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I'm back!

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Hey folks!

Long time no see, huh?! It's been a while since my last blog post here (Aug 29, 2009) haha

Well, I've been playing a few games lately, but nothing new.
Just the old and good games on my Playstation 2.

I've beaten Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II on Expert Mode in one week.

And God of War I and II in Normal Mode in two weeks. Now I'm trying to beat GoW I in Hard Mode... I must tell ya, it was not easy to beat Medusa on Hard Mode.. haha

So, I'll keep you informed ;D

Bye, my friends... See you later!

Transformers: ROTF Score

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Hello gamers!

Yesterday I posted here that I bought Transformers 2, and today I'd post what I think of it.

Well, the game isn't that bad... Indeed, it is very cool! I'm disappointed because they changed the gameplay, it is not a city-open game anymore! The game is fragmented in stages (missions), and you don't chose who you wanna be (Autobot or Decepticon), in one mission you play as Autobot, and in the another, you play as Decepticon!

Transfomers ROFT isn't that bad!

Another thing I stranged a little bit, it's that the games seems like a weird 3rd person shooter... There is a crosshair in the screen, and it's different from the previous game. In the first one, you saw the crosshair, but it was like a 3rd person shooter, but in this Transformers 2, you don't control the camera, so the use of crosshair it's a little weird!

Well, altough the bad aspects, I enjoyed very much the game!
I recommend to you all, if you look for a quite simple game, but very fun and enjoyable!

My final score for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, for Playstation 2 is: "8.5"

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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Hey, fellas!

I just brought Transformers 2, for Playstation 2.

I can't hardly wait 'till I get home, so I can play it! It seems very cool!

At least, the first one was very good! Let's hope it's similar or better! xD

Tomorrow I'll tell you if it is good, okay?

See you tomorrow!


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I got a Playstation 2 Emblem! Cool!!

"Beats workstations

PlayStation 2 aficionados gravitate towards Sony's ubiquitous console for their gaming entertainment. And why shouldn't they? You got some kind of a problem with the PS2?!"


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This game looks very awsome, huh?! I can hardly wait till I get an X360, so I can buy this game...

Prototype using the GROUNDSPIKE attack

I think that in this game you feel like the Prototype... just like when I played Spider-Man 2 in Playstation 2.... I could feel like I was Spider-Man... and I enjoy games like this very much, cause they "bring you inside the screen" make you feel you're the protagonist.

And in Prototype, you're like a God... with unlimited powers to do whatever you want to do in a huge city, you can destroy everithing and everyone who stands in your way!

LEGO Star Wars

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Hi folks!

Yesterday I bought LEGO Star Wars, and I'm almost beating it.

Buddies, this game's so simple but yet so fun!!

The gameplay is the most simple that I've ever seen and the graphics are well-designed. But what makes this game so awsome is all the hours ir gets you in front of TV playing it... When you start playing you don't wanna stop till you reach Episode III and beat the game!!!

I recommend to you all... LEGO Star Wars The Video Game (and LEGO Star Wars II The Original Trilogy)

Have fun!

Bye, see you later!


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Hi there folks!

Lately I've been playing Nanobreaker!

I thought it was a bad game, like many people say... But I found out that is a good game after all...

The gameplay is simple, but catchy! The storyline is good, it's about a future where nanomachines dominated an island and a cyborg militant is sent to protect a scientist, so she can destroy the machines.

The graphics are awsome too, the blood efects are so incredible...

Gamespot rated it 5.5, but I rate it 8.5.

Folks, believe me: this is really a good game!!!

Bye, see you later!


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Hey folks!

Did somebody ever watch the movie "Drumline"??

It's a great movie!!!

I've watched this movie a long time ago... and I want to buy or download it...

If you guys know some site or place that I can get it, please let me know!!!


Bye, see you later!

Test (pt.2)

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Hi there!!

Buddies, I must tell you... that test I told you about wasn't that monster I thought it would be.


Let's just wait for the result!! :?

Bye, see you later!


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Hi there, folks!

Damn, buddies... today I have Math test!!!

And I passed all day trying to solve one excercise here...I couldn't. It's too difficult... =/

But I believe I'll do fine in this one.

Good luck to me!!! xD

Bye, see you later.

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