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From 1998. It was a Progen, 266 MHz Pentium II processor with a 4GB harddrive. We later upgraded the CPU to a Pentium III 450 MHz. Also had a floppy drive and a 24x CD-Rom drive. Funny story, I remember when we first got the computer and hooked it up, it wouldn't boot. We were so computer-illiterate at the time that we had to call someone out to look at it and it turns out the CPU was out of its slot.

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I have. He just gave me a bunch of medication that screwed me up. After that I went to a physiologist for almost three years. He was supportive and tried giving me advice but it didn't really help me much.

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If you have an issue with a particular moderation, feel free to PM us about it. Also, the slightest infraction will not get you banned. Keep making those infractions though and the repercussions get more severe.

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@mastermasonx: Please send a PM to a Community Manager (DigitalDame, for example) and they will look into the situation for you. Thanks.

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This is happening to me as well on Firefox with Windows 7. The menu disappears when you hover over it.

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@LJS9502_basic: Yes, thats what it meant before modern slang took it over.

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I'm on the fence. It's just a word, but when people say "That's so gay", what does that mean? Wrong? Weird? Crazy? Why use the word gay as a replacement for that? Just say the real word.

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I'm digging this update, looks a lot less like GiantBomb and more like Gamespot.

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My mom was almost 40 when she had me. I was told that I was planned, not an accident.

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I'd never be able to adjust to it. Having it be 40 degrees in the middle of summer would just never sound right.