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Back in the Countryside.

I'm finally settled back into my home sweet home in the countryside.

Since Seven Seas has started releasing their stuff on Comixology, I decided to use that oppurtunity to buy a digital copy of Haganai volume 1. Haven't finished it yet, though. What I have read is pretty amusing, though. Especially how Yozora and Sena are always fighting. I can't wait for the anime boxset.

Been reading some Infinite Crisis lead-ins. So far, I've got Countdown to Infinite Crisis, the complete series of The OMAC Project and Day of Vengeance, and the complete Sacrifice arc on Comixology. I'm thinking I'll probably start on Villains United after I've finished Day of Vengeance. The OMAC Project is pretty awesome.

Started watching Kinmoza, Fantasista Doll, and Prisma Illya on CrunchyRoll. I want to finish Devil Survivor 2 and season 1 of Valvrave, though. Kinmoza is about the friendship between a Japanese girl named Shinobu and an English girl named Alice, Fantasista Doll is about a girl named Uzume who can summon warriors using cards, and Prisma Illya is basically Illya from Fate/Stay Night as a magical girl.

I found episodes of A Channel on YouTube. Just watched the first two, though.

I've built up a collection on PSN of PSone C l a s sics based on Disney stuff. Don't ask why.