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My new Blog

Hey, I know I have some followers on here, and I appreciate everyone of you for taking the time to read my stuff, it really makes me feel like I am creating something people want to read, which makes want to do it more.

However, you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything to Gamespot for several months, despite being logged in for several hours everyday. This is because I have actually setup my own blog. I say blog, it's a tumblr, but I am using it for long form writing instead of publishing to GS. I try to update it every week with reviews and articles, but I have one follower and hardly any viewings at present.

So I would like to formally invite all my followers on Gamespot to check out wygamer.tumblr.com, my official blog! Hopefully one day I can turn it into it's own full fledged site, and I am thinking of creating youtube videos and live streams under the monicker wygamer.

I hope you have all enjoyed the content I have brought to you in the best, I know I am not a professional writer or anything, but I wouldn't be doing it if people didn't read it, so I hope to see you over at my new blog and please feel free to comment and respond to anything I post!