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I recently got a 360 to play against my brother who lives in a different state. Is it possbile to do this with LIVE or would we have to network our consoles another way? I'm not exactly sure how LIVE works, but I'd like to avoid having to go through their servers. Ideally, I'd like to connect just our 2 consoles together. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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With Live is it possible for us to play just against each other without having to go through the xbox servers?
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Thing is the 2 consoles are in different locations, actually different states so they would need to be networked first.
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I just started HL2e2 and I'm a little disappointed. I just finished Cyrsis which was amazing, by far the best looking game I've ever played. It gets very linear about two thirds into into and graphics aren't as good because the environments are simpler, but to that point it is amazing. Prior to that I played Bioshock and Stalker which I highly recommend. So far HL2e2 does not come close to these 3.

At this point I don't know if I will finish it. I'm even thinking about getting Splinter Cell Double Agent as I really like the series. Apparently it's pretty buggy though. I'm also considering Assassin's Creed and Rainbow Six Vegas 2.