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I Got A Ton of Comics

I got a bunch of comics last night. I got Fearless Defenders #1, Green Lantern #17, Green Lantern Corps #17, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Justice League of America #1, Justice League of America's Vibe #1, Nova #1, and Sword of Sorcery #5.

Fearless Defenders

This is a new series which is part of Marvel's Marvel NOW! event. The story focuses on an all-female team. Issue 1 introduces its leaders, Valkyrie, a shieldmaiden and defender of Asgardia, and Misty Knight, an african-american private insvestigator weilding a bionic arm. These two characters come together after Misty's colleague, Dr. Annabelle Riggs, accidentally summons an undead army. Valkyrie and Misty work together to fend this enemy force off. Afterwards, Valkyrie agrees to take Misty and Dr. Riggs to Asgard to seek council on the matter. So far, it's turning out to be an awesome read. The fight between the Defenders and the undead soldiers is epic, and the series' leading ladies are awesome.

Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians

DC Comics has started a big Green Lantern story arc called "Wrath of the First Lantern" where the First Lantern awakens to destroy the Guardians of the Universe and starts using the Lanterns' memories against them. With this on my mind, I figured this would be a good time to start the Green Lantern series of titles. And since the story will be spanning all four current Green Lantern-related titles, that makes it a good reason to start on them all now. The story is proving to be pretty interesting so far. Part 4 will be in Red Lanterns #17, so I plan on getting that once it's released next week.

Justice League of America

Justice League of America is another spin-off of DC's Justice League comic franchise, this time, featuring nine members, the new Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Green Arrow, Catwoman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Katana, Vibe, Stargirl, and Steve Trevor. The first issue shows Steve being told about his teamates, and afterwards, he suggests adding Martian Manhunter and Catwoman to the team. However, Green Arrow arrives, severely wounded, with news of an enemy known as the Secret Society. The shocking way this issue ends really leaves you eager to find out what's going to happen next month.

Justice League of America's Vibe

This is a solo series for Vibe launched yesterday along with Justice League of America. The first issue focuses on Vibe's origin. Five years ago, Francisco Ramone, nicknamed "Cisco", lost his older brother, Armando, to Darkseid's invasion. Now, Cisco is working to afford college and coping with a power that keeps him from being captured on camera. He is recruited by the organization, A.R.G.U.S., to fight against parademons, creatures from other dimensions, as well as become a founding member of the JLA.


Nova tells the story of Sam Alexander, the son of Jesse Alexander, who fought as a member of the Nova Corps to protect the galaxy fifteen years ago. However, now, Sam's father works as a janitor at Carefree High School, with Sam covering for him after school. Sam doesn't believe his father's stories about the Guardians of the Galaxy, but when his father disappears, and he winds up injured looking for him on skateboard, he discovers that his father's stories were true, and he must continue his legacy as Nova, the Human Rocket.

Sword of Sorcery

In the fifth issue of Sword of Sorcery, Amaya returns to Nilaa and learns how her father died. Afterwards, she battles rogue assassins from House Onyx to save her mother. In the back-up story, Stalker battles against Lucifer to protect his descendant. Both stories have proven to be very interesting.

Go Go Moe Rangers!

I have recently started watching Vividred Operation. It's a sci-fi/action anime from Aniplex. The story focuses on Akane Isshiki, the granddaughter of a famous scientist in a future where the Manifestation Engine provides all of the world's electrical power, bringing an end to war and beginning an age of peace. However, this peace is disrupted when Izu Oshima, the island housing the Manifestation Engine, is attacked by giant monsters known as the Alone. Akane's grandfather, Kenjiro, has created the means to fight back against the Alone, the Vivid System, but only Akane and her friends, Aoi, Wakaba, and Himawari can use it. When an Alone attacks, the heroines use special keys to transform into a combat mode, and furthermore, Akane can merge with one of her allies in a process called "docking" where Akane's partner kisses her on the forehead, causing them to merge together into a single body, with Akane in control of movement and her partner in charge of weaponry, allowing her to deliver a finishing blow and end a battle. Even with these abilities, though, fighting the Alone is not easy work. A mysterious young girl named Rei Kuroki is secretly assisting the Alone in an effort to restore her home world, which was destroyed under currently unknown circumstances. So far, the series has proven to be fairly interesting, with a good premise, and a superhero-esque aesthetic for its main characters. The series protagonists have prominent moe elements.

Girls and Robots and an Upcoming Crossover

Lately, Ive been watching Lagrange since it premiered on Neon Alley. It's a mecha anime with two seasons about girls piloting giant robots. The story focuses on Madoka Kyono(voiced by Kira Buckland), a student at Kamogawa Girls' High School as she is recruited by the princess of the planet Le Garite, Fin E Ld Si Laffinty(voiced by Michelle Ruff, credited as Sophie Roberts), or Lan for short, to battle the forces of planet De Metrio using the legendary weapons known as Vox. Later on, they are joined by Muginami(voiced by Karen Strassman), who infiltrate the mobile base, Pharos, to steal a Vox, but takes an interest in Madoka. Other major supporting characters include Madoka's cousin, Youko Nakaizumi(voiced by Wendee Lee), who is investigating the Vox alongside her colleague, Souta Serizawa(voiced by Jason C. Miller), as well as Shozo Tadakoro(voiced by Patrick Seitz), the commander of Pharos, Moid(voiced by Vic Mignogna), an observer at Pharos from Le Garite, and the three generals from De Metrio, Kirius(voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch), Izo(voiced by Benjamin Diskin), and Array(voiced by Sam Riegal). So far, it's turning out to be really good, with a more interesting cast of characters than you'd normally see in a mecha anime, however, while the english dub is mostly fairly well-done, Karen Strassman's performance as Muginami could be a lot better than it is. It simply doesn't seem to fit the character very well.

I'm really looking forward to Archie's Sonic/Mega Man crossover event in April, which spans four issues each from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man. It starts in April with Sonic Universe #51 and Mega Man #24 and ends in August with Sonic the Hedgehog #251. Considering Ian Flynn's writing skills, I think it should prove to be really interesting. The Chaotix's story arc, Chaotix Quest, turned out to be pretty awesome. Best Sonic Universe arc yet.

Speedy Hedgehogs and Amnesiac Heroines

I just downloaded Sonic 4: Episode I and played through the first two zones. Let me just say that this game rocks. It's a perfect homage to the classic Sonic games of old from the days of the Genesis, and not only that, but it just might be the best side-scroller of the seventh console generation. I didn't I could renew my devotion to the Sonic series, but considering how awesome Sonic 4 is, I might end up doing just that. This game is fast, fun, and challenging. It's everything a Sonic game needs to be.

I've also started watching Amnesia. Amnesia is a shojo anime focusing on a young woman who has lost her memory, is being visited by a spirit in a goofy-looking costume named Orion, and before she can make heads or tails of anything, she finds herself in a Groundhog Day-esque situation where she is thrown into the same time cycle multiple times and goes through a different scenario in which she is in a relationship with one of four different men to try to piece her memories back together, and some memories could turn out to be less accurate than others. Sound ridiculous yet? The anime is based on an otome game(japanese dating sim for girls) of the same name. Don't ask why I'm watching it after knowing that. I just picked it up because it looked interesting and I had already dropped one mind-boggling, ridiculous pile of garbage called Ai Mai Mi (Don't ask what it's about. I t won't make much of a difference anyway). All kidding aside, though, it's actually turned out to be pretty intriguing. The characters look like they came straight out of Kingdom Hearts, but at the same time, they actually look cool. The story also has a sense of tension that makes you eager to know what happens next. What I want to know, though, is what this girl's freaking name is. No one's called her by name in five episodes. They just say "you" or "her" instead. Kinda rude if you ask me. Other than that, though, it's an interesting series that shows a strong sense of suspense.

Smile, People!

I have recently started watching one of the early anime offerings from last year, Smile PreCure. Smile PreCure is the ninth installment in the Pretty Cure series of magical girl anime. The series is targeted towards younger viewers. The story focuses on a new team consisting of five characters, Miyuki/Cure Happy, Akane/Cure Sunny, Yayoi/Cure Peace, Nao/Cure March, and Reika/Cure Beauty, as they battle the forces of the Bad End Kingdom. Miyuki is the cheerful, energetic leader of the team, Akane is an athletic member of the volleyball team, Yayoi is a shy, timid girl who enjoys drawing superheroes, Nao is a responsible girl with 5 younger siblings, and Reika is a smart, beautiful girl. As the Pretty Cures, they each have a different color motif and theme for their powers. Cure Happy is pink and has a heart-based powers, Cure Sunny is orange and has fire-based powers, Cure Peace is yellow and has lightning-based powers, Cure March is green and has wind-based powers, and Cure Beauty is blue and has ice-based powers. I've only watched three episodes, but so far, it's a fun show.

Miyuki/Cure Happy

Akane/Cure Sunny

Yayoi/Cure Peace, my favorite character so far.

Nao/Cure March

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQroicOZUIejSDGOg4xWuPReika/Cure Beauty

Thoughts on The New 52

Today, I will share my thoughts on DC Comics' reboot of the DC Universe. I think it's a good re-establishment of some of the DC characters. It has made Amethyst one of my favorite comic book characters, alongside Wolverine, Sara Pezzini, Batman, and Peter Parker(Octavius will never be a better Spider-Man). So far, I've only read Batman and Sword of Sorcery, and I plan to read Katana and Justice League of America when they launch this month.

The new Batman comics are awesome. The Night of the Owls arc was great, and Death of the Family is proving to be pretty interesting so far, although I still need to order some back issues online to complete my collections of these arcs, but anyway, I'm still looking forward to seeing how it all ends in Batman #17. This series is definately an interesting read, with interesting twists to the story that leave you wanting more. Definately check it out if you're a fan of the Caped Crusader.

Sword of Sorcery is becoming one of my top five favorite comics. So far, I only have issues one and two, but it's a great series. Both the main story, Amethyst, and the backup story, Beowulf, are worth reading and spending the four dollars on. I definately plan to catch up on this epic series. Just so you're aware, though, The Amethyst story is not like the cartoon shorts or the Amethyst of the '80s. It's darker, and has a higher level of language and violence. But, of course, you can't really expect something tame when the backup story is freakin' Beowulf. A 9.5 out of 10 so far.

Well, that's all for now. If you have any recommendations of New 52 titles, I want to hear them. I also paln to review the comics on YouTube.

My current YouTube channel:


Well, see ya.

A bunch of different stuff

I watched episode 4 of Senran Kagura today. The girls, and Kiriya, go to a beach to train further for the upcoming battle against Hebijo. During the stay, Katsuragi, Yagyu, and Hibari are attacked by Hikage and Mirai. It was good for a little humor, and also left signs at the end that the girls were going to seriously prepare for battle. I'm actually looking forward to the next episode.

I also started watching Aikatsu yesterday. Aikatsu focuses on a group of girls attending Starlight Academy, a school for aspiring idols. The main character, Ichigo Hoshimiya, becomes interested in idols after discovering that her little brother is a fan of the superstar idol, Mizuki Kanzaki, and passes the entrance exams for Starlight Academy. The series is based on an arcade card game, and the arcade game's gameplay ideas are incorporated into the anime. While the anime is mainly hand-drawn, performance scenes are done in CGI mirroring the look of the game. The series seems to be a fun show so far.

I've been following Uncanny Avengers since the first issue, and the combination of Avengers and X-Men couldn't be better. Issue 3 could possibly be the best issue yet. It'll be interesting to see how the next issue turns out with what happens in issue 3(Red Skull brainwashed Thor). I can't wait for #4.

I got Batman #16. They didn't have #15 at Hastings. I might order #13 and #15 online. This was a great issue, and I'm anxious to see what happens in #17.

I've also started reading Sword of Sorcery. The new Sword of Sorcery series reintroduces Princess Amethyst to the DC universe with the name, Amaya, rebooting Amethyst's story to make it more modern, and also features a backup story starring Beowulf. It's a really cool series. I've recently been really interested in Princess Amethyst, and I've even watched the cartoon shorts on DC Nation.

Double Dragon and Batman

I only just downloaded Double Dragon Neon on PSN this afternoon. It's a revival of the old Double Dragon beat-'em-up series, preserving the c l a s sic gameplay and featuring more modern graphics. The game is pretty much to old-school arcade-s t y l e beat-'em-ups what Street Fighter IV is to 2D fighting games. The game is exactly the kind of challenge you would expect from the genre, and it has two-player co-op, so you can get a friend to join you if you want.

I've also been watching The Batman, with a little help from the PlayStation Network. I've got four episodes downloaded ont o my PS3, and so far, I'm really enjoying the show. Batman is awesome as always, Joker's still crazy, and the other villains are crafty and sinister as they need to be, but still get beaten by Batman in the end, also like they should be.

I also have a few of the new Batman comics, namely #6, #8, #10, #11, and #14. I'm considering getting the trade perbacks for issues I missed, and also checking out some of the other Batman comic series.

See all of you later.

Some More Senran Kagura Thoughts.

So after I finished my previous blog, I went back to Senran Kagura to catch up, and to have more material to better judge it by. Since before I had only watched the first episode, so it proved difficult to form a constructive opinion, but now that I've seen two more, I can safely say that while the series starts off with a kind of simplistic, shallow beginning that serves mainly just to establish what it's gonna be, at about the third episode, it starts to get more interesting. Episode 1 gets a 6.8 out of 10, episode 2 gets a 7.1, and episode 3 gets a 7.5.

In case you missed my last blog, the anime focuses on five busty female ninja-in-training. The student kunoichi in particular are Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu, and Hibari. Asuka is pretty much the protagonist, being the granddaughter of a famous shinobi named Hanzo, as well as dedicated to the ninja arts with a fondness for futomaki rolls, Ikaruga is the more mature, serious upperc l a s sman, who pushes herself to become a great ninja, Katsuragi is a more frivolous, perverted girl, Yagyu is a prodigious, talented underc l a s sman, and Hibari is pretty much the cutesy tag-along. The girls' instructor is Kiriya, an old man who has a habit of appearing out of nowhere with a smoke bomb, and makes sure Asuka and her teammates are well-trained for the modern-day ninja world. As the series progresses, the girls also face a group of evil ninja from a rival school. The series has a significant level of suggestive content, and it's also based on a video game series originating on the 3DS about a year and a half ago, with a spinoff for Vita also on the way.

Now for the fun part: opinions. Personally, I think the series has some interesting ideas, but it hasn't quite reached its potential yet. The first episode does a good job of telling you just what exactly the show's going to be, but does little else. It's just a standard "here's the idea of the show" pilot. The writing's not horrendously awful, but it still could be a lot better. The second episode is a little better, but still falls kind of short. The third episode is where the series actually gets to be a completely genuinely interesting show. We learn more about Ikaruga's background, which is a plus, because she's actually a fairly interesting character to start with. The episode also offers better humor and a bit of character development for Asuka as well. It's just a shame that the first two episodes don't have the interesting progression that episode 3 does. The animation is all right. Mind you, the bounce animation is there, very much so, but other areas are good, and the show looks visually appealing, overall. If you're into this kind of anime, and have a bit of patience, Senran Kagura delivers, but if you don't have an interest for it, this won't change your mind.

Ninja girls and magical girls

Right now, I'm only watching two anime worth noting.

Senran Kagura is about five female ninjas in modern-day Japan with large busts. The ninja girls in particular are the perky, kind-hearted Asuka, the calm, serious Ikaruga, the energetic, frivolous Katsuragi, The strong, cool Yagyu, and the adorable Hibari. The girls are trained in ninjutsu by their experienced teacher, Kiriya. There are also some fairly afletic moves for these ninjas-in-training, and if this was at all realistic, they'd have back problems from these performances. The structure for the first episode is kind of simplistic, but it establishes the protagonist in a way that definately seems decent enough, if not exactly grand, and promises a series filled with fanservice and fighting. The series is definately suggestive, and it's based on a series of 3DS games, with a spinoff for Vita on its way, as well. It's not bad, but not great, either. It is interesting, though, since the games are only available in Japan. I still need to catch up, but since the episodes are available on YouTube, it won't be hard.

Now for more tame, kid-friendly fare. For a while, I've been watching the magical girl anime, Pretty Cure. I'm a little more than halfway through the series that started this franchise, having watched 27 episodes. The story focuses on Nagisa Misumi, a sporty girl, and Honoka Yukishiro, a more studious, girly girl, who are polar opposites, but end up becoming a magical girl team, anyway. In case you're wondering, this team is named after the show. Nagisa is Cure Black, while Honoka is Cure White. Their mission is mainly to battle against the forces of the Dotsuku Zone and retrieve five of the seven Prism Stones, which have been stolen from the Field of Light by the Jyaku King's five generals, Pisard, Gekidrago, Poisonny, Kiriya, and Ilkubo. Nagisa and Honoka are joined by Mepple and Mipple, which are pretty much the mandatory creature mascots that every magical girl series needs. Mepple's a little annoying, just so you know, but Nagisa and Honoka's interesting personalities make up for it and help propel the series through the course of the story. Pretty Cure may not be a super-inventive sellout, but for what it is, it's a great way to pass time.