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Did they remove injuries during simulated games in Franchise mode?  I've had several different Franchises, some spanning 5 years and I have never once had an injury to deal with.  And injuries are set to manual in my mode specific user settings.

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The much acclaimed and the game everyone and their Mom seems to love Tomb Raider for 60 bucks, which I played for about 14 hours  and have no desire to replay, or the 60 dollar sim city, which does have bugs which will get fixed eventually.  No I'm not making excuses, as they should have been ironed out initially.  But, anyways.  I've put 50 hours into sim city so far and will continue to play it.  I got my money worth over Tomb Raider. 

Oh, and I want to seem cool.  So F*ck you EA!!!

Did I do it right?

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Anyone having issue buying power, water, sewage from neighbors who have it available?  Also volunteering service trucks?  Or having workers commute?  Have had this issue with a friend on 2 seperate regions.  Not sure if EA turned this off to stabilize servers or what the issue is.  Thanks.