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I am especially wary of games that get 10s from a lot of places. especially GS and IGN. I get hyped up because of the score and get dissapointed. GTA 4 and MGS4 being examples. I'm sure I will love The Last of Us. Naughty Dog is my favorite developer and have made my favorites series on each console back to the ps1. I have steadily paid less and less attention to review scores, and focused more on getting my hands on the game before I make my decision. Good thing I had Ascension and got the demo. :) First day buy.

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I would have to stick with Hades from GOW 3. Also, Chronos will always have a special place in my gaming memories. The scale and design were amazing, easily one of my favorite gaming moments. Ascension was solid all the way through. The ending was ridiculously cinematic and amazing to watch, but I thought the actual "fight" was pretty boring. 

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My favorite ps3 games are probably the most cliche. They are Uncharted 2, Killzone 3, InFamous 2, Resistance 3, God of War 3. I think they are straightforward, really well made games. I also really enjoy Flower, Journey, Ractchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Just Cause 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. 

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I don't think there is any way that FOM has better graphics than Res 2, but Res 2 can't compete with the atmosphere FOM brings. Res 2 wanted to bring a 1950s postcard look, with the colorfulness of everything. I think Insomniac succeeded with that, but it didn't feel appropriate for an alien invasion. FOM just looks better with the washed out colors and the depressing look for an alien invasion.

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Probably the Plasma Storm from R&C GC and UYA. The Buzz Blades from ACiT also rule.

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Because its not like IGN gave Shadow of the Colossus best PS2 game or anything.

Plus i think the art style looks excellent and i believe the game will get AAA scores across the board.


Of course its excellent but its treading familiar ground and Team Ico doesn't seem to be taking strides as a developer but steps. I mean are you going to deny the setting is familiar?

Oh and this isn't IGN and you do know IGN is owned by Newscorp right?

This comment makes no sense because in the OP you stated they should make SoTC2. But would that not be treading on familiar ground? Also, being able to make games with similar settings with totally different game mechanics is better than a sequel in my eyes.

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I saw the vidoc and it wasn't as good as hyped

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Flower for me.

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I dont understand how to kill the seriens when they are in invisible blue mode i tried doing the grapple hook move and it doesnt work...vincent380

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