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TRIBES LIVES and the end of the multiverse

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Ok once upon a time there was a game called tribes which had everything battlefield had only it had jetpacks and that was before battlefield ever existed. NOW there is A FREE HEIR called FALLEN EMPIRE AND YOU GOTTA PLAY IT on dont let Tribes die again!

THERE IS HOPE, and jetpacks

Now on a diffrent matter, since the universe is ending as we speak i decided to end the multiverse by pardoxly posting a link to another blog that links to yet another blog that isnt mine, and in the other blog there is a link to a blog that isn't follz3h's indeed if we continue this chain the multiverse should end. even though pardoxally we cant because someone already tried it in another timeline in another dimension, but i spit in pardoxes face cause i went back in time and killed my great grand fath.. -ceases to exist*

pardoxally im still here to give you the link!

A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You Shortly.

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Yeah like the Orc peon from warcraft says "ME BUSY!" but an update will come my faithful reader(comment if you think i'm overusing it) on the news front well: missiles flew people got blown up, syria made some threats and ahamdinjad again proved to the world that his aspirations for ballistic missiles are more than just a way to extort the west he wants nuke "furreal". now im going back to play mgs 4 errm i mean to study.

More than a jefferson airplane song