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Total Hitman Walkthroughs Update! - The Project Still Lives!! (16/05/08)

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10:40:42 05-16-2008

Hello everyone!

I know it has been ages since the last update but i have had so much to worry about these past months that the whole video project here went on a huge delay, i am truely sorry for all who have been waiting for these videos and to those who gave up waiting i understand.

The idea with the videos back in the summer of 2007 was to make a complete walkthrough for the games because the Hitman Trilogy box was released but that is a pretty pointless goal today but dont think for a second that ive giving up, not at all, i will continue to produce the videos until the series is complete and ready for release.

I should not encounter anymore unexpected problems so hopefully i can really get to it and get the videos out there

Once again i am truely sorry for the LOOONNNNGGGG!!! wait.

Now here is a new update for you guys about the videos, every dialog in the game will be manually subtitled in english and made bigger for viewing in the small players on hereand also everything that is spoken in foreign languages (French, Dutch etc...) will be translated to english with subtitles thanks to my friends all over the world so if theres abit of dialog you dont understand, tune in when that episode is released to hear what they are actually saying :)

Total Hitman Walkthroughs Update

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15:15:16 07-15-2007

The video walkthrough project has been on hold for a month or so but i have just resumed it. Im still working on Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin and so far its going well, you can track my progress in the first post i made, it has a "progress so far" list at the bottom whitch tells you what levels are complete and what levels arent. If you have any questions please reply to this post and ill be happy to answer them.

Why does Eidos have to get all the credit?

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Ok ive been keeping this to myself for too long.

Everytime the Hitman games are mentioned it is refered to as Eidos´s game and Eidos´s famous bald assasin and all that. No matter how much Eidos tries to cover it the game and game idea is still made by the Danish company called IO Interactive so everytime i see its called an Eidos game i get the impression that because something is Danish it has to be crap?, so Eidos cover a brilliant game with the Eidos brand because ohh Eidos is british so that must be perfect. Ofcourse i know Eidos is part of it but they are only the publisher and NOT the creators. They are not the ones busting their ass to make a great game, they only publish it and think that gives them the right to smack their name on it and actually "steal" it. for example: If you notice when you start a Hitman game you see the Eidos screen first. Also look at the box it says Eidos with capital letters at least twice on a box and IO Interactive in a little box in the corner or the middle.

The reason why i get so pissed everytime i see its an Eidos game is because danes doesnt have alot of great things known in the world, and the Hitman series is one of the best things we offer to the world.

IO seem to know this since they put in small hints of Denmark in the games, like:

The Agency logo in the first game had the letters D.K on each side of the skull meaning Danske Konger (Danish Kings),  it also had a crown on the head to symbolize a kingdom

In Hitman 2 - Silent Assasin you see on news papers that Denmark won the worldcup in 2002 i think it was

In Hitman Blood Money on the training level you hear the speaker speak english with an accent because hes a dane called Rasmus Højengaard

This is something you may not see but the office in the final sequence in Hitman Blood Money is modeled after one of the rooms in IO Interactives HQ in Copenhagen

Also in that cutscene will you hear Diana say "your majesty" on the phone refering to Droning Magrethe II af Danmark (Queen Margaret II of Denmark)


The thing that really tipped the tray for me was the announcement on the new Hitman movie they are working on, and once again it was refered to as Eidos´s game. 

Thats all i really have to say about that for now. You may agree or disagree, i would like to know what you think about this subject

Shouldnt Europeans Pay Less For Their Gamespot Membership?

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Now I've been a member of Gamespot since 2004 and a "full access" subscription for 6 months and part of the reason i signed up was to be able to be in events, i got very disappointed that alot of features are not available for Europeans because to be part of for example TTV (Tournament TV) you have to be resident in USA.

How can that be? this is over the Internet man and the Internet was created for bringing people from other country´s together and they play via the Internet anyway in TTV so i can´t see why Europeans can´t compete.

So i think either Europeans should pay less for their membership because some features are unavailable or they could give Europeans unique features that the american members don´t have to make the balance work.

If you agree please reply to this post in the forum



Total Hitman Walkthrough Series coming later this year Only on Gamespot

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Updated: 05-21-2007 23:44:27. Announced: 05-15-2007 18:20:44.

Agent 47 is coming to town

As a deticated Hitman player ihave started a huge project making Hitman video walkthroughs from Hitman - Codename 47 to Hitman Blood Money, all played on highest difficulty. I have spend alot of effort in getting where i am now and theres still tons more work to do. I know that the missions in the first Hitman game is sometimes straight forward but i want to make a complete series.

These walkthroughs will serve multiple purposes.

They will hopefully be good entertainment.

They will of course show the way to complete each mission.

They will help people that has bought the later games understand the story so they don´t have to buy the older games.

They can teach players new tricks and methods they might not know.

The old games will be able to bring back memories of when you maybe played the games.


Improvements from the Hitman Blood Money walkthroughs released earlier in the year:

Game sound with ingame music (not only music)

All new intro

Difficulty from normal to hardest

Covering the entire series and not just one game

In depth text explanation for each thing being done

New editing program used for smoother and nicer looking videos


Progress to far:

[V] Finished. [X] Not finished

[V] Hitman - Codename 47

[X] Hitman 2 - Silent Assasin

[V] The Gontranno Sanctuary

[V] Anathema

[V] St. Petersburg Stakeout

[X] Kirov Park Meeting

[X] Tubeway Torpedo

[X] Invitation To A Party

[X] Tracking Hayamoto

[X] Hidden Valley

[X] At The Gates

[X] Shogun Showdown

[X] Basement Killing

[X] The Graveyard Shift

[X] The Jacuzzi Job

[X] Murder At The Bazaar

[X] The Motorcade Interception

[X] Tunnel Rat

[X] Temple City Ambush

[X] The Death Of Hannelore

[X] Terminal Hospitality

[X] St. Petersburg Revisted

[X] Redemption At Gontranno

[X] Hitman Contracts

[X] Hitman - Blood Money


Updates will follow.

If you have any thoughts or ideas for this project, please comment on this announcement. It will be much appreciated!.