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A Tribute to Ryan Davis

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For those of you who dont know who he is, Ryan Davis is a former Gamespot staff member and founding member of Giant Bomb who sadly died last week at the young age of just 34. There have been many blogs/posts/comments about him in that time, but I wanted to offer just a small taste of how the man affected me from thousands of miles away and having never met me, and that is something quite special. 

I first encountered Ryan when I started listening to the old Gamespot podcast, The Hotspot. I found him hilarious at times, but also very deep about the subjects he was interested in, and he always gave me food for thought in those times when he had something serious to say, whether about games or any other subject. 

He was a man who's sense of humour shined through everything he did, with an infectious giggle that had me smiling ear to ear on more than one occasion in a single viewing/listening of something he was involved in, and I can only imagine what that must of been like for the people who were actually in the room with him. 

He was part of a small group of people that inspired me to start writing about games, and giving a dam about what happenned in the industry I had become so involved in. While the last couple of years had seen his writing taper off as more video work came to the fore on GB, those pieces he wrote before then showed how easy it was to write naturally, without listing the bullet points of a game in reviews and things like that. 

My closet contact with Mr Davis came from him reading my letters out on the bombcast - there were only a couple - and I hope at those times I gave him something to think about, at least for a few moments. I did send a satchet of something called 'Angel Delight' to the GB offices one time but never heard anything about it, but I hope that he and the rest of the team enjoyed it. 

Ryan showed me that it was ok to like something other people found really dumb, be it movies, games or music. He was one of the people who taught me to not like everything had I spent most of my youth doing, because thats just how I was, and Ryan and the rest of the GB and GS teams gave me the hints and tips I needed to start writing game reviews and articles on the industry as a whole, sharing my opinions and having fun along with it. 

The one thing I will always remember of Ryan Davis though, happened during the last PAX panel Giant Bomb hosted. I am sure some of you will remember, but for those who dont know a reader produced a bottle of his wifes breast milk and placed it on the counter. Thus ensured a good five to ten minutes of laughter, summed up by the fact that Ryan just drunk some with very little hesitation. The thing that had me rolling on the floor though was about 2 minutes later when he just looked to the sky and said:

"I feel like I crossed a line.."

It might not seem so funny writing it back, but trust me watch the video. Watch all his videos, and look at the legacy the man has left on video game journalism. I wished I could have met him, I used to dream about getting a job at GB and what I would say at the interview which would go something like this: 

"Gamespot have a british guy, so so should you guys!" and then hearing that infectious giggle. 

It was a daft dream I know, but that was the influence that Ryan and the close family that the GB crew had become had on me and I for one am going to miss his presence deeply. Words cannot express my condolences to his family and friends, but I hope this post along with the many others will show just how special Ryan Davies really was to so many fans. 

Thank you for indulging me in this, and most important of all, Thank You Ryan Davis.