good night of sleep!

GS Best & Worst of 2005

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Just who the heck had the idea of putting videos of the winners instead of web pages?
It´s ok if you have DSL or Cable... But what about people who have dial-up like me?

Fatal Frame 3 ...

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I´ve been playng this game for some time, and the characthers are just lazy! Come on! Why there´s a 'run' button if it doesn´t make much difference.
I think the programmers did this or else you would end the entire game in 6-8 hours (which is too short).
PS: Miku is faster crawling than 'running'!.