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hello :D

imm back! againn,


it always seems my blogs are about going away and coming backk, :P

well hopefully everything will be right now,

and ill be back for good. :)

hows everyone been?


sorry x[


im sorry to everyone in the Kingdom Hearts and Anime union, coz i've been away for so long...

starting high school, and alot of family members being quite sick, gamespot was kinda the last thing i could do...

so hopefully im back, but i cant be quite sure, but i'll try

sorry once again...

False Alarm!! XP

woops! lol we rang up the internet ppl and got it all fixed, so im back!!! lol :cry: sorry to the ppl who actually thought they got rid of me :D:D

By the way....

i forgot the put this is my last entry but....

GO THE AUSSIES IN THE ASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*coughs* yes, carry on.

I Finished!!!!!!!




if u cant see, im excited. I FINISHED KINGDOM HEARTS 2!!!!!!!!!

By the way, i am have been and will be away from gamespot for a while, but i thought i should post this!


Photoshop Elements 2.0

wow. Finally i have photoshop :D

I will probably suck at it, since i have only used gimp and as everyone knows, i sucked at that too. XP

dont know what the element thing is, but i hope its normal Photoshop. Im just excited that i can finally make banners, one which i will enter into the banner competition in my union. So the next blog post will probably have  some of my work in it, so watch out for it, so when you see it you will laugh and cry at the patheticness.

ta ta

x georgia

p.s. dont know why, but i just thought that soon it will be my first Christmas on gamespot. what fun :P

Level 14!!!

yayy im there XD

hmm so yes, i am finally at level 14 ^_____^ :D:D:D:D

wow im really tired x[

goodnight  everyone!


The union and other stuff.

Heyy everyone

i would just like to say can im trying to build my union a bit more so please everyone join the Kingdom Hearts and Anime Union :D:D:D i'll get the link in a second. :P

Btw sorry if i dont post much, since im really busy lately with school and that. also i'd like to say thanks to all the people posting in my union while i have been sick.


^^^^ there is the link to my union above and everyone is welcome :D i would luv people to join because even though our union can be a bit off topic its awesome fun :P

also just asking, im just before the 1000 heartless battle in KH2, what level should i be at? thanks!