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Playstation Vita

Oh my oh my, my dear beloved, sweet, sweet Vita. How i adore you. You only need more awesome games coming. But since you are a fresh system, I understand the initial lack of them. Good thing there are great games on the way ALREADY. Anyhow, people what would your dream games for Vita be?

- Mortal Kombat (coming next month yay)
- Assassins creed (also coming)
- Brutal Legend 2
- DeadHeadFred 2
- Star Wars Bounty hunter 2 (with Boba)
- Star Wars Battlefront 3
- Star Wars [a game based on the sith, i have an idea for a seperate sith based on each chapter]
- Predator [in the style of Concrete jungle, just better and good controls]
- Elder scrolls Vita
- SKATE Vita
- Tomb Raider Vita
- Manhunt Vita
- God of War Vita
- Batman Arkham [x]

if any of these happen.... oh my lard .... ^^

1 year around

yep thats it. its been 1 year around since i bought my psp. i bought it cos i dont have time to play home consoles (plus my dad always watches tv -.- ). anyway im glad for that actually cos i love the psp. and there wasnt a second in the year that i wouldnt love it. its simply amazing and feeds my gaming hunger. i currently own 5 games (one is coming, ordered it so it has to ship). i bought a value pack wich includes fat psp, carrying pouche, 1 gig memory card, charger, 32mb memory card, demo disc, instructions, earphones with remote control and screen cloth. i use it every day, i think there are many awesome games for it. currently im waiting for the ordered game to ship to me (gta liberty city stories). after that, god of war and star wars the force unleashed. after those i might upgrade to psp slim and sell my fatty to my friend cos she isnt that much interested about slim's features. anyway just wanted to say im glad i bought it and i love every second of it.

My dream game (Alien VS Predator of course :P )

im kindda bored so i'll write you what my dream game would be like.

1st: if you ever talked to me you pretty much know im obsessed with Alien VS Predator, so ya the game would be AVP

2nd: it would HAVE TO be for PSP too. and i don't mean a port, it should be done ground-up

3rd: Gameplay: it would be a third person Predator game. At the start of the game, you would be given a choice of different pred types, you would pick your starting weapons. your appearance would be fully customizable (selectable armour, masks, skin tone, body type...). the game would be a free-roam (not while your on missions or quests). it would be part action-shooter, part RPG kinnda game. it would have several different endings, wich would depend on your actions done in game time. it would have to have lots and lots of unlockables (more customizables, weapons, concept art...). it would have online and head-to-head multiplayer, including co-op mode (i love co-op games). the gameplay time would last at least 10+ hours, with a lot of replay value (meaning you could still play the game for hours more to unlock everything, see all endings, discover all secrets and stuff). it would have to have smooth controls and easy to get used to them.

4th: Story: the game would start on Yautja (predator) home planet. You would start as a young/teen predator, still learning the ways of your culture. on your way to your clan mates, youd find most of them slaughtered, others taken away. the other clan that was responsible for the mess, were still on the crime scene. as they see you, you run away, knowing you are no match for them as a youngling. you bareley get away, hurt, confused and on edge of your life. you faint and next thing you realize, you wake up in a cabin of a elder predator that was banned ages ago for not obeying predators traditions. he lets you know that your clan mates were decimated because they found a conspiracy between several elder predators who were plotting against other clans, to take over the main strings in society. you don't completeley believe the old predator and swear revenge upon the ones responsible for the massacre of your clan. since you are too weak and far too uncontroled, your "saviour" takes care of you and teaches you further in arts of combat and traditions. years later, it is finnaly time to leave your mentor. since it was so long ago from the event, you nearlly forgot about it and nobody cared much about what happened, because all of the traces of crime were hidden and evidences destroyed. what refreshes your memory is that you witness multiple similiar attacks that happen in the time you complete your training. you leave the area you lived in, to avoid any conflict with predators that would be able to recognize you. you keep in touch with the old predator who trained you and he gives you info from time to time (so hes like a guide through the game). you start to investigate the attacks, asking things predators that knew the victims. you do get some info that is very doubtfull, but you still take it as it is only clue you can get. the clues take you into space, searching for a lost predator spaceship, that was attacked by xenomorphs (Aliens). as you find the ship, you notice it is highly damaged, with no visiblie life forms, simply floating deeply in the space, far away from any planets. you dock into the mother ship, to search for survivours and data. you notice several parts of ship were melted from acid, meaning there were big fights going on and lot of dead on both sides. there are dead bodies on almost every hall you walk thorough, and at start it seems as theres is no one alive. neither any aliens. you do find some data about what happened to the ship and you figure out that the info you got on planet was really wrong, so the clan you found dead has nothing to do with the attacks on home planet. you go to the main bridge to activate self destruct. you reach the gates but they are locked and sealed. you start to blast the doors away when another predator jumps on you, trying to stop you. you fight him off, thinking he wants to kill you and you wound him seriously. he goes unconcious and you continue opening the gates. soon you make a hole in them and about 20 xenomorphs jumps out. you start to fight em off like a maniac. you are very strong by now, you kill most of the attackers, but few of them escape. on of them sneaks behind you and as it is still in mid- air, the predator that you fought earlier shoots the alien, saving you from certain death. you realize that he tried to stop you because of the aliens. you feel sorry for what you did, start the self destruct, pick up last of data and take the beaten predator with you. as you start to run to your ship, the rest of the aliens attack you near the ship. you put down the wounded predator and start fighthing. in the middle of battle, you see that the predator dragged himself to your ship and start the engines. enradged with betrayal you start running to your ship and the other pred shoots aliens with ship cannons. once again, he saved your life as you though he will kill you. you go aboard your ship and take over the control as he steps aside to rest. you fly away from the ship in last seconds, bursting out of the ships blow-up flames. you want to return to your home planet but the engines of your ship are damaged from the explosion and you are forced to land on to an unknown planet.


ok thats for start, im still working on the story, ill let you know when i finnish it. let me know what you think about it.
(btw ya i know that my english isn't perfect and that maybe some parts of story doesn't fit into the predators ways)


i kept this long in myself, thinking "it's not so bad"... but now i've had it!! people!!! if a game is rated bad doesn't mean it is bad!! what makes me mad the most is when people are arguing with some others about wich game is better. then one of them pops up the ratings of both/all games that are discussed and then thinks that that proves something!! this is so annoying and irritating!!!! opinion is SUBJECTIVE, meaning everyone has their own!!! call me a pscyho to blog about this thing but c'mon... is there no one that agrees??

god of war


(full story)

The story begins with Kratos on the tallest cliff in Greece, lamenting that the gods have abandoned him; hopeless, he consigns himself to the waves below. The story then rewinds three weeks into the past; as the game progresses, it also relates Kratos' past through numerous flashbacks. For reasons of simplicity, this summary covers all of these events in chronological order.

Kratos is a fearsome Spartan warrior, unmatched in strategy, tactics and ferocity; such was his success that his original fifty-man group grew into an army of thousands. However, in a battle against a barbarian horde, his army was massacred, and, in desperation, Kratos offered his life and service to Ares, the God of War, in exchange for salvation. Ares, sensing enormous power in Kratos, accepted his offer and destroyed the barbarians. He also granted Kratos the Blades of Chaos, whose chains are seared to Kratos' arms. Kratos, now Ares' servant, led his Spartans in conquering much of Greece.

In his final battle, Kratos' army came across a village that worshiped Athena and put the residents to the sword. Despite his own foreboding feelings and the warnings of the local oracle, Kratos personally entered the village's temple and slaughtered all within. Unfortunately, after his blood-lust cleared, he realized that his two last victims had been his beloved wife and daughter; Ares had engineered the battle to sever the last of Kratos' humanity and turn him into a perfect warrior. Despite this, Kratos renounced his service to Ares and began to wander the Aegean, lamenting his deeds and serving the Olympus for ten years in exchange for redemption from his deeds.

The player becomes involved in Kratos' story as he is approaching the city of Athens, under siege by Ares' army. After a battle with the QueenHydra, Kratos moves into the city and attempts to save it at Athena's behest, having been promised full absolution if he succeeds. He fights his way through the attacking forces to find the Oracle of Athens, and learns from her that only Pandora's Box can give a mortal the power to kill a god. Unfortunately, due to the gods' fear of this object, the box is locked deep within the Temple of Pandora, a murderous edifice constructed on the back of the Titan Kronos, who wanders the Desert of Lost Souls.

Kratos makes his way to the Temple, defeating many foes and evading the many traps built into the Temple, and recovers Pandora's Box (a process that contains most of the game's content). However, as he pushes the Box out of the Temple, Ares senses his success and slays him with a thrown pillar. Kratos, despite this, is able to escape the Underworld and return to the mortal realm, conveniently in Athens, where he regains Pandora's Box and confronts Ares.

When Kratos wins their opening exchange, Ares attempts to drive Kratos mad by making him relive the death of his family. Ares traps Kratos in an illusion of that ill-fated temple and then forces him to defend his family against murderous copies of Kratos himself. When Kratos succeeds, Ares strips the Blades of Chaos from Kratos' arms and impales Kratos' family with them before dissolving the illusion. Freed from his own mind but now weaponless, Kratos is at the mercy of Ares until he spots the Blade of the Gods, serving as an ornamental bridge inside Athens. As he pulls it out, he engages in a sword battle with Ares. After being defeated, Ares reminds Kratos that he helped him in his time of need and then told him he was trying to make him a great warrior. Kratos responds: "You succeeded", then proceeds to runs Ares through with the sword through his neck and chest. Ares collapses, and dies in a massive explosion.

After receiving congratulations from the Gods, Kratos asks Athena to remove the nightmares of his past. Athena explains that the gods can only forgive him for his sins; the nightmares are beyond anyone's power to remove. Feeling abandoned, Kratos climbs to the bluffs overlooking the Aegean Sea and tosses himself over the edge, bringing the story full circle. However, as he plummets through the waves below, he is pulled out by Athena. He has served the gods well, she explains and the Gods cannot allow to die one who has done them such a great service, and there is a throne on Olympus that lacks an occupant: the one belonging to the God of War...

After his defeat of Ares, has become the New God of War, but has not been accepted by the other members of the Greek pantheon due to his ruthless conquest of The Greek City-States. He finds enjoyment the only way he can, by leading his Spartan army in conquering Greece. The game begins as he descends to Rhodes, where an eagle(Zeus)robs him of some ofhis godly powers, and brings to life the Colossus of Rhodes, which comes to life and attempts to kill Kratos. After a protracted conflict with the bronze giant that rages across the city, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus, which Zeus himself used to overthrow the Titans, who were led by Zeus' father Kronos. At Zeus' behest, Kratos infuses the blade with his own godly power, rendering him mortal but rendering him victorius. Unfortunately, Kratos is severely wounded as he boasts to the gods by the Collossus' hand in the battle-and Zeus, having engineered the entire plot, demands that Kratos swear allegiance to him. Though weakened and unable to fight back, Kratos defies him, and is slain by Lord of Olympus.

However, as Kratos is being dragged into torment in the Underworld he is saved by Gaia, one of the Titans, who has observed his life up to this point and offers to save his life and help restore his powers. When the Titans were defeated by the Olympians, they were punished and humiliated, and they want Kratos' help to exact revenge. Kratos escapes the Underworld and is bidden by Gaia to find the Sisters of Fate in order to change his past; she then gives Kratos the aid of Pegasus to traverse the distance to the Fates. Kratos and Pegasus fly to the Island of Creation where the Sisters of Fate await, well guarded on both the air and on land. Along these travels, Kratos encounters a number of Titans and defeats many heroes and monsters, gaining new powers, weapons, and magical abilities to replace those lost to Zeus (as in the previous game, this process comprises the bulk of gameplay).

Kratos finally confronts the Sisters, Lakhesis, Atropos, and Clotho, who operate and defend the Loom of Fate, which rules the lives of mortals and gods alike. Though they try everything at their disposal, including attempting to change the outcome of the first game's final battle, Kratos defeats them all and gains control of the Loom. He first goes back to his death at Zeus' hands in Rhodes, leading to a lengthy battle with the King of the Gods. In which Kratos is victorius, but when he is about to strike the deathblow, Athena interposes herself, saving her father at the cost of her life. Her dying words reveal that Zeus' actions are meant to break the cycle in Olympus of son killing father, by killing Kratos (the son) before he can kill Zeus (the father). Kratos then vows to exact retribution on the Gods of Olympus for their petty acts of self-preservation.

Returning to the Loom, which is now collapsing, Kratos uses it once again to go further back in time, into the original war between the Gods and Titans, and offers the Titans the chance to come to the present day, where Zeus is weakened and Olympus in a state of confusion. Thus, the game ends with the Gods of Olympus, in the present, watching in horror as the Titans climb Mount Olympus, led by Kratos.