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    lol ive only got 1200 crowns and 26 hours in, but ive never sold anything

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    feel like this will flop, or atleast not be that great. Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1+2, Bloodborne, now this aswell so soon after? And yes i know bloodborne and Demon souls are not the same series as dar...

  • daniel_meigh wrote a review of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
    User Rating 6
    Identity Crisis

    Playing this i was confused. I didn't know if i was playing a pirate game, an assassins creed game, or a shambled mix up of the two. The pirate elements are what makes the game enjoyable. At times ext...

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    Think xbox one comes last. I'd rather a ps4 but I'm getting a pc anyway. Ps4 has better graphics then xb1, playstation always has better exclusives, unless you want a family entertainment system why...

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    Everything you need to know

    The developers of metro really annoy me, because it seems that for everything they get right, there's something they've done to even it out with a wrong. Metros selling point, it's reason to play, is...

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    Coming towards the end of my 360, will soon be purchasing a gaming pc. I refuse to pay for games on the 360 as all i see is how o...
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