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My Eyes, They Burn ...

My eyes are burning!

The past couple of days have been, eh, interesting, to say the least. Yesterday I went over my brothers to visit. As always my 7 year old nephew would not let me out of his sights, it was cute. Anyways he got a call about 2 in the afternoon from his wife's son from another marriage. He got himself into a car accident which ended up involving 3 other cars and a B-double semi-trailer. Luckily it was not his fault and he survived with only a few scratches, but the women in the car in front of him died.

Anyways after that I spent last night at a mates place for our weekly 'alcohol+games' get-together. Basically every week random people turn up to one of my mates places to play games until all hours of the morning whilst getting wasted. Last night there was me, Dobbie, Sam and Rob. We were continuously playing Halo 3 where it was Sam and Rob as "Team Friendship" and me and Dobbie as "Team Whatever". Thus this is why my eyes are burning, I got only two hours of sleep last night and I consumed a large amount of alcohol. Plus I slept with the "ninja cat", he just curled up under my arm and slept.

So as for the rest of the day I've got to try and salvage my brothers computer without a full-on reboot. He has been running it for four years without any anti-virus software and it is now so infected that I can't even use the internet through browsers or get onto task manager. I'm going to try and get my sister to install AVG and try to fix it, otherwise I'll just format the disk so he can start over.

The joys of being the only person to know anything about computers in a family as diverse as mine.

Gotta love being dragged into things ...

Don't you love it when people drag you into something and you have no way out of it?

I'm a supporter of the Liberal Party of Australia. They are the conservative party of Australia and can be compared to the Republican's in America and the Conservatives of the UK. Now I joined a couple of years ago but I forgot to renew last year and I haven't sent in my form this year yet (it starts July 1). Anyway I got a message from my mate today, who is also a member of the Party. He told me I was working in the election, handing out leaflets and counting votes, and that because of a lack of number's it's only me and him at this polling place all day.

Now the problem is I work that day. I work until four o'clock in the afternoon, but I can't back down because I don't want to let him down. I'm going to go into work tomorrow (even though I'm on holidays) and try and get the day off, but there is no guarantees.

I like it, though, how I never gt invited to meetings or get any letters but I still am tossed around to help out the party at the elections. They truly must be desperate :P

Four days before university begins :(

Four full days until the start of university, and bringing with it the start of stress, hours in the car driving and trying to balance the work-study-social life that I hold dear, whilst trying to fit in a couple hours for myself every day.

Whilst some people love university I have a general dislike towards it. People said that it would get easier after the HSC, which was our end-of-high school final test, but university is just like having the HSC every six months, it's terrible! Last session I got physically sick because of the stress, I was out for over a month and I failed a subject because of it. That's why this session I'm cutting it back from four courses to three. I'm doing Spanish for Beginners 2, which is a follow-up to a course I almost failed last session, Politics and the Media, which is something I'm really interested in, and Business Statistics, which is the course I failed last session.

Some people can cope with a full-time university load, but I'm not one of these people. I think I could if all I was doing was university, but not only do I live over an hours drive from the university campus but I work 30 hours a week. For example, this session I'm going to university four days a week, spending 10 hours in class but 12 hours travelling to and from the campus. Now add this to my 30 hours a week that I do at work and I hope you can understand why I'm struggling. I really want to move closer to the university but it's just way too expensive.

Anyway, onto non-university news, I've played about 5 hours of Final Fantasy XIIItoday. Whilst I don't think I'll get it done by Monday I should be at least within 10 hours of the finish, which isn't too bad for someone who hasn't finished a game in over a year. I also watched two episodes of Sanctuaryand it has sort of grown on me. Sure the special effects and sets are not as good as some other shows, but it's not too bad if you can look past it. I'm actually going to settle down now for a couple more episodes before I fall asleep. Also I went to the gym today. I spent 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on a running machine and I was too exhausted after that to do the weights. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.

Anyways, have a good one!

Lazy Days

Ever have one of those days where you just lounge around the house and do absolutely jack all? Well I had one of those days today.

The most exciting thing I did today was take my car in for a service. I spoke to the mechanic and asked him about what the best petrol is for my car and he replied "ethanol will ruin your car whilst premium will only damage it". Thanks Labour for outlawing standard unleaded fuel and making me pay $20 more a week to fill up my car!!!!!!!!! A-holes

I spent the majority of the day playing Final Fantasy XIII. I'm about 12 hours in and started disk 2 at about the 10 hour mark. I'm hoping to get this finished before university starts next week, otherwise I'll be pushing to find the time. I also watched the first episode of Sanctuaryand I have mixed feelings about it. Whilst it is down my sci-fi alley it didn't seem to have the proper production values. Hopefully my opinions will change as I watch it much like they did for Alias.

Also I'll end with an "Only in Australia". Take note we have a federal election coming up next month:

What takes priority on television, a national debate or a cooking show? The answer - the cooking show.

Some idiot scheduled the one and only national debate between the two party leaders at the same time as the season finale of Masterchef, an absolute ratings bonanza. Once this was discovered they changed the debate to start an hour earlier and shortened it from 90 minutes to 60 so it didn't run into the cooking show.

I facepalmed when I heard someone was trying to go against Masterchef, the other channels may as well be running snow ...

Wow I haven't blogged in ages

Wow, I haven't blogged in ages?!?! And yes I realised I said it twice, I did it for emphasis. It's been literally 11 and a half months since my last blog, and boy oh boy have things changed. For anyone out there that might care, I'll run through the past twelve months in a nutshell.

Spring session of university went pretty well last year. I learnt that going only two days a week wasn't a good idea. University this past autumn session was crappy. I missed almost a third of the classes because I got a large amount of infections and was basically in a constant fever, throwing up, tired and aching for over a month. As a result this session I failed one course (Business Statistics), which I will have to do again next session.

As for my social life, that's been rocky. I'll put it very simply: I befriended a girl I liked, she led me on intentionally, she went out with someone else and expected everything to be okay between us. It took me three months to talk to her again, which was hard seeing as we work together, but we now have a strictly work relationship. I also fell for my best friend but it turned out she was not the person I thought she was. Now she has moved 2 hours away I'm happy that I'm mostly over her. I've been seeing my old male mates a lot more often in the past month. I've also started talking with friends-of-friends and expanding my list of 'people I hang out with' so I don't ever have to rely on one or two people again.

Gaming wise, well I sort of went off the rails with it. I literally couldn't get into a game for almost a year. A couple weeks ago, though, I met up with mates and we had one of our old 'nerd' parties (alcohol + halo) and that re-ignited my love for gaming. I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy XIIIon the Xbox 360, and so far so good. If I can complete this game I reckon I've learnt my lost skill of enjoying games.

I've also developed another hobby, collecting TV series. This might sound weird but my collection now includes:

  • Alias (seasons 1 and 2)
  • Frontline (season 1)
  • Dexter (seasons 1 through 3)
  • House (seasons 1 through 5)
  • Supernatural (seasons 1 through 4)
  • X-Files (seasons 1 through 3)
  • Man vs Wild (season 1)
  • Lost (seasons 1 through 4)
  • Heroes (seasons 1 through 3)
  • Prison Break (seasons 1 and 2)
  • Sanctuary (season 1)
  • The Wire (season 1)
  • NCIS (seasons 1 through 5)

It's a small collection but it's a start. I'm gradually working my way up the seasons, and I've watched almost every episode so far, as well as each and every special feature that comes with the DVDs.

As for everything else, it's okay. I've been on Off-Topic for a while, randomly posting. I'll try and get to recent blogs and start blogging more, even if it is only for myself. I love reading old blogs of mine. Anyways, ciao!

A day in the life of daqua_99

Why am I writing this you ask ... I'm bored at tired, that's why. I could go to sleep, but I don't feel like it :P. So, a day in the life of me. Not really all that interesting, but here goes ...

I woke up at 7:30 this morning. Didn't have to get up until 8:30, but I can't sleep. Standard stuff in the morning (shower, clothes, bed, etc) was followed by quickly going on the net and printing off my lecture notes for the one lecture I had today (ECON101 - Macroeconomics). Eventually left the house at 9am, but not before seeing my little nephew (Rhys) for 5 or so minutes.

Half way down the road and realised I didn't have enough petrol, so I had to stop in and get some from the closest town, 15mins away. 20 mins later, and $50 lighter, I am now speeding down the road doing 100k's an hr and still getting overtaken by semi-trailers. Fast-forward until 10:10am, when I finally get into my usual carpark the 10min walk from the uni. I spend the next 10 mins walking through the wonderful botaic gardens right next to the uni before settling into my back corner of the lecture hall just before it started at 10:30.

During the lecture I organised to meet Jess for lunch at 1, so I was extremely lucky the 2hr lecture finished by 12. Quickly walked back to the car for the hour drive to Jess's house. Caught her at 1 and went for our usual Subway lunch, where we just talked. She got a new boyfriend, and apparently it isn't working out that well. I personally don't see it lasting. Anyway, finished that and went to the local shopping centre where we brought random chocolates to give to one of her friends, which we went and saw at 3:30. I also brought the 700ml bottle of Southern Comfort I'm staring at right now :P.

Took her home at 4:30, so I was home by 5. Started typing up the notes I took from Monday's lecture, had dinner (nice roast chicken), and finalised organisation for my party on Sat night until about 8:30 when Criminal Minds started. Watched that, then came back to this laptop and done some more notes for uni. About 10:30 went and watched the last 2 episodes of Supernatural Season 1 until around midnight. Just spent the past hour reading a backlog of blogs, and now it is 1am and am typing this.

One funny thing to end - I can fit the stereotypical Australian. I as driving home this afternoon and I had to sla on the breaks because I almost hit a kangaroo as it was crossing the road. It happens all the time :P

Holiday Summary .... Now Back To Uni ...

Winter break is over, and its time to get back into the swing of things for the second and final session of 2009. Holidays were quite good for me, but I don't mind getting back to uni.

I got quite a lot done during the holidays. In terms of games I finished Need for Speed Undercover and Gears of War. Two games in a month is good for me. I'm also half way through Assassins Creed. In terms of TV, I purchased Supernatural Seasons 1 and 2, House Season 4 and X-Files Season 2. I've only watched the House set fully, but I'm almost through Supernatural season 1. The extra shows will give me something to do of a night after uni.

I wanted to meet up with all of my friends at least once over the holidays. I didn't get in touch with all of them, but I did meet up with a majority of my mates. I went out with Jess from work twice, as well as Delliott, Olivier and Mitch from High School as well. I also "saw" Mic and James at the shops, and spoke to them a bit, but we didn't do anything together. Bit of a shame I didn't get together with the old group (Mic, James, Elliott, Dobbie and Dick), but we're getting together next weekend for my 19th so all good 8).

This afternoon, after I finished my morning shift at 3pm, I coincidently met up with Peggy, and we decided to go out, along with Allie (girl I like), who is best friends with Peggy. Overall it was a good evening. I left them at 7pm though because I am **** tired (went to sleep at midnight last night, got up at 5am for a 6am shift start, worked until 3pm). I dropped them off at Peggy's house, where they went next door to her bf's place to play Halo. Yes, Allie is a huge Halo fan, amongst other games on the 360. She is a female version of me, but prettier :P

So overall a good holiday. Enough time to relax, but didn't get bored too often. Now, back to uni :(

It isn't all that bad, though. I've got a good timetable this session. Only problem is, I've got a clash of tutorials. I have to change my ACCY102 Computer Lab because it's in a clash with my STS 112 Tutorial. Other than that I've got Monday 9:30-6:30 (if ACCY102 Computer Lab changes, if not its 9:30-4:30 - much better) and Wednesday 10:30-7:30. There are minimal gaps between classes, which is what I wanted. This leaves me with 2 days at uni, 3 days at work and 2 days free a week ... not bad for a full-time student :)

Anyway. my eyes are about to fall out of my head, and its only 8:30?!?!?! I really shouldn't stay up until midnight when I do Sat mornings (I love doing mornings though ... wish I did more ...)

Decisions, Decisions

Lots and lots of decisions. I'm talking about my future, particularlywhere I work now, university study and where I will work in the future.

This all comes from talking with a very close family friend who came and visited last weekend. Before he retired due to health reasons about 5-8 years ago he was the third highest manager in the Commonwealth Bank, the largest bank in Australia. He is a very knowledgeable person who tells the truth and has a lot of insight into the running of major businesses. We were talking about my career direction and it got me thinking.

For all of you who don't know, I started a Double Degree this year at the University of Wollongong, a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce (BA BCom). It will take me 4.5-5 years to complete it, but I can choose up to 4 Majors. The question is, what majors to choose? I have to decide quite soon if I want to be able to complete 4, otherwise I'll either only be able to do 3 or have to spend an extra year at university. The majors I'm tossing up are:


Economics- I loved economics at school and it seems like an interesting area for future employment. Every large business needs an economist to predict the way the economy will travel, even though they are about as accurate as the weatherman :P. However, I don't like mathematics and my lack of year 12 maths could hinder the degree. Chance of taking it - 70%

Management- A great, versatile major which can be used almost anywhere. Good if I was to work my way up the career ladder at my current employer (Coles) or if I was to work in any business. May be a bit lackluster in the quality, though, as many managers don't necessarily have a degree to manage well. Chance of taking it - 70%

International Business- I want to travel and work overseas. I'd love to go and work in Europe and America and this would be the way to do it. It is interesting learning how to interact with different cultures and it delves into different types of economic courses. However it depends on the Arts major I take, as it can overlap with European Studies and International Relations. Chance of taking it - 50%

Marketing- I have no experience in marketing, but I think it will be interesting. I'm doing a compulsory marketing subject next session, and seeing how that goes might buff this major up a level. Chance of taking it - 30%


European Studies- This is a little bit of history, a little bit of cultural studies and a language joined together. I have always wanted to learn another language and live in Europe for a while, touring round an learning about the history of th region. Chance of taking it - 90%

Politics- I love politics. I breathe politics and my blood runs Liberal blue. It'll be tough because universities are known as the "socialist machine", but I'll be a spark of blue amidst the red (Labour) and green (Greens). Seriously, I'm always interested in the workings of politics, and it could help in future career moves, especially if working in the government. Chance of taking it - 60%

Employment Relations- Great combination with Management or International Business, it gives a more law-based view to business which you don't get in commerce. Chance of taking it - 60%

Science, Technology and Society- I love science, I love technology, I despise society, so two out of three isn't that bad, right? I'll be taking my first STS subject next session so I'll see how it goes. Chance of taking it - 30%

So, four out of the above 8. Any help oh knowledgeable Gamespotters? Basically I'll be graduating in 2013 with a BA BCom. However I probably will do a honours for each, adding another 2 years to the total, meaning in 2015 I'll have a BA(Hons) BCom(Hons).

Now if I go onto post-graduate study there are two things I can do. Firstly there is a Master of Commerce, Master of Strategic Management or Master of Economics (depending on the major I choose). These will take one year and will give me a MCom, MStratMgmt or MEcon, respectively. There is also a Master of International Studies from the Arts faculty, which will give me a MIntlSt, and takes a year. I coulddo a PhD, but that would be 3 years and I don't see myself at uni until past 2020.

So, going about the route I'm thinking of, I'm at uni until 2017. 8 years I will be at uni, I won't be out until I am about 27 years old. I hate to think of it :(. All up, at current prices, it will cost me around $86000, which is a really scary figure.

I know this is boring for most, and I don't blame anyone for not reading this. I just wanted to get it typed out, so in 10 years time I can come back and see how different it all turned out. Heck, I was going through my yr 6 yearbook and I wanted to become a teacher. It could still happen, but I am striving for a whole lot more now...

Social Scene

As hinted at last blog, I'm a bit hard hit on the social scene.

As some of you may be aware I consider my friends (of my age) in four groups. First are my closest friends from High School, Mitch, Dobbie and Dick, who I've been mates with since year 7 of High School. The next are who I call the new High School friends, consisting of Mitch, Dobbie, Dick, Wally, Elliott, Micheal and Johnno (notable exception of Mitch - more info here). The next group are the outsidersof Malik, Olivier and Delliott, and finally my workmates which are those who I work with. It is with my workmates that the social scene is most difficult, as most of them are girls (see my point :P).

From now on I'm just going to use initials. Around the end of last year a girl, JB, asked me out and we were for a couple weeks dating. It fell through, but we've managed to keep a very good friendship. We go out every few weeks, grab lunch at work, and people from work are beginning to think that we are going out, which we are not. Just tonight I logged on MSN and saw her display name having "I love < my name >" and I'm thinking "alllll riiiighhht". I went onto facebook and found out she has started going out with someone of the same name and I let out a sigh of relief. I mean, I like her as a friend but nothing more.

The next part is where it gets more problamatic. Just before easter we had this other girl, AT, start in our department. I knew her before a little bit, and we went to the Royal Easter Show together with a mutual friend, PD (this is when I had my car accident with the cops - another story for another blog). Anyway, for the next couple of weeks I was being a bit compulsive. I wasn't ringing her up every day or going specially in to work to see her (unlike my boss with his love affair - another story for another blog), I just asked her if she wanted to meet up down the local shopping centre every week or so. Thing is, I knew from her messages that she didn't want to meet up, but from seeing her at work I got mixed messages. About a month ago I asked her just for a lunch down the road. She said yes, but then backed off at the last minute. It was then that I sent her a message basically saying that I liked her a lot, I know that she does not like me and that I would like to try just being friends. I was very sympathetic and in no way offended her in it. Ever since then we haven't talked at work (until last weekend where it was only work-related stuff) as she would purposely not sign in until I signed out. I also know that JB knows something I don't know because she let it slip that her and AT talked about me, but won't say what it was, only that it wasn't "that bad". I've gotten over AT, but I'd at least like to be able to talk once in a while and know that she doesn't feel any hate towards me. Also, I know she hasn't talked to PD, her best friend, in a while, which makes me think that it could not just be me getting her cold shoulder.

Now you might think that I only hang out with the girls from this blog, but I got a lot of male mates from work which I get along well with. Actually, I get along well with everyone at work (except maybe the store manager and SSM, but I've got a bit on them. They cannot fire me as I'm a permanent part-time [they fire me, I'll go to the AIRC or Fair Work Australia], and I'll get my friend in the local council to call a safety inspection, and we'd fail in every aspect of it, meaning thousands of $ in fines :P). I've been told that people at work think I'm a homosexual (which I am NOT), but I am just generally nice to people. There are a couple of others that I'll ask out from Coles, but I'll try to not expect anything and learn from my previous mistakes. I don't know why I find it so hard to make friends :(

So Cold ... It's A Great Time To Game ...

It's been freeeezing here. I've read all these blogs about you guys having near 40 degree Celcius days, and here it has been no higher than 10 for the past couple days. Even though the news has it at ~17 degrees for the nearest city, because we are on top of a hill and get a lot of wind we get all the cold air from the Snowies a couple hours drive south of our place. I'm surprised it hasn't started snowing here (it's only happened once before and that was a day to remember).

Anyway, enough *****ing about the weather, it has brough some good stuff. First of all the short, cold days are perfect for sitting in front of the television in a blanket playing whatever games you fancy. I finished Gears of Warabout a week ago, and the campaign was good. I'm half way through it again and will hopefully finish the second playthrough by the end of the week. I also picked up Assassins Creedfor the 360 on Friday for $25 and have been playing that for a while. Overall it is a very good game so far, but I'll wait until I've finished it to have a full opinion. I tend to take a long time in games like AC as I try to collect and do everything there is to do.

I've been on the 360 a lot recently and you might think that I'm ditching the Wii. Whilst I am loving the 360 I am still liking the Wii a lot. The problem with the Wii is that there are a lot of games I want for it, but they are all still expensive. Super Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros Brawland No More Heroesare all games I want to buy for the Wii, but the prices are still at $80-$100 a pop, while I can get great games like the Bioshock/Obliviondouble game for $50 on the 360. If quality Wii titles reduced their price like 360 titles have I would buy them, but I don't want to spend $100 on games which are over a year old (in the case of SPM almost 2).

Surprisingly my life does not only revolve around games. My final marks for my first session at uni are released tomorrow night, but I'm not too worried about them. As long as I pass, that's the main thing. Yesterday I also got my Green P's, which is the next stage up for my drivers licence. I can now do 100k's an hour and get 6 demerit points instead of 3, so if I get caught speeding I get a second chance :). Finally there is work, which is not too shabby except for the new roster I'm on which makes me start at 6am every second Saturday. It's a pain but I'll get Saturday nights off, something I haven't had in a while.

Finally I'm having a few social problems with girls. I'll go into more details next blog but I've done some stupid things and might have alienated a person who I really liked. It's a long story and will be in next blog!

PS - I will reply to all those blogs you have posted ... I've just been too lazy and have a lot to get through, plus my internet has been playing up so everytime I tried to open a page the modem reset ... stupid Telstra ...