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Hey there fellow Gamespotters! Just like to let you all know that I don't think I'll be using this website much anymore, for you see... I used to mainly use Gamespot for it's review feature, but now I've stumbled across a little blog site where I've begun to post reviews. My goal is to try and post a new review every Wednesday/Tuesday night, I will try to do this lol. So if your interested in checking out my reviews I'll post the link below.


Haven't been on here in ages, I seem to get back into Gamespot then leave it for a while then come back, don't know why.... But how are all you gamespotters out there?

What have I been up to you ask... well other than finding the game that I want to make sweet sweet love too... nothing much; writing dark romance short stories and working on my novel for my professional writing and editing course, gaming, seeing friends, and stuff.

The game that I want to make sex with came out a couple of days ago, needless to say I've already finished it including side quests, that game is an amazing tribute to metal known as "Brutal Legend." I pickedBrutal Legend up one day before the apparent release date (for some reason EB games was selling it earlier) and played it for a total of eleven hours in three days, including going to tafe and whatnot, so those were some late nights of pure greatness. I love how the game has perfected the metal style within it with its environment design, awesome soundtrack, great characters, and appearances from certain metal musicians such as the metal god Rob Halford. Pure awesome.

But yeah... Brutal Legend eh... great game, great game. I'll have to try and get back into the habit of using gamespot, been using Playfire more lately.

inFamous EB

Wellity, wellity, wellity, I haven't posted a blog since Feburary... crazy! I see this website is going well, how is everyone else?

I recently got inFamous, great game, sooooo much fun. I'm pretty much addicted to it at the moment lol. Whenever I get the chance I just play it until the early morning lol. But it's not all that good; I preordered it at EB games so that I could get their exclusive special edition version of the game , I paid more than I would at JB Hi-Fi just for this special edition. But when I picked it up they gave me the original game, nothing special about it. I was told that my copy was sold by a new staff member, a casual, that works at the store. This casual didn't know the rules and when he saw a special edition of inFamous sitting around he just sold it. As you can imagine this pissed me off greatly! So now I'm going around to EB stores searching for any unsold special editions to swap my copy for.

And yeah... I don't have much game news because I haven't been playing much games on my Playstation 3 over the past few months, just been away from it and busy alot. So thats it, thats my news. Anyone else got any thrilling news?

Talk to you guys and gals again some other time, hopefully I won't wait so long to write a new blog next time lol.

Street Fighting & Catch up...

Well I haven't been doing much on Gamespot lately. How is everyone? Got any new awesome games?

I've found a new game that i really want (well i wanted it before it came out but never had the cash and still dont); Street Fight IV. It's fricken sweet! Im not the biggest fan of fighting games like that but i love Street Fighter for some strange reason lol. I stayed up basically all last night playing Street Fighter IV at a friends place, which resulted in me being late for TAFE today lol... but anyways... That game can be so hard! lol. I've also been trying to find someone to get Street Fighter 2 HD Remix from but thats not working out all that well. Doesn't bother me that much anyways, still think that Australia should get it though. Not fair! lol.

Well i haven't been up to that much over the time i spent away from Gamespot, just studying and gaming sorta and stuffs... but yeah... anyone been up to anything great?

Well chat to you all next time i blog, or through the comments. Cya's!

PoP Help! And stuff...

Hey guys i need some help with the new Prince of Persia game! :( Im stuck and it's really becoming annoying, heres my problem: I've healed all the fertile grounds and defeated all the bosses so now i have to go back to the main temple with the tree coming out of it, but the problem is theres a huge doorway of light blocking the entrance to the temple and i cant go through it! The prince just stops when he hits the wall. Can anyone please help me? I need to know how to get through the door of light. Any help will be greatly apperciated :)

And yeah thats my big problem at the moment lol.

What else is news... I've been playing quite a bit of Guitar Hero World Tour at my friends place, thats pretty awesome. Great game. Its nearly christmas so theres gifts to try and find money t buy and yeah... not much news lol.

I hope somebody out there can help me with the Prince of Persia problem, until next time; Cyas!

Lost time catch-up!

Well, well, well, gamespot... its been a while, hows everyone been?

I gots me a copy of Dead Space a couple of weeks ago on PS3 in exchange for my copy of DBZ: Burst Limit and some cash. Its pretty awesome, i haven't played such an atmospheric horror game in ages, well worth Burst Limit. I also picked up a copy of Call of Duty: World at War two weeks ago (but who didn't, am i right!? lol), i traded in Grand Theft Auto IV towards it and some cash aswell. I know what your thinking: What kind of blasphemy is this! he traded in GTAIV! omfg!. But just so you know; me and the GTA series dont get along all that well, it bores me very much for some reason, so i thought it'd be better to trade it in then let it sit on a shelf and get covered in dust like my Sonic the Hedgehog game on PS3. Anyways... CoD5 is epic! i havent really played much of the multiplayer but the story is so dramatic and awesome. I love it! :D

Well what else is news... I've got a book launch to go to on Thursday because i've finally got a short story published in a book thats sold in bookstores, yay me! :lol: I had a photoshoot for the newspaper last week because of my publishmentness in book... And today i pre-ordered Prince of Persia on the PS3, i traded Smackdown vs Raw 2008 towards it so now i've got a week and a bit to find $68 dollars... im so poor... i want Mirrors Edge and Little Big Planet and Guitar Hero, etc... I hates being poor :(

Anyways thats it for now, talk to you peeps some other time. Cya's!


Hey! I saw the Max Payne movie last week as soon as it came out (got a nifty poster aswell). I was pretty excited about this movie, sure i hadn't played any of the games but the story and the way it looked was pretty cool. But honestly it didn't really live up to my expectations, it was good but not as good as i had expected. What did you guys think of the movie? did it live up to your expectations?

Anyways; after seeing the movie i got the first Max Payne game for $12 dollars pre-owned and im getting the second game for free from a friend because its an Xbox game and he doesnt own an Xbox (how he got it... its a long story).

Also has anyone here got a playfire account? I started mine the other day and so far i've only added one person from gamespot to it because i've got him on my PSN account aswell. If you haven't heard of it; its sorta like myspace or facebook except for gamers. Heres the website:

Well thats it for this blog. Cya's!

Computers and Playstations

Well its been a while since i've written one of these. Whats news...

My computer completely died along with my internet for a couple of weeks so that meant no gamespot and no playstation network for me :( but thats all fixed now; we got a new computer and a wireless router for the internet, which is mega awesome because i got a new laptop yesturday and now i can access the internet whenever i want, no more fighting over who gets to use the computer! the laptops gonna help a ton with my novel.

Anyways; you guys might already know this but theres a ton of good games coming out on the playstation 3 in Australia at the end of October and throughout November. unfortunately for me i've got no cash to buy them :( im gonna have to do a ton of work to get the money for those games. What game are you guys looking forward to the most?

I guess that'll do for now. I'll write another one some other time when my brains fully working and im not feeling lazy. Cya's!

One Wild Night!

In my last blog i told you guys that i was going to Judas Priest's concert in Melbourne (Australia) and now i've gone... It was fricken wicked as pies! The opening band Cavalera Conspiracy didnt open for Judas Priest because of some issues they were having, so instead two very lame local metal bands opened for them. Needless to say the crowd wasnt happy and threw stuff at the bands, aswell as cursed at them. But once the opening bands were out of the way the night just got a gazillion times better! Judas Priest had a huge stage set up with a large picture of Nostradamus in the background with mechanical red eyes. It was amazing. They played for about two hours, all of which i was right up against the front barrier of the mosh pit getting the life squeezed out of me by a very enthusiastic crowd, it was all worth it! ;) In the end the band left the stage and everything went black, then a loud roaring noise echoed throughout the arena and the lead singer (rob halford) came out on an awesome motorbike, it was really unexpected and i loved it! So overall it was one great night. i blew all my cash at the concert :lol:

Anyways onto gaming business since thats all what were here for... The other day i downloaded a large game update for Buzz: Quizz TV on the Playstation 3 which gave me trophies for that game (coolio). I also got: Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Commando 3: Wolf of the Battlefield, Rayman, High Velocity Bowling, Pain, and Bionic Commando rearmed, from the Playstation store. So i've been quite busy with the downloads, its probably best for me to keep that quiet from my parents lol

Oh! and i bought a CD the other day with the small amount of cash i had left in my wallet, its called: The Dark Saga, and its by: Iced Earth. The CD's based on the Spawn comic book series. I watched the very violent cartoon of the series on youtube the other day and i now love Spawn! i can't believe that i didnt find it sooner, it has one hell of a plot and the way the story's told is amazing! sooooooo awesome!

Well i dont know what else to say so i'll leave it at that. Cya's!

Level up! Frozen Metal

Heya's! I'm pretty bored at the moment so i thought i'd write a blog, but before we get anywere with this let me just get something off my chest: It was my birthday on sunday! (August 31st) :D I'm now 19 years old and have much o' tha cash, so far i'm planning to buy a new 125gb hard drive for my PS3, a $50 dollar credit card thingy to use in the Playstation store, and some other stuff...

Well now that im done with that lets ramble on about some other stuff shall we... I downloaded the new game update for Warhawk the other day and there finally here! Trophies for Warhawk, its so awesome, i've already got six (sure there bronze but its not easy to get the others, especially when you dont have the little expansion packs for the game). Now i need to wait for Burnout Paradise to get its trophies update and motorcycle pack, anyone know when there being released?

I've also really gotten into this band called: Iced Earth, i've known about them for ages but never really bothered listening to them until i saw how awesome their shirt designs were, and before i bought a shirt i thought the respectable thing to do would be to listen to them to see how good they are and as it turns out their awesome! And if finding a new awesomeness band wasnt enough; next saturday night (September 13th) is the Judas Priest concert in Melbourne! i am so fricken excited for that concert, its not everyday i get to see my favourite band, the metal gods perform live. I'll probably blow all my left over birthday cash on their merchandise lol

Well thats all i've gotta say for now, i'll probably write another blog after the concert and stuff...Cya's!