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Being a mod isn't really as awesome as it sounds. It requires time and dedication. You really have to spend a lot of time on the forums and appreciate the community in order to enjoy the role.

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It was a great experience. The game isn't about action, guns, and enemies to fight. If you're expecting that then you'll be disappointed, but those with an open mind and who enjoy playing through a good, touching story will enjoy the game.

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From 1998. It was a Progen, 266 MHz Pentium II processor with a 4GB harddrive. We later upgraded the CPU to a Pentium III 450 MHz. Also had a floppy drive and a 24x CD-Rom drive. Funny story, I remember when we first got the computer and hooked it up, it wouldn't boot. We were so computer-illiterate at the time that we had to call someone out to look at it and it turns out the CPU was out of its slot.

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I have. He just gave me a bunch of medication that screwed me up. After that I went to a physiologist for almost three years. He was supportive and tried giving me advice but it didn't really help me much.

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If you have an issue with a particular moderation, feel free to PM us about it. Also, the slightest infraction will not get you banned. Keep making those infractions though and the repercussions get more severe.

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@mastermasonx: Please send a PM to a Community Manager (DigitalDame, for example) and they will look into the situation for you. Thanks.

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This is happening to me as well on Firefox with Windows 7. The menu disappears when you hover over it.

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@LJS9502_basic: Yes, thats what it meant before modern slang took it over.

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I'm on the fence. It's just a word, but when people say "That's so gay", what does that mean? Wrong? Weird? Crazy? Why use the word gay as a replacement for that? Just say the real word.

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I'm digging this update, looks a lot less like GiantBomb and more like Gamespot.